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Snow White and Her Dwarfs

Short story By: BigEyes

It's a woman living with seven men, what do you think happens? And for you hardcore pervs, the sex begins about a third of the stpry down.

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It was a beautiful day in the kingdom, and everywhere one turned there was happiness and contentment, except for one lone place in the entire land, the Seven Dwarf's cottage in the woods. Within the cottage lived Seven Dwarf's, and what is this? A fair maiden. How could it be that Snow White the princess is in their cottage? Oh that is quite right the "Evil" Queen, Snow's stepmother, banished her from the kingdom for her whore-like ways. The Queen only wanted to isolate Snow so she would not sleep with anymore men, but the story has been morphed into the Queen being evil and Snow being innocent as dewdrop, tarnishing the poor Queen's reputation.
However, while the guard was escorting Snow to the isolated mansion, Snow tore off her clothes and started fucking the guard. In his daze from the amazing sex, he fell asleep allowing Snow to escape so she would not have to be isolated from her beloved men who fuck her so good. Snow ran off into the woods, where she eventually found a small cottage where she now stays cooking and cleaning for the Seven Dwarfs in exchange for shelter until she could find another place.
At a closer look, one would see that Snow was not happy at all. She went about her regular day at the cottage cooking and cleaning, but without her regular skip in her step. When the Dwarfs came home they saw there was something wrong with Snow and decided to ask her what the matter was, well except for Sleepy who fell asleep before they could address the matter.
"Snow, what is the matter? You don't seem happy, and we are worried about you." Doc started out.
"Yeah if there is anything that we can do, please let us know," Happy added on.
"Well you see," Snow began, "I haven't been feeling so great. I just feel like everything is going wrong. I wish I could feel happy even only for a moment."
"Well what is it that we can do to help?" Doc eagerly questioned.
"Well, there is one thing, but I don't really know if you would agree to it." Snow said in a deceivingly innocent voice.
"Anything! Anything!" the Dwarfs chanted except for Sleepy who was still dozing by the fireplace.
"Okay Okay you can have sex with me" Snow finally told them
The dwarfs looked confused. "Sex? What is that?" Grumpy asked.
"Oh my! You don't know what sex is? I have much to teach you! Okay well first you all must take off your clothes." The dwarfs were surprised at the odd request, but did so anyways eager to please Snow. Now the dwarfs were not the only ones who were surprised, Snow became pleasantly surprised as well, the dwarfs were enormous! "Oh my! Your cocks are huge! What a waste all these years, you could have been making someone very happy." Snow beamed at them.
"Why, why thank you Snow. You are too kind" Bashful replied with a Crimson Red blush creeping up on his cheeks.
"Now I will take off all my clothes like this…" that did it for the Dwarfs. As soon as they saw Snow's creamy white breasts with her tits hanging at attention, her beautifully shaped tight ass, and clean neatly trimmed pussy was a new sight to them. Because of this new sight, they did not understand why their cocks were standing at attention, and throbbing giving them such a great feeling.
"What is happening Snow? I feel odd but in a good way, it is a little frightening." Doc managed to say in between the throbs of ecstasy in his enormous cock.
"Oh that, that is exactly what is supposed to happen. Do not worry. I will take care of it soon enough. Now Doc and Dopey you two sit down sit with your legs wide open, facing one another but fold your legs under you so that your weight is on your calves and knees." Snow ordered them. As soon as they were in position, Snow stood in between them on her knees and plunged their cocks in her asshole and pussy at the same time, causing a gasp if ecstasy form all three.
"Now- now Bashful and Grumpy com here! NOW!" Snow managed to spit out through the extreme pleasure she felt. The dwarfs were almost too stunned to move but their feet somehow managed to move forward. "Okay now you two, I want you stand on either side of me and I want you to put your mouth right here on my nipple, one each." That two dwarfs followed her orders. "Now you Sneezy and Happy stand behind Grumpy and Bashful, and they did. As soon as they reached their destinations, Snow grabbed their cocks with each hand.
"Okay now, Doc and Dopey I am going to move up and down, feel free to thrust up as you feel. Grumpy and Bashful I want you two to suck and lick my nipples and fondle my breast and whatever else you want. And lastly Happy and Sneezy I will do all the work, so just relax. Oh and Sneezy, sneeze the other way if you have to. Okay now this is going to make me moan and scream but until I tell you don't stop do you understand me?"
The six dwarfs nodded their understanding and prepared to have the time of their lives. Snow began to move up and down, signaling the start of the orgy. Snow moved up and down making her hands stroke the two dwarf's cocks making them moan, and making the Dopey and Doc grab on to her and begin to moan. As if the two pulsating cocks in her asshole and pussy were not enough, the sucking and licking on her tits was almost too much to bear.
A chorus of "Oh yeah! Harder! Fuck me you sons of bitches! Faster!" rang out through the cottage. Dopey and Doc now began to thrust as well making Snow screech even louder. She felt an orgasm building up. It began to build and build until there was a river flowing out of her, and the still steady pumping in her, the sucking and fondling of breasts by Grumpy and Bashful along with both her holes being occupied gave Snow so much pleasure it was almost unbearable. Her pussy and asshole clenched around Dopey and Doc's cocks and her hands tightened and got faster around Sneezy's and Happy's cocks making them moan even louder with her. Snow's orgasm began to fade, but surprisingly the dwarfs showed no sign of stopping.
All the dwarfs were still going strong. They kept pumping, licking and sucking, and she kept moving her hands until finally they all exploded at once all six dwarfs and Snow together. They all stopped for a bit semen dripping from just about every surface of Snow, but it was so good she had no intentions of stopping.
"Okay I have not had enough yet so here is the plan. I will sit here and two of you will come over at a time. One will stand in front of my face and the other will put their face in my pussy. I will give one a blowjob while the other sucks and licks my pussy and if you want you can also fuck me too." The dwarfs all eagerly nodded while Snow sat on the floor and opened her legs wide.
"Okay who is first?" Snow seductively asked. Two dwarfs came forward and Snow eagerly began sucking cock and having her pussy eaten and then fucked. As Snow's lower half was being pleasured, she grabbed the current dwarf's nuts and rub them softly with her thumbs, and sometimes gently squeezing them to add an extra wave of pleasure for the dwarf. As she slowly caressed and squeezed their nuts, she put her mouth on the cock and sucked and licked. She took it deep making the dwarf moan, giving him blinding pleasure, eventually making all three of them burst into an orgasm and sometimes even as many as three orgasms for Snow.
This continued for the rest of the day. They all lay sweaty and satisfied in pools of semen and pussy juices on top of Snow . While somehow Sleepy still snored peacefully by the fireplace.
"Snow, will you do us a favor?" Doc asked.
"Sure Doc, anything" Snow replied.
"Please tell be sad more often. We REALLY want to make you happy again." Doc said.
Snow laughed making her body rumble. The soft vibrations of her laugh stimulated the dwarfs once again making them raise their eyebrows in anticipation. Snow looked at them disbelievingly and them got a mischievous smile on her face as well.
"So boys, do you feel energized enough to go for another round?" Snow asked.
They all just shook their heads eagerly wanting to enter the girl in front of them and touch her and make her moan and scream with mind-blowing ecstasy, no matter how tired they were.
Eventually after regaining their strength, they all began their rhythmic writhing, moaning, and screaming over again. Now there really is no unhappy person in the whole kingdom. Especially not Snow. Even years later when she was married to the prince of another land, she still comes back to the Dwarf's cottage to enjoy their company. Not a week goes by when screams and moans are not heard from the forest.


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