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A Feathers Touch

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

Explicit Erotica ... Please Do Not Read If Underage ... or may be upset by erotica

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age

A Feathers Touch

Do you like the smell of leather?

Do you like to be bound... helpless in front of the man you trust?

I could tell you how it would feel to have those leather straps wrap around your wrists, as you feel the smooth, cool, wooden uprights pressing against your back, wrists, and arms. That smell of leather, wood, and fear, is so intoxicating.

Oh yes, doesn't the feel of the leather straps feel invigorating as each of them are positioned, and pulled tight over your wrist. Then as you are kissed tenderly, you allow the other arm to be stretched out and bound down with a matching strap and buckle. With each buckle snugging you tight to the smooth varnished wood frame.

The mental freedom it gives, as your physical freedom is removed always amazes me. That feeling of helplessness allows you to accept what is coming with the knowledge that you can't stop it, so your released to enjoy the pleasure without guilt for you are bound tight. There are straps for your legs also, but your pants would be in the way of my plans of torment and pleasure, so unfastening them as you test the straps holding your arms in place brings a smile to my face. The do hold you secure don't they my beauty. Squirming as I kiss your smooth skin of your belly and trimmed tuft above your already very moist slit as your pants are pulled down and off.

Then once they are pulled free of your shapely bare feet I grasp your ankles firmly and spread them to just wider than your shoulders and slide them into place. Holding one leg in place the leather strap is looped around and pulled tight, and then with a tsk, tsk, I grasp your other ankle and slide it back into place and as the leather strap cinches home I look up and say. "You really should have left it where I placed it. Now I will have to punish you for your disobedience."

As I stand I lightly trace my finger up the inner course of your legs to where your moistened panties betray how excited the strapping has made you. Pulling them to one side I lightly spread your wings and rub on that oh so sensitive nub for only a moment. Just long enough to make your mouth open ever so slightly in pleasure. Then grabbing your panties I pull them up so they slide between your slit.

"The shirt of course may have to be sacrificed" I say as I am unbuttoning your shirt and spreading it open wide. Not right now, I may be lenient if you obey me for the rest of the time I am in control.

"Unless of course you want me to stop? Now you don't have to answer any questions that you think are too sensitive. Do you want me to continue?" Those magnificent breasts hanging free for my inspection. You have such a beautiful breast, a nice sexy bra to hold them firm would be nice. Although, since you are without I would be negligent to waste such a nice, firm, nipple. Oh, and I hope your not too cold. Although, the cool air does keep those pretty nipples nice and firm.

What a beautiful sight. Except for that little bit of fabric of your shirt that is pushed back onto your forearms, your panties pulled to such a thin line, and the four leather straps you are naked to me. Do you mind if I touch your nipples, ever so softly? Bringing my finger up to just barely caress them with a gentle touch. Just a ghost of a touch, as I circle my finger around them ever so lightly. You know it is there more than feel it and once the nipples have peeked to their fullest I bend and air brush your chest with kisses. Eventually touching your nipples one at a time with my lips.

Yes, gentle kisses. Making those pert nipples peek and strain outward even more then before. Then when they can't protrude any further I surround one with my lips and suck it into my mouth. Oh, so delicious.

Now that you're tantalized and more comfortable with your current position of helpless supplication, I take the rest of the straps from behind the upright. One each around your biceps, then one each around your thighs so that you are secure, but comfortable. Not to snug just enough to keep you upright as your legs will slowly melt from my ministrations.

Running a finger along your body a shiver proceeds the goose bumps that makes your toes curl, and I smile at that. Bending I kiss you and ask, "Are you OK? Do we continue?" A feint nod of the head is my only answer.

I pull a soft rope out and let it drape across your skin. Showing that it is soft and not going to hurt. Then I wrap it around your back and the upright and back to the front where I slowly bind your breasts. A figure eight weave around, under, and over, those lovely breasts, making them stand straight out from your body. Conning them from your chest to your nipples, which stretch wide yet remain pert. Then with one last under and then straight up the middle it is bound with a secure knot. Such a beautiful sight you make strapped and tied. Now for the fun part, are you ready?

Pulling out some soft wide mouthed clamps I watch as your eyes grow wide. The clamps are soft clamps so there is pressure, but not the pain clothes pins would cause. The wide mouth distributes the pressure so it is more of a gentle pressure then that strong clamp. See, as I clamp it to the side of your arm and you barely feel it, but you know its there, right? OK. Here we go.

Your nipples are licked some more and the clamps are mounted over and clamped well behind the nipple itself on the fleshy part of the breast. The nipple itself is free of any pressure. The clamp is placed so it is centered over the nipple, straight up and down.

