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10 inch Gilbert

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only .. It started with a pillow fight and turned into a supprise she loved ... kinky adult content mild S&M short story of a husband and wife spicing up their sex life ... by introducing Gilbert to their bed.

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age

10 inch Gilbert

"What the fuck was that for love"

I had to giggle at the indignant look on his face.

"Sorry the pillow was the first thing I grabbed." I try desperately to control the smile spreading across my face and only succeed in making me look in pain. The sound it had made as I had swung and it connected with his body was hilarious.

"I was thinking, that maybe you were too engrossed in that program. You just forgot I was even here. Thought I would get your attention."

"Well you have my attention now." He said as his long tanned fingers twitch, curling slowly around the edge of the pillow I had just thrown at him. My own hand slides behind me groping for my other pillow behind me.

"Pillow fight."

Gasping and giggling we swing wildly at each other until I submit under his onslaught collapsing onto the bed in a fit of giggles. Stretching out my naked body curling it this way and that, making sure of course from under lowered lids, I still had his full attention. Rolling my body towards him, my fingers play tracing games over his skin as I chat.

"Fancy getting a bit adventurous next time maybe try some handcuffs or one of them paddles Anne was talking about." Quickly before he could interrupt and talk me out of it I went on. "Just some light hearted fun. To see where it goes." I waited while he thought about it. I didn't dare look him in the eye in case they gave away the hot visions they held. Images of the porno I had seen on the computer by mistake. He would know I had been looking through his erotic stuff then.

He's too quiet, quickly I threw in a few words hoping he would get interested ."Maybe you could buy me some of them toys you've been wanting me to try, you know, Buzz, Buzz." I keep making buzzing noises as I kiss my way down his body. Buzzing between breaths, and his hands holding my head down on my present interest.

I'm not completely sure what he says, but it sounds like, "Oh yes, your going to get some great toys."

The conversation wasn't mentioned again, days dropped back into the dull everyday routines. Then, this large parcel turned up, followed by several smaller ones. Which my husband quickly dispatched into the spare room before I could peek.

His only reply was a muttering of, "Its a surprise" as the door locked behind him.

Where the hell did that key come from? I didn't even know that room could be locked. The evening started off great, good food from a takeaway, no washing up to do. Washed down by several glasses of wine, my glass was filled many many times. I was rather tipsy when he pulled me to the bedroom, and as I stood swaying gently giggling, he stripped me, then laid me out on the bed.

He loops a soft cord around my wrists and in seconds, has me bound. I am stretched out in a Y shape with my arms above my head, the other ends tied to the bed. My body lay across the middle of the bed, knees propped up and spread wide. Ass hanging just off the edge of the bed, I asked for my lower body not to be tied so he didn't. I wasn't sure that I want to be completely tied down.

I could feel a content smile touching my lips, and the glow of bliss on my face as I wriggle my butt against the tongue that was working on me. I climaxed with the gentle slaps of the paddle. It must have been one of the new purchases. It brought a novel thrill to the game and it took him to a new level of lust that I hadn't seen in him for years. A great suggestion of mine.

Watching as his body rises up between my legs, as he kisses his way up to my breast. Nibbling, sucking and tugging on the now very sensitive nipple. I flinch back from his touch, gasping as he nips and tweaks slightly harder than I expected. Looking in his eyes there's a glint in them so unexpected. He is still so horny and full of lust.

His teeth sink onto the nearest nipple. Opening my mouth to shout at him and something is pushed in-between my lips and he quickly thread straps around my head and fastened behind. It felt similar to what a horse must feel when a riding bit is stuffed in, mine though is a soft leather. It did its job well, all I could hear of my curses and moans were soft spluttered mumbles.

Temper boiling now, I struggle against his preparations, but my hands are tied expertly and the ropes forestall all attempts to stop my determined horny husband. I give up the fight for now and followed his actions with wide eyes. My legs are still propped up at the knees, but as he loops my knees with more soft rope as he stretches them wide. My ass is tilted and using a pillow raises it up, opening and showing off my moistened parts to the room.

All of my movable limbs are tied with these soft white ropes and fastened down to the bed's head and foot boards. Even through my anger at being tied down, I feel a deep down tingle of excitement. He is taking me beyond what I had fantasised and wanted. Deep down in my mind, part of me was beginning to hope he would take me, way beyond where my dreams had taken me.

