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Addicted to the dance

Short story By: Bethany falmer

Have you ever been so addicted to something that it's all you can think about?!

I feel that way about dancing. Music flows through my mind at all times, and i catch myself dancing anywhere and everywhere, in the house, the launderette, mentally whilst shopping.

The feeling when you're moving to the music, in the hot arms of the man as he leads you in the steps, his hands brushing against your skin, his body hard against you as he moves against you!

It's enough to make you blush, enough to make you all hot and horny, enough to make you want to rip his clothes off and ravish him!

What follows below is one of those occasions when the music and the moment took control!!

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My name is Emily Grace and i'm a dancer.

Now it's not my profession or career but it is my all time love. i remember someone in a film saying something about if all you can think about when you get up or go through your day is singing, then you're a singer (paraphrasing here i know, but you see my point!). That's how i feel about dancing.

I live for the moments when i can change from my working suit, or casual jeans and top,into a dress or tunic and leggings, put on my dance shoes and move to the latino beat.

For the love of my life is Cuban Salsa.

For those of you who know of it's appeal, I am totally addicted to the way that beat warms you inside and makes your body move. I am addicted to the moves and steps, the way you move sensually against your partner before being spun around and slammed back into him again, his heat and hands on your body filling you with lustful thoughts and needs.

For those of you not so lucky as to see or try the dance, there are online places you can go, (I'm not going to advertise any in particular), where you can see the dances being performed. It is a fast paced latin dance, but unlike the regular salsa dance where there is lots of room on the dance floor to move, with plenty of spins and space in between the dancers, in Cuban Salsa you have to imagine you're in Havana on a packed dance floor, with the heat and the music. Everything is compact, no great flair moves or multi spins, you're in his arms and he's moving you round his body or within his arms!

If I'm very lucky, andI have to admit thatI am every week at my classes,I get the most fantastic dance partners, that lead and control me, having me follow their leads effortlessly on the dance floor, moving me through the Sombrero or the Echiveria con Welto steps (lol apologies for any latin readers there, I'm not fluent in spanish in any way, just in the moves!).

They not only do classes twice a week (four hours of learning, moving, practicing, wanting!), but also dance events where you have a class to start with and then 5 hours of just listening to that hypnotic beat and moving your body whereyou dance partner leads you.

The men can't be weak and feeble to do this dance, they have to be leaders, with strong arms, a great sense of rhythm and the power to be able to lead a woman confidently through the dance steps.

One of those dance partners i'm blessed to dance with is Jose. Oh my life, that man is fit and when he has me in him arms the heat of the lust that flows between us could set the floor alight.

He is delicious to look at. His black skin contrasts so much with my lilly white complexion so that when my hands are on him they stand out so clearly, especially against those muscles he has everywhere. He has the most enthralling chocolate brown eyes and wicked smile. When he rubs up against me and looks at me with that devilish grinI want to throw him to the floor and rip his clothes off!

He stands at about 5 foot 10, to my 5 foot 4 and I know he loves the dance too. He gets into the dance so much that he is sweating profusely when it's all over which when he's sliding against you, is about as erotic a thing as I knew at the time!

We had been dancing in the same class for about 3 months, two hours ofhot and steamy dances every weekwhen the teasing, the caressing, the flirting finally erupted into full blown eroticness.

It was a sulty evening before we even started to dance; you know that kind of weather where the air feels hot and sticky and you're praying for it to rain hard to clear the air, and when the music started the humidity went through the roof.

The anticipation you have waiting for a man to cross the room, hold his hand out for you to stand and take before walked onto the floor is delightful. If you're in the right mood you don't even wait for them to come to you, you cross the floor like a cat in heat and hold out your hand to them!

My feet were already moving to the beat asI sat there watching people around me move onto the floor, whenI saw the hand in front of me, and looked up to see Jose's wicked smile and raised eyebrow as he rocked to the music in front of me. It was like having a PG version of a lapdance to see those hips roll as they did.

Winking at him, and returning his mischievous smile with a teasing grin of my own i place my fingers in his hot palm and rose to my feet. His fingers curled round mine, and turning, we moved to the floor, with our hands joined behind his back as we sought space on the floor.

Finding a small space he turned again, bringing our joined hand hold between us, and taking my into hold he looked into my eyes, said in a gravelly voice, "Ready for the heat?!"

Trying to swallow my tongue asI was, I mutely nodded and moved into his arms with alcrity, anticipating the heat, the fun that was to follow.

We started with the basic steps, backwards and forwards, his arms leading me as we felt the music fill our ears and move our bodies as one. His right hand on my back felt hot and firm, laying as it did over my left shoulderblade, his left hand holding my right up in the air.

Then came all the moves, our bodies almost a blur as he had me move around him, my hand trailing over his body as i did, before turning me into a turn and fetching me back up against him. The laugh erupted from my throat, the grin on both of our faces as we moved to the rhythm, moved as mirrors to each other.

The teasing was there, the slipping from his grasp on one step before he gripped my wrist to stop me doing it again. He had me rock against his back as he danced one step, and I took full advantage of the moment, so rub up against him, knowing that he loved me doing that. The evidence of this was there when he had me slide in between his arms at the next moment and his hips and chest rubbed against mine. When he moved around me, his hand would slide over my body making me gasp as they brushed my breasts or stroked my bottom.

