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An Act of Love ( erotic )

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age

An erotic short story of sex between a couple very much in love and their need to pleasure one another

i would like to apologise i know it may not be my best write as in puncuation mistakes and maybe a little bad english .. but my doctor has me on a high dosage of morphine untill my operation and although my imagination and sexual urges are as strong as ever my head is sometimes befuddled and lacks concentration .. but i hope this will not spoil your enjoyment of my latest erotic story ... thank you

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age

i would like to apologise i know it may not be my best write as in puncuation mistakes and maybe a little bad english .. but my doctor has me on a high dosage of morphine untill my operation and although my imagination and sexual urges are as strong as ever my head is sometimes befuddled and lacks concentration .. but i hope this will not spoil your enjoyment of my latest erotic story ... thank you

An Act of Love

Once more I glance at my wristwatch, frowning tilting the watches face I angle it to catch more light. Unbelievably it was only 12 minutes since I had checked it. "Time passes slow when your having fun," I mutter under my breath sarcastically. The two gentleman chatting to me were not the most entertaining.

"Pardon" one of the men standing chatting with me asks quizzically. I had caused him to pause mid sentence when he was explaining to me the bonus of some new computerised printing system.

"Sorry, please will you excuse me I need to find the ladies." I smile sweetly at the two gentleman, putting my glass down on a table I turn and walk away. Aware that their eyes were fixed on my behind. Tightly encased in clingy satin, I tried and failed. My ass was determined to wiggle as I weaved my way through groups of chatting party goers. Happily I found the door and slipped through into the lobby. I stood looking around for any sign to indicate what I needed until a smartly dressed lady passes by me, heading back into the party room. She took pity on me guessing my predicament and pointed her finger to a pair of double doors near the elaborate staircase. I thank her and hurry away through the indicated doors. The Ladies toilets were as impressive and elegant as the rest of the stunning hotel and conference complex. I did what I had to do. After washing my hands, I made a quick inspection of lightly applied make-up in the toilet mirror. All was fine facial wise, I twisted at the waist and neck looking down to check the one thing most toilet going woman dread. It was fine down there as well. I wasn't about to show myself in public, with the skirt of my satin dress tucked up in my knickers. Accidentally exposing a large expanse of swaying buttock instead of swaying skirt.

I return to the party room, scanning the heads of the clustered people inside the room. Men were dressed in dark suits, the woman added the much needed colour with there formal evening dresses. The night was warm and the crowded room warmer. Staff had opened the garden terrace and several groups were congregating out there. I again weaved my way through the crowds nodding and smiling. Excusing myself when anyone seemed inclined to keep me chatting. I saw his silver groomed hair and beard as soon as I stepped out onto the terrace. He stood over by the prettily spotlit water feature, so handsome in his dark blue suit, pale shirt and tie. He was chatting to four or five work collages, this was the yearly works do. He broke of talking as soon as he spotted me heading his way. The sweet crooked smile greeted me as did his arm as he slid it around my waist. He introduced me and I listened politely to their conversation. Without making it obvious I slid my hand around his waist under the jacket, running my hand over his shirt caressing the hot skin beneath.

His work friends were funny and interesting but as the evening wore on my feet became sore in high heels. The thigh high stone wall surrounding the water feature looked inviting I moved towards it and perched down with some relief. From their higher position I realised that the men all had the perfect view, looking down upon my cleavage and very ample bosom. Not that I minded, I enjoy complimentary attention as much as any woman. The evening air was cooler than I expected and with the added chill of fine water spray, it caused goosebumps to form on my bare flesh. I flushed slightly as I realised my nipples had reacted to the chilling draft also. I wasn't the only one to notice. My love, was a tit man through and through. His eyes were fixed on my chest and the two hardening points so clearly seen pushing out from beneath the thin fabric.

Somewhere easy listening music had started to play and people gradually paired up. Dancing had commenced and the terrace had become an impromptu dance floor. Taking me by the hand I was pulled into his arms and we swayed around the floor with the other couples. I laid my head on his shoulder loving the feel of his body against mine. The slight swelling in his trousers indicated that he was enjoying my close company as well.

