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The Fishing Lure

Short story By: benawriter

Brian finds a surprising distraction while on vacation to forget his divorce; Reggie finds the biggest catch ever!

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The Fishing Lure

The tattered wooden sign nailed haphazardly to the front of the old shack by the bay read simply, "Fish with Fisher". Brian walked up the wooden steps cautiously, wondering if the frail looking porch would give way with his 6 foot 6, 220 pound frame. It did not, and he knocked on the door.

He had traveled a thousand miles to do some serious sea fishing, partly to try a new sport and also to escape some personal tragedy. When he drove into the small town on the bay, he wanted to find someone who could provide the best fishing trip with gear, privacy and a guarantee of a good catch. Then he found a barber shop and thought to himself, "A town barber (or even a hair stylist) knows everything and everybody, don't they?"

The local barber, Mr. Cutler (of "Cutler's Clippers") was busy talking to a fat fellow in the chair but quickly answered Brian's question.

"Check with Fisher, out on Baymont Road. Reggie is a little pricey but guarantees satisfaction; nobody's ever complained that I know of."

After he punched the address into the GPS in the Jeep he bounced along Baymont Road and found himself here in only 15 minutes.

Nobody answered the door. He peered around the building and then scanned the area. A SeaRay Sundancer was tied to the pier nearby. He noticed the name on the stern, "Reggie's rowboat," so he wandered over to it, and yelled out.

"Hey! Anybody there?"

"Hold your water; I'll be right there," came the reply, a woman's voice. A stunning red head stepped out from the below deck, her hands on her hips. Her faded denim shirt was out with the shirt tail ends tied around her midriff, baring her navel and tanned skin. Short, tight denim shorts advertised her tanned thighs. She looked as though she was being interrupted.

"What can I do for ya?" she asked in a soft southern drawl.

"I'm looking for Reggie Fisher; I want to take a fishing trip out into the bay today. Have you seen him?"

"You're looking at him; I'm Reggie Fisher. A trip on short notice is $300 an hour, 5 hour minimum."

"That seems a bit much, even on short notice," he contested.

"Fuel is expensive, and I promised someone I would make his birthday special, but he can wait until tonight if you've got the money for a trip today."

"Done. My name is Brian; nice to meet you, Reggie. All I want today is some solitude, bobbing out on the water somewhere away from people, and whatever I catch you can keep or throw back; I just want to clear my mind of a few things."

"Works for me; haul your tall ass aboard and we'll head out; the boat's ready and so am I."

As they were heading out the channel a few minutes later toward the open waters, he watched her movements at the helm. He was dressed in a yellow pull over golf shirt and tan slacks. She smiled at him, obviously amused at his choice of clothing.

"Aren't you gonna burn up in those golf clothes when we get out there? You should have brought something cooler." She chided.

"I'll be fine; what about you? Won't you get too sun burned?" he asked, staring at her legs, noting that they were fine looking legs.

"Generally once the customer gets set up to have their fun I either sleep down below or sun bathe on the foredeck. When there are 2 or 3 people, then they usually keep me busy helping them, and I like to work on my tan."

They cruised out into the bay for about 45 minutes until there was no land in sight. The sun was warm on them, even though she had opened a tarp over the stern so his seat would be in the shade as the boat drifted around. She dropped anchor and once he had his gear set up and bait nearby, she went below.

When she emerged a few minutes later she wore a two piece dark blue bikini, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. From behind her mirrored sunglasses she saw him staring at her breasts and she smiled and stood still until his eyes found hers. He smiled sheepishly.

"You gonna be able to focus on your pole, Brian, if I wear this bikini on the foredeck?"

"I think my pole will take care of itself, especially if I focus on that bikini." He retorted.

She smiled and reached out a hand to him.

"Let that thing bob a few minutes; come over and I'll let you rub my sunscreen on me with those big beautiful hands. Can you handle that and maintain control?"

"I will certainly do my best, but you've got a great body, Reggie; I might have to rub this stuff in for a long, long time."

They climbed onto the foredeck and she put a huge beach towel down. She unhooked the top and then the bottom of the bikini and tossed them down, and then she lay down on her stomach on the towel. Brian was astonished at how comfortably she bared herself.

