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Leo's phone heaven

Short story By: Bethany falmer

Leo is asleep, dreaming of his GF Emma, when he gets a very naughty phone call waking him up!
Is it Emma?
The phone sex to follow was to find out!

Submitted:Apr 15, 2011    Reads: 927    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Phone heaven

Half-waking up in the middle of a very erotic dream of his girl friend Emma, Leo turned over and grabbed at the receiver of the ringing telephone on his bedside table. "Hello?" he said, with a sleepy voice.
"Hello darling", replied a gorgeously husky and sexy voice, "did I wake you?"
"Um yeah", Leo answered, not sure that he'd heard Emma's voice sound like that before, but before he could think to ask who it might be if it wasn't her, she spoke again.

"I'm sorry baby, I was thinking of you and getting very turned on, and I wanted to hear that sexy voice of yours so I could imagine you here touching me! I want to hear that gorgeous growl of yours as I rub my clit, and to hear you moan hearing me fuck myself with my vibrator, to listen you come saying all those dirty and naughty words you like to say when you do!"

Leo still wasn't sure that it was Emma on the other end of the line but the words clit and fuck were fogging his brain with very vivid images of Emma doing exactly those things the last time they had been together, when she had shown him, on his bed with him sat in a chair at its base, how she liked to pleasure herself and make herself come. It had been one of the most erotic things he'd been witness too, and she had certainly given him some pointers to her favourite positions and techniques. He was a very good student and had made her come at least twice more that night using her methods!

Returning his mind to the voice on the phone, his voice very aroused, he murmured "God babes you know how to greet a man!", and chuckled quietly.
There was a gasp from the receiver, a little moan and a whispered, "Laugh again darling, that sound went from my ear right through my body to my pussy!"
He laughed, deep and low and rough, a whimper being her response and a long girly sigh.

Leo could clearly hear the sound of her playing with her pussy, hear the hum of the vibrator and the wet slick sounds of it sliding in and out.
He growled, his erection turgid against his tracksuit bottoms, "Fuck babe, you sound very wet and horny over there".
She giggled and said, "I've had a little to drink at the work party, I had trouble dialling your number too! I starting thinking of you being there with me, looking all dark and mysterious in that black suit of yours, with your hair all tussled and that wicked glint in your eye. I wanted to be naughty and whisper in your ear that I wasn't wearing any panties under my short dress, and the thought of that made my pussy twitch and get all wet. It was as much as I could do to stop rubbing myself against something!"

He groaned, his erection getting harder with every word till it throbbed with the need to be touched, or to be in that hot wet cunt of hers, at that point not even registering beyond a millisecond that he didn't own a black suit.
He reached down and freed his cock from his pants and started to rub it, hearing her little pants, and moans on the other end of the phone line.
She whimpered, and asked him what he wanted her to do for him.
"Take that vibrator and rub it on your clit" was his command, with the effect of hearing her cry out with pleasure as she obeyed.
"Good girl, now tease your pussy lips with it as you tweak those nipples for me, pull them hard, that's a good girl!" he ordered after a minute or so, with a hoarse passion filled gasp and gentle cry from her indicating her compliance.

He told her that he would suck on her nipples, bite on them, then rake his hands down that delectable body, his mouth slowly following those hands, licking her skin, her breasts, her stomach, her groin, her clit.

He told her he'd suck on that clit till she begged for mercy as his fingers ran up her thighs and stroked in and out of that pussy, using one finger to start with, then two and finally three, stretching her, feeling that heat, that wetness that was all for him.

"What a good girl you are. Now take that vibrator and push it inside your pussy turning it on full. Use deep strokes and arch it to the front so it hits your G-spot. I wanna fucking hear you moan, hear you call out my name, hear you beg for permission to come, and you will come, all over my hard cock, as I rub myself listening to your voice as you give me that orgasm!".

She did as he asked, plunging her toy in as deep as she could and he heard her turn the power on full. He heard her scream, and imagined her bucking up and down wherever she was, calling for God as she did, which made him chuckle some more. The sound of the vibrator slickly sliding in and out of that pussy was almost more than he could stand, the wet slide of it moving deep where he wished his cock was right now!

He rubbed harder, caressing his balls too, the whimpers and sighs and moans almost too much for him, horny as he'd been from the dream he was enjoying before the phone rang.

He heard her catching her breath, it getting quicker and quicker, her voice getting higher with every stroke and he knew she would come soon.

"Do you want to come?", he asked harshly, and with her breathless "Yes", he ordered "What do you say? What are you asking me?"

She pleaded "Let me come, oh God please let me come"

He growled and about to come he cried out, "come you naughty little slut, shout my name, who's making you come bitch?!"

"David!" came the screamed reply as an orgasm ripped through her body!!!!

What the fuck did she yell, he thought as he came, grunting, then roaring "Fuck, oh Fuck!", shooting his come all over his hand and stomach.

Who the hell was David?! Holy shit it wasn't Emma!!

What the hell did he say?! Did he tell her that it wasn't David that she had been engaging in phone sex with, and what the hell did he tell Emma?!!

Before he could wade through the thoughts flooding his semi-conscious brain, she whispered with a girly giggle, "Oh my God darling, it has never been that good on the phone with you before, you were fantastic. I'm going to hang up now and go to sleep with the biggest smile on my face! See you at work tomorrow! Goodnight sexy!"

He muttered "Goodnight babe" and hung up, hoping to all the powers that could be that she got pissed again and managed to misdial his number, mopped himself up with a towel, then turned over and started dreaming of two women now he wanted to fuck over and over again!!


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