After a few more slow songs the band picked up the pace and the evening became a little more boisterous. Not quite my favourite thing, I whispered close to his ear. "I want you, take me home and make love to me. Or I may become uncontrollable with desire and ravish you right here in front of your boss, workmates and all their wives."

"That is so tempting but I think I prefer to make our own water fountain at home they do not need another water feature here."

Taking my hand, we say good night to people as we made our way to our car. In the darkened vehicle I lay my hand on his thigh, fingers stroking the larger bulge growing beneath the fabric of his trousers. I fidget as we drove closer to home excited by his obviously growing passion. My fingers fumble with his zip wanting to feel flesh not fabric. His hand took hold of mine stopping me, raising my hand to his lips he kisses it saying gently. "Wait darling we are nearly home I do not want to rush this I want to take my time with you." I smile back but continue to fidget the rest of the way home.

Finally we pull up at our front door and I rush in letting him follow more sedately, laughing at my eagerness. The laughing stops short, as my mouth covers his as soon as he comes through our bedroom door. I had already removed my dress and bra, just kept on my excited crotch damp knickers. I helped him peel off his own clothes removing everything from his body. I stand back admiring him, I had always enjoyed seeing his naked body. Although since we had been together he had toned up wonderfully. His tanned torso and arms rippled with muscles when he moved. Which they did now as he lifted me up carrying me to the large king-size bed. I was placed gently lying flat on the bed, he lay next to me on his side one arm propping his head up. No need for electric lighting he could watch me by moonlight that streamed through the bedroom window. With the other hand he traces patterns with one finger gently over my naked body. Making a spiral path around and up the mound of the bosom closest to him. Smaller and smaller circles until he reaches the bobbled surface of the aureole. The sweet ticklish touch aroused the nipple and it arose to the occasion. "Beautiful" he murmurs as his lips encase the hard swollen bud between his lips. His free hand strokes down my stomach, his lips follow in its wake. Sliding over the silky fabric of my panties, his body responds his arousal very prominently poking out from his groin. Hooking a finger under the elastic of my knickers he eases them down and with my help they are removed and thrown to nearly land on the heap of other discarded clothes.

My legs spread wider allowing you to slide your hand down between my legs and feel the lips swell with your touch. Feeling how my delicate wings so soft and silky, tremble, reacting to being caressed. Stroking them gently so they willingly part invitingly, opening to allow a finger to slide between their damp slippery surfaces. Finger within and fingers either side without, so the nub can be tormented while the wings are rubbed and teased. Trapped between fingers that roll the sensitive flesh between them. Feel how wet that stroking finger gets, lubricating the nub and insides of the wings. Thus making stroking easier and faster as excitement mounts. The nub swelling as your finger tip glides over and around that button making me whimper and tremble as passion increases.

Your mouth seeks my nipple again, finding that nub is as stimulated as the one between my pussy lips. Swollen and hard and oh so sensitive to your touch. Teeth nip at the flesh causing tiny twinges of stimulating pain. Gentle kisses and sucking follows as a teasing apology. Your finger playing with my lower nub is rewarded with a surge of heat and warm fluid. Oh how erotic that is to know that your touch can cause such a passionate response. Your eagerness grows as does the size and stiffness of your cock. My hand reaches for your aroused member and gently caress your shaft in a gentle rhythm that copy's your stroking of fingers on my now rather slippery genitalia.

Your hand increases speed, sliding further with each stroke knowing I will match my hand strokes to yours. Index finger curling at the peak of each stoke so your finger tip slides into my slit. Not deep enough to take me up to the point of climax but just deep enough so you can wiggle inside the hole. Teasing the internal muscles sending them into an increased throb.

That is when that very evocative sound starts, them little squelch squelches as the top of your finger slips in and out of that wonderfully sloppy hole. Such a rousing sound of lust, both of us cannot help but rise to such a delightful sound of soggy stimulation. I twist my body so I can reach your hard cock with my other lips and it thanks me with a loving twitch. My mouth eagerly copies your finger movements making little short strokes my lips slide over the hard ridge of your helmet. Cheeks hollow slightly as I suck harder, sliding my mouth further down your length. Until they meet my fingers stroking up the rest of your long shaft. My fingers are pumping two strokes to my mouths one. Is your mind wondering how I can slowly and gently kneed your tightening testicles with one hand. While stroking with the other and yet bob my head with another rhythm. Its like that rubbing your belly thing while patting your head. I'm sure that my increased attention to your penis removes all thought from your mind. As I increase my sucking on your head, I also increase how much of your shaft I take into my mouth. I can feel your helmet nudging the back of my throat removing all thought from your mind except the overwhelming need to release your seed but holding back to please me, by waiting for me.

