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The Mysterious Letters

Short story By: benawriter

Jim receives enticing letters froman unknown woman and decides to challenge her to force her identity.

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The Mysterious Letters

Jim Gleason sat at the counter of "Almost Mike's Café" as he did every morning before work, discussing politics and/or sex; usually the latter. As he mulled over his coffee, Mike ambled down the counter and stopped opposite Jim.

"What's on your mind today, Jimmy boy?" he asked.

"I got something weird in the mail yesterday, Mike, here…take a look at it," he answered. He pulled a crumpled envelope from his shirt pocket and handed it to Mike. Mike struggled a minute but finally got the typed letter free of the envelope and read it silently.

"Dear Jim,

I saw you at the bus stop yesterday before you left for work. I noticed that you looked lonely and sad, maybe even depressed. I know how taxing a bad romantic relationship can be. I just want you to know that I am here for you, at least on the written/typed pages. I would do anything I could to help relieve your worry and stress; you're a wonderful man.

I have had fantasies of making love with you, Jim, and I wonder if you have ever thought that way about me? I would satisfy you any way you wanted, Jim; I'm a great lover and I love sex. If I met you at the bus stop someday, would you "take" me on the bus, Jim? Would you pull me to the back of the bus, rip my panties aside and torture me with your fingers? I'd love that, and I'd pay you back, Jim.

Lust and love to you,


Mike handed the letter back to Jim. "Who is "M.W., Jimmy?"

"I have no idea, Mike; this just came in the mail out of nowhere yesterday. The return address is a post office box. I've wracked my brain but I don't know anybody with the initials "M. W."

"What are you gonna do about it?" asked Mike.

"I sent a short answer back in the mail to the p.o. box this morning on the way over here. I asked her who she is and why she sent me the letter, but it's driving me nuts."

"Well, let me know what happens with it, okay?"

"Sure, Mike, I will."

Three days later Jim received another letter in answer to his. He realized right away that such a quick turnaround in the mail meant she was local. He opened and read it immediately.

"Dear Jim,

I received your letter, and I assure you that you already know me. And somehow I know that you've dreamed of being with me as I have dreamed of being with you. I have watched you stare at my tits when you think I don't know it, and your eyes have wandered between my legs many times, mainly because I purposely arranged and allowed it.

I watch you board the bus every Saturday morning after you run in the park. I've waited and hoped to see your cock pressing against your sweat suit. I know it's a beautiful cock, Jim. Would you do me a favor? This weekend, before you board the bus, rub your cock until it's good and hard. Let me see how big it is before you get on the bus. Would you do that for me, Jim? Please?

Lust and Love,


The next day was Saturday. Jim was not sure how he wanted to proceed. Where could she be if she could see him getting on the bus to go to work and after his workout run at the park? When he boarded the bus to go to the park he looked all around to try to determine from where she might be watching. He had no clue.

When he finished his run and stood sweating and panting at the bus stop, he had about 10 minutes before the bus should arrive. Again he looked around, making a 360 degree turn and still could not determine how she could be watching him. But somehow the idea of it aroused him and when his hand touched his erection he intended to suppress his arousal, not to enhance it.

As the bus rolled up to a stop, Jim tried to hide his excitement with his hands and he quickly boarded the bus. He took the closest seat and crossed his legs, trying to form non-sexual thoughts. When he got off the bus near his apartment he rushed to his building and was still aroused when he slammed the door behind him. What was he to do?

He knew that this could go on forever, her taunting him mysteriously. To save his sanity and to flush her out of hiding, he sent her one last letter:

"M.W. - does that stand for "Mysterious Woman?" Whatever it stands for, whomever you are, this letter is to let you know that I will not open any more letters from you. If you want me and if you think that I want you, I challenge you to meet me this Saturday morning at the Parke Hotel at 9 a.m. I will leave a message at the desk for you in an envelope marked "M.W." telling you what room I will be in. Wear a dress revealing your cleavage and your legs and wear nothing under it. Heels would be good but do not wear stockings or pantyhose.

Be prepared to spend the night, and be prepared to satisfy me sexually for all the teasing you have put me through. You can expect to be sexually exhausted by the time I let you leave.

Your choices are simple; show up or shut up.


(To be continued…..)


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