It was a very good thing that the dance floor was so packed, as i'm sure as the dance progressed it would have become clear to anyone watching that we were doing all we could to turn each other on!!

By the end of the dance, after he had kissed my hand and thanked me for the dance,I was so aroused thatI could barely see my way back to whereI had left my drink on the table by the door. I needed some air and stepped through the doorway to the alleyway outside.

Flopping back against the cool bricks of the wall, I closed my eyes and took a deep fractured breath, my whole body humming with need and desire.

As I leant there, the warm breeze not doing much to cool my skin, I felt a body settle against my own and opened my eyes to see Jose leaning in around me, his arms on the wall either side of my head, his face a few inches from mine, looking into my gaze with lust stamped on every feature.

As his breath skittered over my lips, him murmuring "Emily" as he slowly lowered his lips to mine, I gasped, closing my eyes as i felt his mouth touch mine.

I would swear to this day that I felt an electric shock run through my whole body at the action. It certainly pulsed down in my pelvis as kissed me thoroughly, his lips rubbing against my own, his tongue coming out to lick along my mouth and, when i opened my mouth to try to breathe, to plunge inside.

My hands came up from the wall to grip his head, my fingers rubbing over his close cut hair, it tickling my finger tips.

The kiss wasn't enough, every molecule in my body wanted more, and i arched up against him in entreaty.

At the very next moment, i felt myself lifted from the wall and spun round so that when my senses cleared one iota, Jose as leant against the wall and my back was against his front.

His hands moved around me and moved up to caress my breasts, taut against my bra and top, his hips rocking against my bottom, his erection turgid against the small of my back and cheeks. I rubbed back against him and heard him moan next to my ear before his lips took my earlobe and sucked on it gently.

Moaning, I wriggled against him even more and felt the pulse of his reaction at my back and a deep internal twitch was my body's responding call.

I felt his fingers undo the buttons of my top enough for him to slide one hand inside, first over and then under my bra, to cup andcaress my breast, my erect nipple teasing his palm.

I couldn't control the rolling of my hips, squirming as i wasagainst him or the arching of my back so that his hand was filled with my breast asI groaned his name.

His lips and tongue moved, releasing my earlobe with a small popping sound as they moved to nuzzle my neck, licking and sucking on the tense tendon there, making me gasp and wiggle against him even more.

One of his hands moved down over my front, first resting against my stomach as he pushed me against him to feel his hardness as he rubbed up and down against my bottom, then sliding down to cup my groin, his fingers running over the outside ofmy shortskirt to cup me between my legs and feel the heat eminating from my core.

He murmered against my skin, "God Emily, I want you so much, I need to feel that body, that sexy hot body of yours against me. Let me take you home and fuck you!"

I could feel his hand on my groin rub me, creating such a friction as the skirt rubbed against my silk clad clit. Thereactionit elicited from my overheated body was mind blowning. I lost all perspective as to whereI was or even whoI was! I didn't realise at the time that with every upwards rub my skirt was lifting up higher and higher untilI felt his fingers stroke over my panties.

I cried out gently, my body awash with the sensations of having his hands on my body; one hand on my breast, rolling and squeezing my nipple and making me moan his name over and over, and the other stroking over my pussy, pressing my moist panties over my most sensitive areas, pushing me against him, as he growled my name.

The part of my brain that wasn't completely aroused and thinking of ways to tease the man under my grip was in a quandry. Do I fuck him here, hard and fast against the wall in this alleyway, within the reach of the other dancers, with that music rolling around us, or do I walk him to my home and have a night of unbridled lust on my big king sized bed.

I groaned his name and asked if he wanted it now and here, or all night in my bed. After squeezing and rubbing me to distraction some more, one finger sliding under the edge of my panties and slipping inside my sopping wet pussy rubbing me to distraction, he growled that he wanted my bed, as he was going to need all night to fuck me in all the ways he'd imagined, when we'd been dancing over the months.

I wanted him so badly, wanted to have him inside me so much that i managed to turn in his arms to kiss him with all the passion I possessed, one of my hands over his trousers, rubbing the fabric over his erection, making him gasp and beg me to fuck him.

I moaned "Jose, god I want you so much. I want that hot hard cock in me so bad. I need you to fuck me!"

Letting go of each other was one of the hardest things we'd had to do, but we got ourselves under control enough to go back inside, by different entrances of course, to pick up bags and coats and wish the people we knew a good night.

Then it was the quickest, most horny walk of my life home, with touching, and kissing each other up against walls andtrees till finally we reached my home.

We barely got through the front door before he was ripping off my clothes, and i do mean rip, the buttons and seams flying under his strong hands, before he pushed me down on the stairs and fucked me hard and fast.

Now I'd love to say that we're boyfriend and girlfriend now, but that would be an untruth, but whatI do know, and can tellyou,is that we are the best fuckbuddies ever, teasing each other on the dance floor and fucking each other's brains out afterwards wherever the mood takes us.


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