Wanting to take you closer to the edge, on my next bob of my head I hold still instead of withdrawing. Oh so slowly I slide my lips further down your shaft till your silky helmet slides over the back of my palate. I hear you gasp and hold your breath, as your leg muscles start to tremble. Your hips rise up towards me as you realise what I am intending to do. Ahh yes you can feel the pressure ease slightly, your hips twitch a little higher encouraging me to take a tiny bit more, or so you hope. The helmet eases into the hole at the back of my mouth, deep throat. Oh how hard you are clenching your ass cheeks so not to expel that first load of cream down my throat.

Little by little your cock glides down my gullet, pausing each time I need to inhale air through my nose but even that just adds to the intense feelings. As my nose inhales, chillier air flows over your balls. They are now so close to my mouth, the hairy testicles are tickling me. I start gulping my throat muscles making them constrict around your consumed cock. Rhythmically throat muscles are milking the whole length of your wonderful hard thick pole. I take you so close to shooting your load, then I slowly withdraw. Not allowing you to release. I cant help but giggle, watching as your hips thrust up, trying to regain your position back inside me. I continue to ease away, smiling wickedly, just licking and nibbling on your slimy wet helmet.

Your fingers have slowed while you concentrated on helping me to eat you. I grip my thighs tightly on your hand, reminding you that I need. Your fingers twitch in response and apology. I relax my leg grip and spread my legs even wider, allowing you to gain total access to all areas. Your fingers glide between my lips spreading them, so your hand can slide over the whole area. My increased passion from me enjoying oral on you, has increased the level of warm sexual liquid. Slick juice has spread all over, lubricating slipperiness where it is needed.

Your whole hand rubs over my pubis down over my lips and around into the crack of my ass and back again. On the return journey one fingertip pushes into my ass ring, just the tip. It wiggles around then withdraws and the hand moves on. Until two finger plunge into the wet entrance to my pussy. Where they dive in and out from tip to knuckles, fast, hard finger fucking.

Just as my virginal muscles contract tight ready to climax with their normal hot lava like spurt, you stop, withdrawing your fingers quickly. Leaving me panting, making little mewing sounds of frustration. my body squirms, moaning at the sudden desire and lust your fingers have stimulated but left needing.

You ignore my moans, kissing me tenderly and smile wickedly, as your palm returns to stroke my pubic mound. Finger tips fondle the nub before repeating their erotic journey back down and around. Your turn to giggle under passionate breath, as you watch me through teasing dark lust filled eyes. These eyes watch appreciatively as I suck so lovingly on your cock. my awesomely large chest heaving with each panting breath. Not to many strokes of your hand result in an ooze of hot liquid from within me, as your two fingers are inserted once more into my excited pussy. Such an erotic feeling your eyes show, to be inside a hot wet throbbing genitalia. You keep your two fingers inserted enjoying playing in the wetness, encouraging the throbbing to a faster beat. As the heat and damp increases so your fingers start thrusting again, knuckle deep, slow at first then thrusting faster. Your thumb lies between my silky lips, rubbing on my nub with the movement of your thrusting hand.

My legs part even further, hips making little movements as my back arches. Offering up my chest for your mouth to play with. My breaths become deeper more rapid as my excitement grows. A third finger joins the other two, more liquid is building within this very stimulated pussy. Little gushes leak out and trickle down my ass crack. Where your little finger catches it using its natural lubrication on my tight ass hole, allowing that finger to slide in and out those tightly clenched muscles. As all your fingers pump into me increasing their speed, my head bobs up and down faster on your cock. Which in turn encourages you to thrust all your fingers deeper and faster into my ever increasingly juicy pussy. Little spurts of hot visceral liquid is being forced from the inside out. Those little squelches have changed growing louder, sloshes and splashes, mixing with moans as my body twitches against your body.