Pulling out a thinner rope than the one used on your breast I thread it through the clamps over your shoulders and then down to feed through your... Oh. This won't do... I am so sorry, but... With that I take your panties in my hands, such a delicate, white, lace, panty. I look into your eyes and coil my fingers through the crotch of the panties. Then with a flex my arms, shoulders, and as my chest swells they finally split. Ripping them apart I smile as you stare at my bulging muscles.

With your panties waist band still resting on your hips I let go of the shreds and recapture the string. Now where was I? Ah yes through the angelic wings and to tie to the other end. This way it is one continuous loop past both your nipples and back down to pull tight through your pussy lips.

Tied together near your belly button the string is pulled by your movements, and rubs your pussy and your nipples as one. So any motion stimulates both, and oh yes, you will move, even though your bound tight to the frame.

Now for the blind fold that I place over your eyes, and once there I kiss you gently on the lips and pull away. With your sight taken away from you, you search the room with your ears. Yet there is no noise just a slight breeze that caresses your body. Then a gentle touch upon your body. A light feathery touch under your breast. Then again as it travels up the inside of your leg, up to just short of touching your sex.

Shying away from the light feathery touch as it traveled up your leg I pause, pulling it away for a moment. What? Don't you enjoy the touch of the feather, that light tickle washing over your body once you're tied in so sensitive position? Yes, it is a feather. Doesn't it send such nice feelings through your body. Never knowing where it will strike next.

Tell me that you don't want to be screaming in delight, squirming away, which causes even more stimulation and all you can do is wait knowing there is going to be another touch. I already have a hard on that won't quit so let me tell you I am having fun. I touch again and again. The string is soft, so not to burn, as it moves about, tightening, pulling between your angel lips, as it stimulates your nub, and nipples.

Eventually, I see your legs quivering as they start to give out. Moisture is trickling down your legs as minor orgasms run rampant through your body. Slowing I cover your heaving chest with kisses. Rubbing my bulging cock against your leg as I kiss you again. Arching your back you strain to feel me as I grind against you. The ropes pulling tight makes you groan in pleasure.

I start to undo your bindings. Kissing each place the string and clamps touched. There are lots of soft, tender, stimulating caresses of my lips against your skin as my hands mold your breast between my fingers grasp.

Then I kiss your lips soundly as I lift your blindfold over your head. Picking you up I carry you over to the bed. Your shirt finally falling free as I lay you down, kissing you again and again. I pull you to me as we kiss, feeling your soft skin against mine.

Catching your wrists in one hand I pull them high above your head as my other roams over your chest. Kisses follow closely behind my hand and sucking on your nipples I illicit a deep moan from you. I pull with my lips as your nipples grow taught, but there is no pain. Then I travel downward kissing and caressing as I go down your stomach, and all the way to your tiny snatch of pussy.

As I reach the slit I shift my position so that I can spread your legs wide. Climbing to my knees above you, my fingers tingle as they touch your wings and opening them up to me I place my cock at your lovers gate. Rubbing it around the nub and hole it moistens itself from your abundant juices. Sufficiently moist it finds your hole and ever so slowly sinks deep within you.

Pressing it in tight, I reach up and grab your nipples and kiss each with passion. I can feel your muscles surrounding my cock squeezing my thick purple headed cock that is buried a full 10 inches in and then I slowly pull it out.

All the way back to the gate where my helmeted cock is almost out. Then it starts sliding back in again with slow, but strong pressure building. You can feel my cock pulsing as it slides in, it wants you. Your muscles pull it in, sucking on it as it goes, making it pulse harder. The large vein on top taking on a life of its own as it slides in and out slow at first then faster as it goes.

My back arches as I drive it in deeper. I raise your legs, and spread them wide as I pump. Stirupping your feet in the crook of my elbows, I start picking up my pace as I feel you humping me back. The urgency of the groans as the pace quickens washes over us as I slam in, and out, with hard fast thrusts. My balls slap against your ass and then I freeze. Your legs clamped in place with my hands as I pulse.

I can take little more, my cock wants to explode and your cunt is sucking desperately on it. The building moisture sloshing as my cock grinds through it, and then I am over the edge. I pump hard, panting, your insides mingling with my come.

My cock pummels inside of you and then I collapse forward against you. I grab at your tits and squeeze them and kiss them. As the last of my come pumps out of me I pull myself up to your mouth and kiss this beautiful woman that gave of herself so unselfishly. A gift, and it is an amazing gift to give. I kiss you again and cuddle as long as it takes to fall into a deeper love.

By Brian Rueby & Tracey Owen

Copyright July 2009


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