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Mandatory Orgasm Before 5pm

Short story By: betsyt

A Sexually submissive woman receives an order from the dominalnt man in her life that she is to find some place other than her home to have an orgasm for him

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It was another busy day at work and she had finally managed to find that rhythm of determined, focus that was responsible for her strong work ethic and promised great production. She was wearing a strapless red dress with tiny, white polka dots. She wore a fitted white sweater over it in order to turn it into more business like attire. He had asked for pictures of two outfits the night before and had chosen this one for her to wear. This decision had pleased her immensely. The dress seemed tailored perfectly for her athletic but curvy figure. It pushed her breasts up and together just enough to be alluring but short of obscene. The material draped loosely over her hips and accentuated her ass, making it appear round and voluptuous. She had no panties on. A request he often made when he had chosen her outfit.

She had texted him that morning about how sexy and feminine she felt. Any time he picked out her clothes, it always made her feel sexy and giddy throughout the day. Of course, not having a bra or panties was always a challenge for her and today was no exception. The cool morning air hitting her perfectly shaven pussy brought back memories of his touch, ever commanding presence and her overwhelming desire to submit to him.

Throughout the morning and usually without warning, memories of her submission flashed through her head. When this happened she would feel an intense rush in her pussy as a mist of wetness became obvious to her. She rubbed her forearm discretely over her right nipple and it became erect immediately.

She would then have to stop herself abruptly, cross and uncross her legs several times and force herself to focus on her work. She knew all too well how easy it was for her to get carried away with thoughts of sex these days and that if allowed it to get to a certain point, her horniness turned into a runaway train that could not be stopped.

She had been methodically going through her email, answering questions, coordinating projects and was being quite efficient when she heard the chime of a text message on her phone.

Just seeing his name on the screen shot off that bolt of electricity in her pussy again. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she opened the message.

"I would like you to cum before 5…And not at home."

As she read it, she felt the blood rush to her pussy as it moistened and its muscles began to involuntarily contract with excitement. This feeling that she could only describe as a "cold fire", burst through the pathways of her brain. It was as if someone had injected warm water into her veins. She was so aroused! After the physical reaction, the fury of mental stimulation started. Where would she do this? How would she find privacy and when? She glanced at the clock. She had about 3 ½ hours. She knew time wouldn't be a problem, however. She was so aroused that felt like she could orgasm right then and there.

He had been training her to orgasm on command and recently, she had become quite good at it! This training would typically begin after she had been struggling not to cum as he was fucking her. She was never to orgasm without his explicit permission and would often need to stop cold to prevent the convulsions of sexual pleasure from exploding. Only after recomposing herself, could she again begin to fuck him.

It was at this point, he would tell her that had just 30 seconds to cum or something bad would happen. At first, she struggled with this exercise. The stress and the pressure of these demands were mentally very difficult to overcome and it would often take up to 3 separate sessions of him counting to 30 in order for her to finally have an orgasm. As soon as she figured out that she had to stop panicking and instead fully emerge her entire body and mind in how amazing it actually felt to have his huge cock buried deep inside her pussy, she got increasingly better at allowing the orgasm to build and boil over uninterrupted..

After, several more practice sessions, they consistently had it down to only two countdowns before she came and just recently, he finally succeeded in fully training her to orgasm the first time he asked! Learning to orgasm at his command filled her with great pride and she knew it pleased him immensely as well.

She continued to rack her brain, searching for the perfect place to complete his task. Her first thought was to go to the office bathroom. She knew she could probably get away with it but hated the idea of being interrupted during her fantasy and subsequent pleasure. She also worried that she just might yell out in pleasure which for obvious reasons would be quite embarrassing! The other logical choice was the car but that struck her as too easy and not necessarily worthy of his challenge. It had to be somewhere unique. Someplace that would make him proud of her. But where?

As her mind searched frantically for just the right location, she remembered that earlier she had walked by a closet in the parking garage where the door had been left slightly ajar. She had no idea what was in there but knew she wasn't going to be able to get a lick of work done until she found out. She jumped up, grabbed her security badge and walked down to the garage. It was a typical cloudy June day in Seattle which made it even darker than usual in the poorly lit garage.