Both my hands grasp your shaft and my head stops bobbing I arch back. My whole body is quivering as I reach the peak of orgasm. Your fingers are pumping and grinding into my waterlogged snatch, so fast I cannot breath with utter exhilaration. My hips thrust onto your fingers, my body bucks wildly, legs clutch your hand to stillness as a whoosh of spurting liquid expels under high pressure. The aroma of female ejaculation fills the air and your hand and arm is flooded with my hot juice. My breathing eases and muscles relax as my hands slowly release the tight grip on your cock returning to stroking it slow and gently. As your fingers ease out of my still throbbing wet hole, a lovely slurping suction noise occurs. My eyes regain focus, I watch as you raise your cum covered fingers to your mouth and lick them. I lean towards your hand, my tongue joins yours. Then our tongues entwine kissing passionately, desire and lust yet to be completely sated.

As we are kissing I feel your body shifting position and I am eased onto my back my hands are lifted above my head. Soft rope tightens capturing one wrist then the other. Keeping eyes closed I enjoy the thrill of what is to come. With my hands bound in this position I lay across the bed with my head tilted back off the edge of the mattress. My ample tits are lifted up, making the nipples stand proudly. The thrill of being tied is visually obvious as my nipples are now twice their normal engorged size. So hard and sensitive, eager to be touched. Like the noses of an animal they twitch into the air as if breathing in the scent of testosterone. I hold my head up, watching as your lips kiss each nipple. Your fingers reach out to both, grasping each hard bud tight. Pulling them outwards and twisting at the same time I cringe at the rather nice but just bearable pain. You notice the grimace but you carry on pulling and twisting harder, until I emit a groan of painful pleasure and you let them go. I like pain and so do my nipples they are very swollen and excited now. You move off the bed and out of my eyesight. Although my eyes are not covered, I am almost as blind with my head lying off the edge of the bed. Limiting me to the view of the top of the bedroom wall.

I feel the bed moving indicating that you are changing position to be between my legs. I am always amazed when I see your muscles when you undress, but your strength impresses me more. You easily lift my lower body up high into the air as a large cushion is placed beneath my hips. My knees, he commands me to raise and bend. When I am slow to obey, his hand slaps my breast the sting hurts but not to painful more of a noisy shock than pain. I lift my knees quickly, then gasp as he slaps my other tit a little harder. "Good girl keep them their until I say you can move." His voice has an edge to it, his breathing is deeper and it was making his voice husky with passion. I feel goose bumps rushing over my skin in glorious trepidation. I lower my head tilting it back, and am surprised when your cock appears swaying above my face.

"What are you smiling at my beautiful slut," he whispers leaning over to kiss me. His tongue dances against mine, while his fingers knead my tits. Palms excite the nipples as they rub against the skin. He stands back up and with hand on his cock he angles it downwards. Stroking the smooth head gently across my lips. Taping my bottom lip with the swollen helmet as a command, I open my mouth willingly. My eyes can see his large heavy balls swinging in front of me. Even with hands tied just below them dangling jewels, I cannot help myself. I pull against the tight ropes so my fingertips can reach his balls and stroke them.

"Oh yes, you are such a slut, my delicious slut," he says. Shifting position slightly so my hands can cup his wrinkled sacks more comfortably. Sighing at the pleasure of having his cock sliding between my lips. I always love the almost gagging sensation of his sizeable cock filling my mouth. He allows me to control the blow job while he chooses another rope. Running its length over his hands and my body, checking on its softness. With the pleasure of his helmet nudging its way into my throat, I have the added pleasure of his hands kneading and fondling each big soft tit. He takes his time, a few deep thrusts into me then withdrawing his shaft out of my reach. Letting him calm back down, while concentrating on tying knots in the rope now being bound around one tit. Then after coiling a little more rope around the base of one breast. He again allows me to welcome his cock back between my lips. Tugging the rope a little bit at a time tighter, as he pumped himself into my hot mouth. The titillating effect of squeezing my big boob up into the swollen cone shape his kinky mind craved.