Totally trussed up and immobile to his will, I watch as my husband kneels next to my side. One by one he holds up items of possibly fun or punishment in front of my eyes. First a shiny chrome chain, dangling from a finger, large metal clamps swing to and fro from each end of the chain. A tightening bolt on each clamp makes them look like a torture device and rather erotic. I shut my eyes as I feel his fingers pull on each nipple over, and over again. Making them swell to hardened peaks. Then, the shock of the cold squeezing pinch, as one clamp bites down followed by the other.

His breathing deepens as he tightens the screws on each clamp, still with my eyes shut my senses seem so heightened. I can feel the tightening of the metal with each turn of the screw. The clamps slowly grow tighter on my nipples. Only when I gasp through the gag does he finally stop twisting. I start to relax as I feel the tip of his finger caresses top of my encased nipple.

Suddenly the finger flicks out catching the whole nipple a fast hard slap. The pain not acute, but it is so sudden makes my body flinches. A sudden shiver of passion fills me as my eyes pop open. There he is leaning over me with his wicked smile that shows he is aware of the emotion.

Next he holds up a similar set of clamps, except these had longer chains and far wider clamp mouths. I watch puzzled, wondering where they were going to go. The tight grip of his fingers as they pull my pussy lip wide answers my question. The cold tight pinch makes me squirm, but his hand holds my hip still as the chain is tightened around my thigh. Then clamped back on the pussy lip the other side of my leg. This was repeated the other side, my wriggling at the second clamping caused the first clamp to pull and tug. This spreading and restraining is causing a deep wet throbbing within me.

The hot wet tongue slobbers and slides over the soft spread wings of my lips. Lapping at the creases around the nub, teasing everywhere, but carefully avoiding the area that has a burning need to be touched. Wriggling with frustration just makes the chains on my breasts and pussy move and pull inciting me to far greater desires.

The tongue stops before my body can discharge the built up lust, leaving me full of pent up passion. Standing up from between my legs, his face slick and damp from being smeared against my pussy. His cheeks carry a deep flush tone of eager lust, the eyes shine bright, but dark and hungry for more, much more.

Two rounded objects were waved close to my face, my eyes opening wide in shock. I felt them physically snap open. My head shook from side to side, telling him no, his words whispered into my ear. "Oh you know you want them, I can feel, smell and taste that you want them." The green soft plastic of the butt plug bounces repeatedly tapping on one nipple. The three orb shaped linked nodules, wobbling with each tap tap tap.

While the long thin cylinder of the seven inch metal vibrator, buzzed against my other clamped nipple. Another wave of stimulated pussy aroma drifts up and around us. No avoiding him knowing, that yes, my body was enjoying this.

The topmost smaller orb of the butt plug rolls first across my slippery nub, then on down to my sticky pulsing hole. There its swirled around outside and in, rubbing against the internal walls. Plunging deep the three orbs of various sizes fill and push against the throbbing muscles. Five strokes, he thrusts deep inside me, laughing at my moan when he stops to soon for me. A rivulet of cum trickles down from my spread pussy, itching in a ticklish way when it reaches my ass hole.

On reflex my muscles contract and tighten the ass ring, he must have been waiting for this. The first soft orb of the butt plug is pushed in fast. I strain against the chains and ropes. Moaning as they pull hard against the nipples and lips, pain quickly turning to pleasure. His mouth clamps down on my pussy sucking at hole and nub, tongue pressed in deep, wiggling. Without caring about the chains or clamps I raise my hips up into him, just wanting release. The second orb pushes through into my tight ass, sending my body into wild twitches. The third and last large orb, entering my ass, takes me over the edge. I feel my jet of hot fluid spraying out of me coating his mouth and all over his face.

Instead of stopping at this point where all our normal sexual sessions end, his tongue continues to lick gently on my sloppy pussy. One hand rubbing the base of the plug gently, moving it within me. The other hand inserts the vibrator slowly into my wet pussy, all the way in. He must have jammed the end of the vibrator into the base of the butt plug because he stood up, and moved out of my sight. I was beyond caring I closed my eyes and let the waves of pleasure fill me, not quite enough to take me into orgasm but oh so sweet.

By the time I heard him enter the room my chest was heaving, pulse racing and my full body shaking. The vibrator had driving me to a wild desperate frenzy of desire that begged to be sated.

