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The Mystery Revealed

Short story By: benawriter

Tags: M/f, Oral, Sex

(Please read the first chapter, "The Mysterious Letters" - this is the follow up story.
Jim discovers who sent the letters and a wild time ensues.

Submitted:Jan 21, 2013    Reads: 1,165    Comments: 10    Likes: 7   

The Mystery Revealed

Saturday morning when Jim went to the lobby desk at the Parke Hotel, the desk clerk mentioned that a lady had already obtained her key and was waiting in the room. Jim was mystified but pleased that she showed up. In the elevator he began to wonder if he should have been so bold about expecting sex. What if she is too old or even worse, too young? What if she is unattractive? He quickly dispelled the latter because she had mentioned in one of her letters that she had seen him looking at her body.

When he opened the door to the hotel room and stepped in he could detect a hint of her perfume. Damn! Shalimar, his favorite. He knew someone who wore that all the time. He stepped into the living room and his suspicion was confirmed. Standing by the window looking out, dressed just as he requested was Michelle, the co-owner and wife of Mike at "Mike's Almost Café." That was the "M.W. - Mike's Wife!"

"Michelle! I can't believe it's you who sent the letters. It was driving me crazy; why did you send them?"

"You've become so close to Mike and me, coming in the café almost every day that I began to pay more attention to you. You're kind and considerate, sweet and very funny and so positive all the time."

As she spoke she moved closer until she and Jim were face to face, and she placed her hands on his chest and spoke softer. "And then I began to look at you in a different way, wondering what it would be like to be with you….in bed. Mike is impatient, selfish and a prude when it comes to anything other than the missionary position."

"But, Michelle, you're married and…." Jim began.

Michelle interrupted: "I know, but I've seen you look at me, Jim, and I've noticed how your eyes linger when I flash my legs. I have needs and desires, Jim, some very primal needs and I want to do decadent things that disgust Mike. His idea of foreplay is putting on a condom."

She pressed her body against his and took his face in her hands. Her lips brushed his as she whispered, "I can feel your cock, Jim, and I know you want me. I want you to ravage me, any way you want. I want to do nasty things and come over and over. I want to feel your cock in me everywhere and I want to taste you."

Her lips found his and he responded. Suddenly they couldn't get enough of kissing and touching each other. Her arms went around his neck as his hands gripped her buttocks. Her hips pressed tightly against his erection. Her lips were soft and demanding. Her breath was as sweet as honey. When he broke their kiss he confessed to her, "Dammit, Michelle, even just kissing you is killing me. I've dreamed of your mouth so many times, your lips wrapped around my cock."

"Yes, Jim, that's what I want; make your dreams and mine real."

"Michelle, you don't understand; I'm talking about rough sex, not just licking and sucking."

"Then do it, Jim; anything you want, please. That's what I want, to be used to really satisfy your lust. Foreplay can wait until another time."

Jim was overwhelmed with desire now. Here was this woman he had yearned for, whom he had dreamed of fucking who was seemingly at his mercy, and voluntarily. "Lie on the bed with your head here at the corner of the mattress," he instructed. She moved quickly, eagerly as he unzipped his pants.

He was hard and fully erect and when he finally managed to extricate himself she was on the bed waiting. He stepped close and she opened her mouth in anticipation, letting her head slip slightly down off the edge of the mattress. Jim eased into her mouth and she closed her eyes and held on to the backs of his legs. He bent his knees, slipped his hands under neck to support her head and began thrusting into her warm mouth.

Her tongue bathed the underside of his shaft as it moved in and out. The unexpected situation was extremely arousing and her boldness encouraged him to release his desire upon her. He forcefully fucked her mouth, almost gagging her in the process but she did not protest or move to dissuade him in any way. When he came her mouth held him like a wet vacuum until he was spent.

When he finally pulled free, Michelle closed her mouth and sat up. Jim watched her as she gulped, licked her lips and smiled. "Oh my God that was so good. Would you fuck me like that; fast and hard?"

"I'll do anything you want. This whole situation is pretty baffling to me. Hot as hell, but baffling."

"Then will you let me have one of my fantasies first, before you fuck me?" she pleaded.

"Anything you want, Michelle."

She stood close to him again and kissed him softly on his lips. When her lips parted and her tongue snaked into his mouth he was hesitant but did not pull away. The odd taste of the remnants of his sperm was still on her tongue. He pulled away slowly and she smiled a devilish grin at him. "Someday I'd like to tie you down, suck you off and make you eat your own cum. Would you let me do that?"

"Damn, Michelle; you're really into some kinky shit aren't you?" he asked.

She laughed and pushed him playfully down on the bed. "Lie down where I was; it's my turn."

He carefully tucked his penis back into his pants, zipped up and lay down on the bed. She stepped over him, straddling the corner of the mattress, lifted her skirt and bent her knees. As he had instructed, she wore no panties. When she lowered herself to his face the smell of her sex was even more intoxicating than her perfume. The soft wisps of hair on her labia were wet with her juices as she settled down on his mouth.

His tongue instinctively probed her as though searching for something unknown inside her. The sensation of his tongue in her pussy excited Michelle and she tried to take it deeper by pressing down harder on his face. Jim was in his own world of exhilaration; the taste he discovered made him erect again almost instantaneously.

Michelle noticed his penis straining inside the crotch of his pants. She leaned forward, unzipped his pants and finally managed to pull his penis free. She was delighted to see him hard and ready again. When she had leaned forward with her hand on his chest, the focus of Jim's tongue moved to her clitoris. She began to rock back and forth on his tongue, and he realized what she was doing.

Jim lay still, determined to let her take her pleasure and Michelle rocked and rocked, grinding down harder as she neared her orgasm. Her fingers gripped his shirt tightly as she came, rocking faster and jerking against his face. Jim was so excited that his penis drooled precum down the shaft. As her climax subsided he rolled over and pulled her onto the bed. She was going to get the fucking of her life.

The familiar ring of her cell phone filled the room and they both froze. Michelle dove for the phone. "Shit! It's Mike; his text says the auditor is there to check the books. I told him I would be shopping but I'll have to get back down to the café. Fuck!"

"I'm gonna have to sit here a few minutes to calm things down, but go ahead." Jim said calmly. "I'll come to the café later and maybe we can talk then and plan another date."

"Good because we have to finish this. It was wonderful, Jim, but I want so much more."

"I do too, but we'll have to be careful. But thanks for sending me those letters, Michelle. You're like a fantasy come true."

They embraced and kissed again, and she responded. "And you're a dream come true, Jim."


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