His excitement increases immensely, almost making him loose control. Giving my mouth long hard thrusts, he removes the shaft from my mouth. Struggling to control his need, before my sucking and licking can make him spill his seed. In this way it took an exquisitely long time to truss me up, so both my tits were swollen into that pointed bulbous cone shape. My boobs felt constricted and uncomfortable but in a rather erotic painful way. Then I had a rather unusual feeling, as something cold was placed against one nipple. A painful swelling sensation, then the pressure eases. It resumed again a little stronger, making me gasp as the other nipple was subjected to the same pressures. Then he did the same thing together with both nipples. There was this strange pulling pain, like my nipples were being sucked, but oh so much more, stronger, painfully so, but so very painfully arousing.

Each time he made this sucking sensation I would whimper with the stimulating pain and squirm upon the bed covers and bindings. In response to my reactions the hard shaft would jump and twitch in my mouth. He was clearly as turned on by it as I was. Before my slurping appreciative tongue could work its hot lapping magic. His throbbing dick pulled its way free from between my now pouting lips. With a bit of difficulty he angled the dressing tables mirror so I could admire his handiwork in the reflection. As he moved around the bed taking shots with his camera.

While he was busy, I did study his reflective work. My nipples were encased in tubes of glass that were some kind of pumping milking tubes. The little nubs were little no longer, they were stretched to nearly two inches in length. The vacuum affect had sucked them wider, they filled the wide glass tubes. Not quite happy with the positioning his hand reaches out and tapes one glass tube. the movement was like a tiny electric shock. I squirmed with the pain and pleasure of it. He took one last shot then put the camera down. Fingers took hold of a glass tube and shook it hard enough to make my whole breast wobble. "Please," was all I could say before my mouth was gagged as I again accepted a very hard cock.

Both hands free he started shaking both tits by the tubes, the pain was wonderful. I started moaning while working franticly on his penis, sucking it frantically, needing more but not sure if I could take the pain. He felt me close to climax, his hips thrust in and out. Fucking my mouth like he normally would my pussy. My fingers take hold of his swaying balls, by holding the sacks fairly tight, as he thrusts. His movements caused them to stretch adding a little pain to his pleasure. I could feel his testicles trying to tighten indicating he was very close to climax, we both were. I sucked harder, swallowing greedily at his spurts of release. His fingers in his surge of passion, tugged harder on the nipple glass which took me into my own very intense hot fluid orgasm.

He kissed me relishing the taste of his essence on me, slowly releasing the tubes his fingers gently caressing the tender skin. He left the coils of rope around the base of each tit but loosened the rope holding my hands, so I could relax them. Watching him he climbs onto the bed and settles himself between my legs. He smiles at me "Oh my, we have a lovely puddle and a lot of mess to clean up." His head lowers towards my raised hips and proceeds to clean up. Licking one thigh then the other. There must have been a load of mess between my thighs as he concentrates his cleaning efforts there. With one hand fondling my breast, while the other plays with my ass. His tongue. Oh yes, his wonderful tongue. Took me time and time again, from one climax to another. Sometimes I watched him fascinated as he lapped at me, other times I closed my eyes, arching back as yet another climax racked through my body. Eventually he paused, allowing my breathing to calm and settle. I look adoringly at him, his silver hair at the front was slick dark with wetness. Lips were covered with my cream, his beard also soaked with my sexual juices. His lips were curved in a happy sated but passionate smile. He kisses his sticky wet way up my belly, stopping to kiss each nipple tenderly. Then his mouth met mine at the same moment the head of his shaft nudges its way between my silky lips. The helmet slides so easily into my naturally lubricated slit. My groan of his name was inhaled into his lusty kiss. My mouth smothers his deeper groan as his long shaft glides all the way into me. All his lovely long thick length inside my very welcoming soggy pussy. I watch his body, rapturously enjoying the sight smell and sounds of his long slow strokes inside my body.

He lifts up onto his knees, hands on my roped boobs his normally large hands seem so small as they mould around the large coiled cones. My nipples are a deep dusky pink being slightly bruised and still swollen. His gaze went from looking at my eyes, to my nipples being fondled. Then lowered to watch as his shiny wet cock penetrates my sloppy hole, in and out, in and out. Each time he plunges his cock into my pussy. It makes that lovely slurping sound causing a dribble of creamy juice to be squished out of my sloppy snatch.

