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The Old Man and the "V"

Short story By: benawriter

A man who doesn't feel as old as his age decides to celebrate his birthday in a special way, with the help of a neighbor and his step-daughter.

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The Old Man and the Deep Blue "V"

Terry Raines had been planning his 60th birthday for weeks. His wife, 4 years his senior had long given up on sex in the marriage. She was a great cook but had let herself become frumpy for some reason and was content with ignoring his occasional urges and requests for "attention". He decided that this birthday was going to be special; better than any he had ever celebrated. He prided himself on having kept in shape. At 6 feet tall he was still slender with good muscle tone and still maintained a healthy although rarely called upon libido.

There were three reasons for his elation. One was Connie, his step daughter who worked for an escort service that was suspected of supplying hookers to clients. Terry had confided his dream birthday present to her knowing she would take the hint and ask to be involved. She had always been promiscuous and had teased him on several occasions just to show him that she could make any man hard. At 29 she was stunning with long dark hair and big breasts. Terry used to watch her breasts bounce when she walked out to the mailbox. She had dancer's legs and enjoyed flashing them at men.

The second reason was Natalie, the girl who lived next door with her parents. She was 20 but was so petite that she looked several years younger. She had shoulder length brown hair and small breasts and liked to mow their lawn wearing her favorite red two piece bikini. She had the cutest ass he had ever seen. She worked at an adult store, which was boring. Porn was everywhere on the internet so most of the customers in the store bought sex toys of all kinds.

It was during a conversation over the fence in the back yard one day that Terry boldly asked Natalie why she worked at the store. "The pay is great for doing nothing, I can work what hours I want and still take classes at college, and some of the things I hear excite me." When Terry pushed for more information Natalie shyly admitted that the women who bought cuffs, whips, vibrators, ball gags and blindfolds told her delicious stories of controlling men for their own pleasure and it aroused her.

Although she knew that Terry was almost old enough to be her Grandfather, she listened as he told her of his dream birthday celebration and to his surprise and elation, she asked if she could be involved. He was certain that she could see his heart beating through his tee shirt when he agreed.

The third reason that terry was anticipating his birthday was that he had obtained a new vitamin from his doctor, vitamin "V" - Viagra. He had never used it before but had grand hopes that it would help him be prepared to satisfy his "dates" on his birthday.

His wife was still out of town visiting her sister when the "big day" arrived, but Terry reserved a room at the most expensive hotel in town. Connie and Natalie met him in the lobby. He had already checked in, went to the room and had taken his Viagra by the time he returned to the lobby. They rode the elevator to his room and hadn't been inside very long when the conversation turned to the reason for their being there. Natalie was silent but seemed eager, but Connie took the lead.

"So tell us, Terry, what would you like to do?"

"I'm not sure; I just want to have sex with two women who do everything."

Connie looked at him with some confusion. "Well, do you want us to both focus on you, or do you want us to play with each other to excite you, or do you just want to take turns fucking us?"

"I'm really not sure; and it doesn't matter; I just want to have sex with two women who take control. You know; sort of use me for their pleasure."

Natalie looked to Connie for guidance. "Don't worry, Natalie, I've been through this before; I know what will ring his bell loud and clear. Stand up, Terry."

Both girls undressed him slowly and by the time his pants and boxers dropped to the floor, he was semi hard. The girls left him standing there as Connie began undressing Natalie in front of him. She ran her fingers around Natalie's nipples, and then slipped a finger down between her legs. She lifted the finger to Terry's nose. "Smell how excited she is, Terry."

When he sniffed Connie's finger Terry's eyes got bigger and so did his erection. Natalie undressed Connie, and licked and sucked her erect nipples as Connie watched his eyes. She slipped a finger into her own pussy and presented it to his lips. "Taste me, Terry."

