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An Orgasm to Remember

Short story By: betsyt

This is a story of a submissive woman and her journey to learn how to orgasm in a public place.

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As soon as I received the order from him that it was to be my mission to orgasm in a public place, I was flooded with a mixture of delight and trepidation. How I loved to be challenged by him! His requests had always served to fan my already smoldering passions into a fully encompassed wildfire and I would promptly pour every ounce of my being into to accomplishing whatever it was he wished.

Some may see such displays of sexual submission as a totally selfless act. They wonder how could it be that one receives pleasure by giving attention only to another's desires therefore forsaking their own? Even I, who had lived it, could not truly understand the complexities that lie in submission that made the denial of my own wants and needs reward me with great waves of euphoria. Heights of ecstasy, I never have imagined existed and were surpassed only by his actual touch.

It had always been easy to be swept away into that magical place of heightened sexual enlightenment when I thought of him. Since the first time I laid eyes on him, the marriage of oxytocin and pheromones was this sexually lethal combination that not once had I ever been able to resist. Remembering his touch, his scent, the feel of his skin had always made my pussy tingle but lately it had risen to a whole new level. This plane of carnal pleasure was so possessing, so deviant, that I still have trouble processing how it grew to be such a profound and looming presence in my life. In the last few months, his power over my sexuality had become so strong, so dominant, that my transformation into his compliant little slut was nearly complete.

Yes, I had willingly acquiesced to becoming a sex slave, devoted wholly to his pleasure. I was really no different from one of Pavlov's dog's or a snake charmed by a beautiful melody or even one of those rats enchanted into following the pied piper. When he spoke or texted me something that he would like me to do, my pussy instantly became wet and my thoughts auto focused on achieving whatever it would take to please him.

I thought back to the week before when the chime of a text message awoke me to the request that I was come to him. It simply stated "Cum here". My body and mind came alive and it felt as if I was being led, by an angel though this very surreal, mystical journey of erotic events. The fluidity of that whole experience was so raw and so pure that I still sometimes get confused to whether it actually happened or if it was a just a dream.

One of the greatest gifts I have ever received came from him. The aura of sexuality where he lived, had quickly seeped into my physical body as well as my psyche. He made my senses come alive and brought out a ferocious sexual energy that had laid dormant in me for years. Though my experience with him, I have slowly come to the realization that I am a highly orgasmic woman by nature. Sexuality now lives fully in each and every atom of my being. Much more than others it would seem. I am absolutely in love my body and the sexual pleasure it, along with one's largest sex organ, the brain, are able to show me. It makes me sad to think that there are people who find shame in these carnal pleasures. There should be no hesitation to use this most wonderful gift.

The orgasm is probably one the most selfish and cherished reoccurring joys in my life recently and now I was to learn to do it at will in any place I may happen to find myself. I would learn to do this for him. I would learn it because he wanted me to. It thrilled me to think that at anytime, anywhere, I would be ordered me to pleasure myself. My process of my body and mind being wired to comply immediately to his wishes was nearly complete. As I sat there in that crowded Starbucks, it struck me just how physically and psychologically trained to his commands I had actually become.

I had been practicing for this all week. Simply, reviving his essence in my mind, was all it took to start those deeply ingrained neurons firing on all cylinders. Over the last several days I had gotten to the point where all I needed to do was find a place to sit and start rocking rhythmically and the sensations were instant. This rocking motion was invisible to the naked eye but in my reality, the vibrations were enormous, ten story high tidal waves crashing into every last cell in my body.

Earlier that week, I had practiced arousing myself with the help of tight jeans. The stiff material, pressing firmly against my aching pussy, along with the slow deliberate movements created an undeniable friction. Today however, he asked that I just wear a skirt with no panties. I wasn't concerned. A bare pussy had plenty of potential to make orgasming a very distinct possibility.

My always freshly shaven pussy had lived exposed in a perpetual state of arousal all day and had become increasingly lubricated with a beautiful, moist dew as the hours passed. I purposely had gone without an orgasm the day before and I could feel those crazy little demons that were forever multiplying inside of me, just begging to be released. They reminded me of disgruntled prisoners on the verge of a riotous jailbreak.

Early that morning, I had cautiously started to let my mind to wander to those dark, dangerous thoughts. I would do so just for a few minutes then I had to abruptly rope them back in. I did need to get through the day after all. If experience had taught me anything, it was that lingering on thoughts of sex, more than a few fleeting moments, would result in such a heightened state of sexual arousal that it would be impossible to beat it back. While this always feels damn good, it is not at all conducive to getting anything other than maybe physical labor done. As the afternoon wore on, I let myself dwell on these visions for even longer intervals until finally as I left the office for the day, I welcomed them with open arms and an open pussy.

I sat in one of two comfortable chairs separated by a small round table in the corner of Starbucks. I sipped from my nonfat, extra hot, peppermint mocha and glancing absently down at my phone. My long coat fully covered my secretly hiked up skirt. I held my phone and the edge of my coat together in my right hand as my left hand lightly traced along the insides of my slightly parted thighs. By now, it felt as if my sexual energy was going to explode. On the drive there, with the flood gates now completely open, I allowed myself to savor each and every salacious thought. I recalled the time he broke into my apartment and how he took complete control of me as if he had done it a hundred times before. I visualized myself kneeling naked and blind folded in my apartment waiting patiently for him and the time he fucked me so hard against the kitchen counter that I had small bruises on my hip bones.

I was now completely drenched in my sex as I sat there. My pussy had become so engorged that I wondered if it was possible that the blood supply in the rest of my body could be running low. I looked at my photos, mostly gravitating to the one of his hard cock buried deep in my pussy. I remembered how difficult it was to stay still while he took that picture and how that night, I had become this insatiable, primitive beast with virtually no control over my body. I thought about how I had no sense of time or place, only that I had been possessed with this unbridled passion incapable of acknowledging any sort of boundaries.

The picture on the phone began to get hazy but I kept my gaze directed towards the small screen. Even though my finger had not entered my pussy it had become wet with the juice of my desire just by lightly brushing the outer lips. I continued the slight rocking motion and felt the familiar ringing that always began just behind the top of my public bone. I let my hair cover the right side of my face, hiding any expression from the world. My head was down so it appeared like I was concentrating on whatever was on my phone. I allowed my eyes to close.

It was then that I saw the colors in my head. Beautiful, muted colors like those of autumn leaves. These were interrupted only by the images, many dark and sensual images. Like the time at the hotel when he brought me to orgasm, then turned me over and fucked my ass. The pain and pleasure were so intermingled that I couldn't tell where one began and the other ended.

I noticed that my finger had slid into my pussy and was rubbing against my clit with slow deliberate strokes. I had not consciously made the decision to enter myself but once again my sexuality had taken on a life of its own and took the initiative to pleasure me. The sensations continued to build until they formed this beautiful crescendo. The outside world ceased to exist at this point. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. The only sensation in my awareness was that of my pussy beginning to tighten, followed by a powerful burst into multiple, violent convulsions and finally release. Only then did that sense of peace and contentment wash over my body.

Slowly I began to regain my composure. The sounds of milk steaming and people softly speaking slowly worked their way into my consciousness. When I opened my eyes, everything was just as it was when I first embarked on my secret journey. I had done it and more importantly, I had done it for him, the only man ever able to dominate and control me. I did it for the only man to bring me to heights that legends are made of.

I picked up my coffee and walked to my car one very satisfied and enlightened woman.


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