He has a wonderful long and thick dick it fills me up completely. It was long enough so his helmet pushes hard against my back wall as he lunges in. You know I love that feeling and you plough in with more vigour. My internal walls are throbbing so fast it feels like I am drumming out a beat on your hard prick. He holds that rhythm as my body joins in rocking back onto his cock. Urging his hips to move faster and harder. My back arches, his hands grip tight to my ass cheeks, pulling me harder onto his driving shaft. I moan one long drawn out breath as my pussy sprays its orgasmic juice. Like a pressure hose, splashing his and my thighs and covering his swaying testicles in a coating of cum. Instead of pausing to let me recover, he continues fucking me, thrusting even faster. Riding through the climax, making the cum splash and squish out of my pummelled pussy. He fucks me to multi orgasm, all I could do was clutch at the cover below me and gasp breath when he allowed. Riding the waves of one intense climax to the next, he wouldn't let me relax. After a few gulps of much needed air his pumping would start again producing more splashes, gushes or sometimes just a oozing of friction heated cum.

I can tell he loves fucking my soggy cunt better than he loves to fill me with his own cream. I lost count of the times I came and I didn't even notice when he took the ropes off. I just remember during one session of fucking where he was ramming my pussy like a jack hammer. I found I could wrap my arms around his neck, my legs slung around his hips. I bounced and bucked, riding him as fast as his thrusts were pounding into me. Gasping out my name, then repeating it with each squirting globule of cream that paints my back wall. Feeling his balls unload into me, triggers off my own gushing cream again. His cum stays inside, where as I, much more messy sprays everything in close proximity.

We collapse together on the bed still wrapped around each other. Kissing between our heavy breathing. Laughing as we slowly unwind from each other trying to control trembling post orgasmic limbs. Still lacking air in our lungs we giggle slightly hysterically, high on passion and desire. Or maybe high from the strong heavy aroma of lusty lovemaking. Avoiding as many damp patches on the bed as I can, too many to avoid completely. I turn onto my side with my back to him, spooning romantically. I reached for a well deserved bottle of water we always keep near the bed. As I guzzle from the bottle quelling a desperate thirst, he nuzzles on the nape of my neck. Hands stroking over my body making it hard to concentrate on drinking. I place the bottle back on the table and he pounces. Covering my body with his I am pinned on my belly as he nibbles, bites and kisses my neck and shoulders. My skin shivers as I enjoy the stimulating feeling of being mauled by my randy tiger. "Ohhh goosebumps, can I play dot to dot ? Join up the pimples using my special paint brush. My creamy white paint would look so good smeared over your whole body. I wonder what image the goosebumps will make.?"

"I know what is developing and its not a paintbrush," I giggle in reply.

His legs lay straight either side of mine, my legs were close together but that didn't stop his growing cock from nudging between my thighs. He helps it find its goal by rocking hips gently, pushing the long pole up between cum sticky flesh. Keeping my legs together not wanting to make his path to easy. I flex and relax my ass cheeks, gripping his shaft then releasing as he edges his way into my crack. His arms flex and lock straight, taking some of his weight off my chest and allowing him more hip movement. The head of his shaft was nudging its way deeper, wiggling its way along my butt crack. I also lift up onto my straight arms, arching into his body again. Loving the feeling of his chest muscles moving against my back. I added my rocking to his but stopped and looked up into the mirror, locking my gaze with his. "That's the wrong place." I whisper.

"Sorry," he replies. Stopping the rocking but his big cocks head stays where it was gently nudging my sensitive tight entrance. His gaze held my eyes waiting patiently for me. Without wriggling like I normally would to get him back on track. I gently start to rock with my body arched, my arms holding my chest up. My swaying body made my tits swing so appealingly. There was a moment of stinging pain as his large helmet pushes through my muscles. I clench, then relax, accepting his shaft slowly into me. His eyes watch me with concern as he eases more of his thick length gently in deeper. Studying my face for pain but seeing none, he groans, teeth bite lovingly at my neck, smothering his words. As he fights to hold back, trying to remain gentle for me.

His mouth kisses up my neck to nibble on my ear lobe. His voice whispers in my ear, tender words of love and desire. Slowly he starts rocking in time with me, moving the shaft inside me making little short strokes. Staying within my anal passage not wanting to push in and out of my tight ring until I had totally relaxed. Enjoying this new feeling I start rocking back into him more boldly, my body controlling the length and speed of his cock. Not sure of how I would feel I was surprised how much I was enjoying this tight fuck. New sensations of different internal walls being stroked. The wonderful feeling of being filled, stuffed full of stroking cock.

