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The Old Man and the Blue "V" - part 2

Short story By: benawriter

Terry continues his birthday celebration with Connie and Natalie.

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The Old Man and the Blue "V" Part 2

(Please read the first part)

Terry had never felt so physically satisfied and yet aroused at the same time. When he went into the bathroom he was glad that he rented a suite. It was larger than he had ever seen with a sunken tub and a huge separate shower in the corner enclosed in glass. The shower had a built in bench against one wall. The girls were already in the shower and Natalie motioned for him to join them.

Since Connie was his wife's daughter from a previous marriage he didn't feel that sex with her was incestuous. His suspicions were confirmed that she would easily go along with his birthday wish. Natalie from next door looked younger than she was and consequently did not have many dates because guys thought she was underage. Terry had a feeling she would welcome the freedom to enjoy sex with someone who recognized her as being mature enough to make her own decisions.

When Terry entered the shower, Connie pointed to the bench. "Sit down and watch us, Terry," she said.

Sitting on the bench, Terry had a very close point of view as the girls lathered their hands and began to wash each other's bodies with just their hands. Nipples quickly hardened and so did Terry. He decided that he might ask for a prescription for Viagra after all.

Natalie took a long time washing Connie's round tits and soon she slid a hand down between Connie's legs. Connie did the same and suddenly they were pressing breasts to breasts with their hands snaked between their bodies. Terry was still rock hard and waiting for instructions. The girls were kissing and moaning, writhing against each other, soap suds everywhere on their bodies.

Finally they separated and Natalie reached out her hand to him. He joined them as they twirled around under the shower, rinsing off. Then they stood at his sides and lathered their hands again. Natalie washed the front of his body, rubbing the soap into his chest and abs. When her hands reached his genitals her slippery hands fondled his balls and slid along his hard shaft. Connie worked her way down his back, skipping past his buttocks to wash his legs, and then returned her hands to his ass. She worked a soapy finger between his cheeks and to his surprise his cock responded as her sharp fingernail threatened his sphincter.

Terry was not sure what to do with his hands but the girls soon relieved him of that worry. They spun him around under the shower to rinse him off and turned off the water. Without even taking time to dry off they pulled him back into the bedroom and all three tumbled wet and dripping onto the bed. The girls took turns kissing him and running their hands over his body until he was panting with excitement and need. Connie's tongue was searching his mouth when he felt Natalie's lips slide over the end of his shaft. Her mouth made love to his cock sensuously and he moaned into Connie's lips.

Connie leaned back to snatch something from the bedside table. "I love what your tongue can do to me, but right now I need a cock and since Natalie has claimed yours, I'm going to let you help me out with a little friend I have."

She showed him a penis shaped dildo but he was confused as to how he would be of any help. That is, until she placed the base of it in his mouth. "You just lie there and hold this tightly in your mouth and let me use it a while; then we'll try something else."

Terry lay there astonished with the plastic phallus gripped firmly between his teeth as Connie straddled him facing Natalie. She carefully inserted the tip between her folds and eased herself down over it, sinking fully onto its length. As her buttocks spread to caress his nose Terry looked up her back, still speckled with water drops from the shower.

As bizarre as this seemed, he admitted to himself that seeing her rise and fall on this thing so close to his face was extremely effective; his cock pulsed with life inside Natalie's warm mouth. Then Natalie's mouth abandoned him and was quickly replaced with her wet pussy, sliding, capturing him almost to the hilt. Connie's hands pressed on his ribs as she moved faster on the dildo, now very shiny with her juices.

Natalie had obviously worked herself into a pleasure zone of her own having sucked his hard shaft; she wasted no time in matching the moves that Connie used on the dildo. Terry suddenly registered the sensations of both women's bodies touching his and their moans and motions excited him unexpectedly. As Connie's pussy continued to come crashing down on his face, Natalie's was pulling at his cock with every stroke.

Terry came with such force that he expected Natalie to pop right off his cock but in fact the feel of his hot cum rocketing into her only fueled her desire for more. She leaned back with her hands on his legs and pumped his sensitive cock mercilessly. He stayed hard and struggled to breathe as Connie bore down on his face in the throes of her own orgasm, grinding and attacking the dildo.

When Connie finally eased off the dildo, Terry could see that she was sopping wet. He pulled the dildo from his mouth and surprisingly asked her, "Could I taste you again, please?"

Connie clambered up onto his chin, smiling down at him. "Of course; I never turn down a man who wants to eat me."

Connie settled her folds against his lips and as he extended his tongue he closed his eyes and felt Natalie's pussy wrenching his cock as she came, digging her fingers into the flesh of his legs. He savored the sticky warm wetness that his tongue gathered and his erection swelled even more. He almost chuckled to himself with his mouth buried in Connie's warm flesh, "I'm going to buy some Viagra stock tomorrow; this is fucking awesome!"


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