He sucked her finger when she slid it into his mouth and his erection was full blown, veins straining at the skin. Natalie was the first to notice the huge cock, longer and straighter than any she had seen in real life. "Wow, look at that!" she giggled. Connie smiled at him with mischief in her eyes. "Very impressive," she said. "Viagra," he admitted.

"Even better; we can take our time and enjoy it longer," said Connie as she took hold of the knob of his cock and led him to the bedroom. Soon he was on his back as both girls ran their fingers all over his body. His skin tingled and his erection waved before them. Connie was soon hovering over him, dangling her breasts in his face. She let him lick and suck on them, one and then the other, over and over until her nipples were rock hard.

He was enjoying a mouthful of breast when he felt a tiny hand cup his balls. A gentle knowing squeeze on them made his cock twitch in the air. Then another hand grabbed the base as he felt Natalie's lips kiss and then close over the tip. He closed his eyes in ecstasy not noticing that Connie had taken her breast from him. But then he felt her thighs graze his cheeks and her weight settled carefully until his face was nestled against her wet labia. It had been a very long time but his tongue slithered into her and he sensed a familiar taste that made his heartbeat quicken. Natalie's mouth nursed just the tip of his cock for a long time as her hand lightly and slowly stroked the full length of his shaft.

Connie let him enjoy the sensations of her warm juices on his tongue for a while and then moved just enough to direct him to her clit. His lips closed over it gently and at the same time he felt Natalie's mouth slide down his shaft until the tip touched the back of her throat. His body tensed and he moaned into Connie's body. "That's it, baby, get into it, make it yours," she said.

He struggled to focus on his task as he felt Natalie fill her hands with his cock. She pumped him with a steady rhythm, twisting her hands as they moved up and down. Her mouth followed her hands and Terry felt the twinge of a pending climax building in his body. His hands had been holding Connie's legs but he reached up and filled his hands with her breasts. Her breathing came faster and he felt her weight pressing onto his tongue with a purpose.

When Connie's hands clasped his head and pulled him roughly into her sex as she enjoyed her orgasm, Terry lost what little control he had maintained and his seed erupted into Natalie's sucking lips. She moaned on the tip but never stopped her ministrations with her mouth or her hands. He felt the warmth of his cum escape her lips as it cascaded down over her fingers and soaked his scrotum.

He licked his lips as Connie climbed off him. His chin and cheeks were wet from her arousal. Natalie seemed reluctant to give up her plaything as Connie pulled her away and mounted his cock. She settled easily down over it until she felt his wet balls against her labia. Terry could hardly catch his breath as she took over his cock.

Natalie scrambled up to take Connie's place on his chin but facing Connie. Her tiny legs slipped next to his head and when she settled against his mouth her juices nearly flowed into his mouth. She was so wet and ready he went straight for her clit with his tongue. She leaned forward with her hands on his ribcage and raked her pussy across his mouth. She pushed down, rubbing her clit across his chin.

Connie leaned back with her hands on his legs and began jerking her pelvis back and forth. Her movements were doing wondrous things to his captured cock. She rocked on him while Natalie did the same, her cute little ass teasing his nose as she rubbed across his face. Terry had never felt such excitement and yet a sense of calm control as the two women took their orgasms from him.

When Natalie finally came her fingers curled and grabbed at his flesh. Her tiny body pressed down harder and harder as she took the full course of her orgasm. Connie however took much longer, and when Natalie had decided to lie back on the bed, Connie leaned forward and began a whole new assault on his erection. She rode it to the tip and slammed down hard on the base and her inner walls did things to his cock he never imagined.

Terry took it all, waiting for her to take it from him and when she did, Connie's body convulsed against his and her breathing turned to panting. When she at last stopped, sitting atop him, he was amazed and pleased that he had not come yet. He never had such control before, especially when his cock was so hard.

Both girls climbed off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. He leaned up on his elbows and asked politely, "Are we done?"

To which Natalie replied, "Not by a long shot, sweetie; come join us in the shower."

(Note to readers: based on feedback I can/will continue this if requested. Thanks - <Ben)


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