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The birthday housecleaning gift

Short story By: Bethany falmer

Amy is hired to clean a man's apartment as a birthday gift to him from his sister, though little does the sister know that Amy likes to tease her clients, nor that all her clients are men!

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The Birthday Gift

Standing outside a doorway waiting for someone inside to answer the doorbell, dressed in her very brief maid's outfit, was never the best part of Amy's job but it was a fun thing to do and it paid the rent!

Amy had received a call from a woman asking for her to go clean her brother's apartment as a birthday present, dressed as a french maid.

Amy had set up her cleaning company Homemaid, partly as a way to pay her way through college, to pay for her dance classes and as a rebellion against her ex-boyfriend, who had loved to see her cleaning with as little on as possible but hated her being dressed in anything short outdoors.

She was conscious of the mixed glances she had received walking through the apartment block, both from men and women. After all you got noticed if you were in a short jacket, over a frilly skirt, sheer tights and patent black high heels. She had no doubt of the range of presumptions going through the minds of the people in the lobby, in the lift and along the corridor. She chuckled imagining their expressions if they could have seen the feather dusters and rubber gloves, as well as all her other cleaning products, in the small case on wheels she towed behind her!

From the other side of the door she heard noises of movement and a muffled curse, following a distinct crash. The noise got closer and then a chain slid against the door, a bolt got turned, and a man's head peered round the opening door. A grumbled "Who are you?", in a sleepy tone came from a dark tustled haired man, who rubbed his stubbled chin and looked at Amy as if she were the postman or delivery person. Amy smiled and replied, "Mr Dean? My name is Amy. Your sister Jessica organised for me to come here today to clean your apartment. Happy Birthday!" A "Huh?" was the response she received. This made her grin and say, "Your sister Jessica organised your birthday present which was for me to come and clean your apartment. May I come in?"

The door being pulled open was her reply and she entered what was obviously a batchelor pad from her first impression of the lounge, with all the modern fittings and toys that men accumulated, from the huge TV to the bar in the corner. A smashed bowl on the floor by the bedroom door was the culprit that had caused the earlier noise, and the unmade bed beyond gave evidence to the haste with which he must have risen to get to the door.

Mr Dean muttered something about calling his sister and vanished back through the bedroom door, and Amy decided to get started so took off her jacket and put it on the coat hook on the back of the door.

She decided the bowl was the most urgent needy recipient of her talents and opened the case to retrieve the dustpan and brush and walked over, bent down and started picking up the big pieces of glass before brushing up the small pieces. As she was bent on her hands and knees near the wall to brush up the last small pieces she heard the door to the bedroom open, followed by a swift intake of breath and a "Holy shit!"

Turning round she saw him standing in the doorway looking clearly at the bottom of her dress, with shock and lust in his eyes! She chuckled and turned back round to finish the clean up, then sat back on her heels and gracefully stood up, the filled pan in her hand and asked if he had something she could place the broken glass in. When she received a blank look she asked if he had an old newspaper or cardboard box she could put the broken glass in, then followed him into the kitchen to dispose of the bowl.

She looked around the kitchen and decided that this was as good a place to continue her work, so walked back to the entrance area where her case sat, aware that his eyes followed her every movement, with her swaying hips emphasised by the brief ruffled skirt and heels.

When she returned to the kitchen, Amy asked "Did you get through to your sister Mr Dean?". "The name's Tom, and yes I did", was his reply, "She told me she'd decided I needed the place doing when she came round last week! I told her there was no need, but she said you were", and at this point he cleared his throat, "a birthday present!". He grinned and Amy smiled back, liking the way it made his face look sleepily sexy!

Tom asked her if she wanted any coffee and turned to make some as Amy cleaned the counters and filled the dishwasher with the dirty crockery and cutlery, knowing that he was appreciating the view of her bending over to place the plates in the bottom rack. She grinned to herself and decided to make his birthday treat a little better by teasing him a little, so rubbed her legs together as she was bent over, causing the skirt to shimmy.

When she stood and turned round he was holding out a mug and smiling at her. She took the cup, her fingers brushing over his, and blew gently over the coffee to cool it a little. She took a sip, looking up over the rim at him as she did, smiling at the arrested look on his face as he'd seen her lips puckered up to blow gently. She closed her eyes and moaned gently, feeling the delicious heat of the coffee move through her as she swallowed, and heard an intake of breath. She saw a shuffle from the corner of her eye, and chuckled internally.

She finished the coffee and thanked him, her voice soft and slightly husky, then said she should carry on her work, if that was ok with him, which he said was fine and that he would get out her way. He then went off to have a shower, shave and to get dressed.

After the kitchen, she cleaned the living room around him, as he sat in one of the couches watching some sports event on the television, reaching up high to clean the cobwebs and shelves and bending over the Hoover he had shown he had, stored in a cupboard in the entrance area.

For a man supposedly watching the TV whilst she worked, he watched her a lot, she noticed with a grin, and she played on it, leaning that little bit further, the action lifting up her skirt or pulling on the low neckline of her dress. She knew he was enjoying the show by the amount of times he moved in the seat, or got up to see if she needed any help reaching the high places! On one occasion she passed him in a doorway, brushing against him as she did, and on another she backed up against him, not knowing supposedly that he was there, brushing his groin with her bottom as she did.

This day was turning out to be quite fun, she decided, as she bent over the bath to clean the bottom and heard a choked utterance from the next room!

This left one last room to work on, his bedroom, and she walked toward it with a smile. Opening the door she perused the contents, the dark sheets and black furniture, with the obligatory TV opposite the bed. What wasn't expected was that the bed was a four-poster and very large. She chuckled, imagining the fun he had between those covers and then proceeded to tidy up and dust the room before turning her attention to that bed.

When she bent over the bed to straighten the sheets she heard a noise behind her and turned to see Tom right behind her. What was equally easy to see was that he was very turned on, his breathing fast and his erection clearly visible against his trousers!

He moaned, "For heavens sake Amy, no more teasing, you have got me so fucking horny. Let me enjoy my birthday present, let me unwrap it and play with it!".

With that he took her in his arms and scorched her lips with the heat of his kiss. His arms held her so tight that her breasts were pressed against his chest and his erect cock against her pubis. She returned his kiss with all the passion she could, her hands in his hair, rubbing against him like a cat, and moaning against his lips. His mouth opened and his tongue brushed her lips before moving between and caressing the inside of her mouth.That kiss was one of the most erotic she had ever had, his mouth and lips moving over her face, her neck and down to her cleavage, her breasts straining against the top with the breaths she was trying to catch.

She felt his fingers at her back and heard the zip slide down her back. She took her hands and, stepping back away from him, she slid her arms out of the sleeves, letting the top slide down her body, revealing the black lace bra underneath. Hearing his groan she slid the dress down over her hips and let it fall into a frothy puddle at her feet. Stepping over the dress she looked up to see Tom pulling off his shirt and grinned. He was eager for his present, that was for sure!

She waited for him to be watching and turned round to face away from him, showing the back of her matching black lace thong, and pulled her tights down bending over to remove them before sitting on the edge of the bed to remove her shoes and take the tights off her feet. She then slid her legs apart, looked at Tom, smiled, held out her hand and with a sexy whisper said "Come get your present!"

I shall leave you, the reader, imagining what happened next, with the knowledge that Tom became a very, Very regular customer thereafter!!!


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