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Permission to Orgasm

Short story By: betsyt

This is a short story about a submissive woman who is always required to get permission to have an orgasm from the dominant male in her life.

Submitted:Apr 5, 2012    Reads: 9,159    Comments: 6    Likes: 7   

It was another cold and rainy spring night and she was restless once again. Like a child with ADD, she wandered aimlessly from one activity to another. TV, internet, books, music, nothing could keep her interest for very long. Frustrated, she thought how this was all such a challenge to her inborn quest for peace and that once again, she was being tortured by that familiar and relentless desire. The one that constantly reverberated deep inside her. As usual, these thoughts manifested themselves as a ceaseless tingling in her pussy.

She continued to pace from one room to another trying to find something to occupy her thoughts. These particular desires weren't ones that her friends and family would expect her to have. Unlike many women, it wasn't visions of love, marriage and romance that dominated her thoughts. No, in fact, she did not entertain those sweet school girl fantasies much at all these days. What she wanted, what she obsessively craved, was to be forced to submit to the erotic whims of a powerful male. To simultaneously feel the fear and exhilaration of being completely at his mercy. Oh how she loved to languish in those one of a kind sensations that passed through her when her pain magically was transformed into pleasure.

She understood that because she had allowed this need to flourish, it had now become a deeply ingrained part of her. She also knew it would undoubtedly continue to vex her until she found a way to feed it.

Now, she was no doormat. In fact, quite the opposite. She managed most aspects of her life with confidence and ease. She made multiple decisions and carried them out effortlessly, all day, every day. She had no need or desire to be told what to do and how to do it by anyone when it came to getting what she needed to get done in her life. She loved to learn new things and had an unwavering resolve when it came to conquering new skills. Despite this ease of control in her daily life, there was this one aspect that she desired absolutely no control of and it was in this realm alone, she longed to be completely dominated. There had been only one man that had ever been able to tame her and she wanted…no, she needed, to be completely sexually submissive to him.

She wondered again how long this desire had been stirring inside her. There were definitely signs of its existence over the years but it wasn't something she ever examined or explored. That was until she met him. They had an undeniably passionate and torrid sexual connection and he had fulfilled her like no lover she had ever known. What was it about him that made her want to move mountains to satisfy his every sexual fantasy? Was it how his whole aura just bled raw sex and desire? How his scent intoxicated her, completely over taking her senses and bringing her a high matched by nothing she had ever experienced? He was dominant for sure, but not in that obnoxious, loud manner that some men have. His voice reminded her of velvet and when he commanded her, she was instantly mesmerized and transformed into his sexually compliant little wench. His slut. His whore. His body to do with as he pleased.

Her mind drifted to the last time he had summoned her for his pleasure. How he pushed her roughly over the counter, pinching her nipples until she cried out in agony. Such a delicious pain! He had fucked her hard and within seconds, she felt her orgasm building. When she meekly told him about this rising wave of pleasure that was dangerously close to breaking free, he angrily told her she was NOT to cum. His potent words just served to make her pussy wetter and it took every ounce of will power she could muster to keep it a bay. As if he could sense her struggle, he stopped fucking her suddenly and ordered her to take off her skirt. He sat on the edge of the bed and she began to greedily suck on his cock. She had been practicing and wanted desperately to be able to take it all the way down her throat. She had definitely improved since last time but it was obvious she needed to get better. Even thinking back to it now, it distressed her greatly that she hadn't been able to fully take him and she made a mental note to practice even more. Neither of them would be satisfied until she could swallow him whole. It was of the upmost importance that he was denied nothing and received only the very best of everything.

While fucking her on the bed, he grabbed her firmly around the throat and informed her that she was his. When asked if she understood that, she readily confirmed that she was his to do with as he pleased. It gave her butterflies in her stomach to know that she was his sex toy, his property, his possession and that she must obey him. It comforted her to know what if she did not, he was free to punish her as he saw fit. He was fair and never punished her unless she deserved to be. In that sense, she trusted him completely.

As she became increasingly lost in her thoughts, she realized her sexual desire was rising to a dangerous level once again. This set off an alarm inside her. She was never to cum without his permission. Even when he was not there, she was always required to get his blessing first. Logically she knew she could get away with it but his pyschological hold over her was so powerful that she could not even entertain the thought of disobeying this now well established rule. She hated to fail in general but the thought of failing him, filled her with disgust! The urge was becoming overwhelming.

She picked up her phone and began to text…


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