Looking around to make sure she was alone she carefully pulled open the heavy metal door. What a mess! It was crowded with buckets of salt, paint, snow shovels, and various other tools. It smelled musty and cob webs weaved their way from one end of the cramped room to the other. As her eyes began to adjust to the darkness, she reached over and turned on the light which was simply a very dim uncovered light bulb. Now this was worthy of his request! He would be so pleased with her! She smiled to herself as she walked back up to the office, thinking of the small, dark dungeon that would soon be the location of one glorious orgasm just for him.

She sat back down at her desk knowing that despite her poor aching and engorged pussy and racing thoughts she needed to get some work done. She managed to get a few critical emails out but not without being interrupted often by the overwhelming urge to cum.

She found herself rocking ever so slightly in her seat and when she got up to get some water she could feel the result of this intense arousal making its way to the outer lips of her pussy. She was determined to get just a few pressing things done then she could sit back and allow her mind run free.

At 3:45pm she finished up the last of the critical issues at hand. She turned off her computer and got up and walked to her car almost in a semi trance. She sat in the driver's seat, closed her eyes and let all the images and feelings she had been suppressing run wild. Even though she didn't touch herself at all, the response of her body was strong and immediate and sexual desire possessed her like a demon. She soon realized that she didn't need any mental foreplay and as soon as she felt her orgasm rising, she quickly jumped out of her car like it was on fire!

She walked quickly down the driveway to the parking garage and entered the small closet that was soon to become her den of pleasure. She closed the door quietly behind her, hoping that she would be able to open it again when she was done. She cleared a small section on the wall adjacent to the door thinking she would lean against it but at the last second turned instead to face the wall. She put one hand up on high on the cement block wall and with her other hand she began to stroke the outer lips of her pussy slowly moving her finger inside.

Images flooded her mind as her finger moved back and forth, stroking her G spot. Being against the wall reminded her of the time he commanded her to stand naked, gripping a metal fence at a club they recently visited. She could almost feel him behind her. His body crushing her against the cold metal while he squeezed her nipples so hard that she cried out loudly in a mixture of pleasure and pain. At that moment, she was not sure if she was actually experiencing that time at the club or just the memory of it. It felt so real.

Sometimes she tried to hold back her orgasm in order to enjoy it longer but that thought didn't even cross her mind this time and soon she saw light exploding in her head as her body began convulsing uncontrollably. She felt the muscles in her pussy gripping her finger, almost sucking it into its sexual vacuum. Finally, the emotions and sensations began to drift of, like ripples in the water after being hit with a rock.

Afterwards, she continued to stand there, both hands now both on the wall, almost needing to recover both physically and emotionally. Her mind seemed foggy, almost drugged as she slowly walked back up to the office. She sat down and texted him the following message:

"Holey Moley! That was wild!!! Once I cleared a place to lean against the wall, I actually turned to face it with one hand on the wall and one to pleasure myself. Memories of when you had me against that fence in the club came flooding back. Waiting for you, my hands gripping the fence with all my strength, the feeling of your body pressing me roughly against the cold metal and how I yelled out quite loudly as you pinched my nipples so very hard! I was able to completely immerse myself in my fantasy and actually felt I was there instead of a dark, dusty closet! It was so amazing! My brain has become so trained to cum for you whether you are with me or not. You can't even imagine the sensations and pleasure totally surrendering my sexuality brings to me.and how it just keeps getting stronger as the training goes on! I feel dazed. In that fog I've been experiencing a lot in the last few weeks after you command or orchestrate my orgasm. I want to sit and process it and savor just how magical it is… Thank you for that experience! You are quite amazing indeed…One of a kind for sure."

She leaned back in her chair and stared into space. She had done it. She had orgasmed for him because that is what he desired. Pleasure and a sense of accomplishment swelled inside of her as a satisfied smile spread across her face. She turned her computer back on thinking about how she was one happy and satisfied submissive bitch.


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