The vibrator being on low speed allowed me to focus my gaze on him. Although I moaned with disappointment at it being removed. He again knelt by my side a wire led from a small box in the palm of his hand down towards my ass. Raising my head slightly with a pillow so I could see what he was telling me about. "I've brought you an adventurous present"

There at the bottom of the bed between my legs close to my pussy was what I could only call a fucking machine, Literally. It was a large electric motor on a stand. A valve on one end of a pole and a large dildo at the other. Even from this distance I could see the dildo was very thick and long. My pussy throbbed at the thought of that filling me, my face frowned slightly daunted by its sheer size.

I was right to be daunted, the motor was pushed in close to me sliding the dildos head in. Deeper and deeper he pushed it, I moaned at its volume, too big, too big, but oh, I wanted it. Holding it there inserted full length inside me, the chains were released allowing my lips to wrap around the width of this rubberised cock. The butt plug was removed very slowly, it slopped out with a squelch covered in my juice that had washed it.

"You Ready for Your adventure my dear," and he flicked a switch. The engine purred into action sucking the dildo out of my pussy with a slow slurp. Then thrust it to full depth back in, slow steady rhythmic thrusts. The beat of the valve as it thrusts sounds like the metallic word, "fuck."

Fuck fuck pause fuck fuck pause this big cock slid in and out.

Fuck fuck pause fuck fuck pause.

Taking off my gag he slides his dick up to my lips, I open wide again accepting him in willingly. His hand finds the chain and pulls on it gently, but firmly. Until with a snap the clamps, pulling the now stretched swollen nipples gives way.

"You love that big thick ten inch dick fucking you don't you" Slap, his hand across a nipple. "You want more don't you, you want fucking, faster harder don't you," slap. Taking his cock from my mouth to let me answer "Tell me" slap, slap. Moaning "yes" the dick is shoved back in my mouth. The machine responds to his flick of a switch straight away.

It trebles its speed, pounding in and out of me, thrusting its thick shaft right to the back of my wetcunt. I moan as my husbands hard shaft matches the thrusts of the machine in my mouth. As the orgasm fills me all I can think of is the beat of the machine has changed and the sound of the hand slapping my body.

Fk fk, fk fk, slap. Fk fk, fk fk slap, fk fk, fk fk.

"Oh my god baby. Yes, Oh look at that splash" his words of awe and lust matches my moans. My cum continues to gush from around the still plunging dildo.

His cock thrusts deep into my throat holding there, I suck the hot creamy spurts from him hungrily. Just as the next wave of liquid gushes out from my cock filled pussy, spraying is wet droplets everywhere.

I didn't even notice him move to undo the ropes holding me down, just the beat of the dildo slowing back to them deep slow thrusts. Every thrust sliding in and out of my sodden cum filled pussy, slurping and squelching so nosily. Held at the peak of climax by this humping machine just a slight touch I knew would send me falling into the next wave of orgasmic pleasure.

My now released body free from the restraints, welcomed his form over me. In classic sixty nine my mouth and tongue thank his body in the way I know he loves. My hands roaming all over his butt cheeks kneading gently, scratching, with the occasional slap added in.

His tongue responds in kind flicking across my wet cum covered nub. Lapping up the squirts of juice that the dildo sucks out with its deep plunging thrusts.

A sharp click of a switch and the motor speeds up into the faster action of previous. Pumping into me with such vigour but this time I can move as my body wants, squirming and arching with its movements. Hands clutching at my husbands body in my frenzy of lust.

The next click of the motors command, it changes motion dramatically. The feeling is almost indescribable, it thrusts full length into me then shimmers at high speed. Flapping from side to side, short ,sharp, fast flicks, but it jabs in and out at the same time.

My moans, like the climax, start from deep within me, growing and growing, until suddenly they burst from me. My husband sits up, and unloads all over my tits. His grunts mixes with my moans. Hot cum splashes from the dildos movements, spraying droplets of my pussy juice up over my chest and belly. Mixing with the creamy cum already there.

"Please stop," I manage to gasp out.

Click, the motor drops down a speed.

"Had enough baby? I could leave it on this or", his voice trails off.

And click.

The motor goes rapid again. My moans of "No." are cut short as the orgasm hits me so fast.

Three times he took me down, then speeds back up and up again before he let me roll off that fucking machine and rest.

I have named it Gilbert, I don't know why, but he sits in place of honour next to my bed. Hidden under a decorative box lid of course. Well my relatives visit, as they do sometimes. He never stays hidden for long, I'm always eager to go on new adventures with my new best friend, Gilbert.

By Tracey Owen & Brian Rueby


copyright Feb 2012


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