His fingers reach around and sliding an arm under my hips he lifts my lower body up onto my knees into doggy style. I submit to his full control, his fingers reach under and slide into my pussy hole. Pumping them he alternates their thrusts to the anal stroking. So quickly I feel my passion rising again, throbbing and oozing as his fingers work their magic. As my lust builds he increases his length of strokes into my ass and I ride with him. Four fingers are frigging my slit, liquid is running in rivulets down my legs and his arm as his fingers explore deeper into me. My slippery lubrication allowing all fingers and thumb to pump deeper and deeper, the knuckles twisting and grinding on my slippery pussy lips. Your cock is sliding all the way in and out of my stretched ring. With one more push of your arm muscles I stretch wider, accepting your whole hand inside me. Now I know the feeling of being truly stuffed. Wave after wave of ecstasy erupts from me, as I am wonderfully pummelled by thick shaft and fist. Moans and whimpers mixed with loud panting and that amazing sound of a flooded pussy being pumped empty. His breathing matches mine and between all the noise I hear him moaning he's coming. Unlike when he unloads inside my cunt where its hard to feel the spurts with being so sloppy. In my ass I felt every lovely hot creamy gush.

You sit with you back to the head board and slapping your lap you say, "climb aboard my insatiable water nymph." Without hesitating I squat over you, my hand guides your cock. I slide down your thick hard pole, impaling myself on you. Leaning forwards I let my tits droop into the reach of your mouth. Taking your hand I place it on my pussy making sure you know what I want. Slowly I start to ride your flagpole. You do know exactly what I want, your thumb wiggles, squeezing inside between your shaft and my inner wall. Your other fingers work on my nub squeezing, stroking and rubbing it. My arousal is almost instantaneous your shaft and fingers coax me quickly to orgasm. Internal throbbing walls heated from continuous movement and friction, soon has my pussy and your stroking cock, awash with horny hot feminine juices.

Sloppy pumping sounds mix with the hiss of squirting as I ejaculate over and over. Each multi orgasm producing a gushing flood of cum spraying out over our skin. The aroma of sex and the squelching sounds of my passion, added with my squirming body writhing on top of yours drives you into a wild erotic frenzy.

Grabbing hold of both of my bouncing tits like reins on a horse you start bucking your hips, driving your cock into me as I rise and fall. The sound of slapping flesh mixes with all the other noises, as my soggy butt lifts up and smacks down on your groin. Harder and faster we ride together, both of us panting and moaning with exertion and pleasure. Between gasps I stutter out encouraging words, "fuck me, faster, harder, make me cum, yes, yes, I'm coming." Another orgasm flows through and from me, unable to control my movement I have to stop bouncing as I writhe with passion. Once more hot cum sprays out from around his pounding shaft splashing down onto his belly. He lets go of my boobs and wraps his arms around my body pulling me down against his cum splattered heaving chest. In this position my weight no longer hinders his bucking hips. In a frenzy of pure animal lust and unbelievable speed, he pounds his long thick cock into a very slippery pussy. Almost incoherent with pleasure I catch some of his words, ordering yet pleading. "More, don't stop. Again cum again.... Oh yes I'm coming now."

The now fades into a guttural groan as his shaft thrusts itself for the final time, deep inside me. Clutching tight to each other we both ejaculate, sexual fluids combining together in a creamy cum cocktail.

Drained, exhausted, but both happily sated. You ease me to lie along side you but still with your arms snuggling around me. Smiling and kissing me very tenderly you reach for the bed cover. Tugging it up over our rapidly cooling, sweaty, cum covered bodies. "We should go shower babes," you say shaking me gently. I just moan sleepily and snuggle deeper into your arms. "We are covered in Tracey juice and will stick together if we don't wash."

"Shush" I whisper, "I want to be stuck to you always."

My hand reaches out to hold your wonderfully sticky limp cock in my hand.

I feel your lips kissing my cheek as I drift into a satisfied sleep. My grip tightens on your cock, making sure I don't let go during my well earned slumber.

By Tracey Owen

Copyright March 2013


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