"Okay, big boy, show me how good you are with your hands."

Brian took the vial near the towel and squirted some lotion into his palms. As he rubbed it into her shoulders, he started a conversation.

"How did you get into this tourist fishing business?"

"My dad did it for years and I used to help some, and when he died I took it over, changed the name on the boat. He left me enough money so I could live on my own and keep the fishing charter."

Reggie was amazed at how relaxed her muscles were from the pressure of his hands. Soon they were rubbing down the center of her spine. He massaged circles into her lower back.

"So, what's your marital status; married, boyfriend, um….girl friend?" he asked with a laugh.

"No, no and NO!" she answered, laughing with him. Brian's hands began massaging her calves and working up past her knees.

"Well, you mentioned something about a commitment today, and you didn't call anybody. I would suspect that somebody is going to be disappointed when you don't show up."

"It's not a serious relationship, and he understands my business may delay things sometimes, but he also knows I'm worth the wait."

Brian's hands were now pressing into her upper thighs and buttocks. As though to demonstrate her trust and/or lack of fear, Reggie spread her legs apart, allowing him more freedom. While one hand continued to massage her rump, Brian boldly slid the other between her legs and under her until his hand cupped her mound. He had to admit that she had a really fine ass.

They were both quiet for a long time, and even as his hand pressed into her, she showed no response. However, Brian was aroused and beginning to feel the stirring in his slacks. He stood and removed his clothing as well.

"Back side is done; turn over." He said.

Reggie rolled over, seemingly ignoring him. He could not see her eyes behind her sunglasses but he was sure she was checking him out. He worked out often, ran two miles daily, and his body was taut. He looked down at Reggie's body, glistening slightly in the sun against the towel underneath her. She had bigger breasts than he had imagined. She was indeed looking at his body, and although she wasn't one to care about size, this fellow had very impressive equipment.

Brian's cock was beginning to enlarge as he knelt next to her on the towel. She could see that his attention was focused on her mound of red curls. He began rubbing her shoulders and arms.

"So, Brian, what do YOU do? And is there a Mrs. Brian?"

Brian's hands moved quickly to her breasts, massaging them with both hands. "I own a small distribution business, mostly pharmaceutical products, and Mrs. Brian is now ex-Mrs. Brian, and that's all I'd like to say on that subject, if you don't mind."

Brian stepped over her legs and knelt between them. His hands touched the sides of her hips and Reggie decided to "test the waters" with him. He wasn't particularly handsome, but he had gentle hands and a very impressive erection now.

"I won't pry, I was just curious. And you must be curious, too. You haven't been using any lotion since I turned over and you've been staring at my crotch. Haven't you ever seen a red haired pussy before?"

Brian was a little embarrassed but smiled and tried to remain composed. "No, as a matter of fact, I never have. It's fascinating, very feminine and enticing, I must say."

By now his hands had slid down over her stomach. One hand rested atop her thigh and one cupped her red pubic curls. He was about to slide his thumb between her folds when she interrupted him.

"Well, forget the fishing gear over there for a while and satisfy your curiosity. What do you suppose a red haired pussy might taste like, Brian?"

Wordlessly he slid his hands under her, grabbed both cheeks of her ass in his hands and lifted her hips up into the air. He pulled her forward easily, her legs sliding over his shoulders and cradling his head. She was looking up at him as his face pressed into her.

She quickly concluded that Brian was no novice at oral stimulation. He didn't just dive in like most guys who were horny enough to do it as required foreplay to get a fuck; he actually worked her pussy with his lips and tongue; he wasn't just getting a taste of it, he was eating it, and she loved it.

A slight breeze blowing across the foredeck cooled her skin as Reggie relaxed and let Brian enjoy himself. His tongue probed her, seemingly searching for something unknown, making slow deep stabs in and out. He nibbled and sucked on her labia and her excitement grew until she needed more. Damn! He was good with his mouth!

When Brian began licking her clit, she knew he was going for it; he deliberately licked it hard and slow, drawing her along, controlling her body's excitement. It had been several weeks since she had a mouth down there, and she decided to take advantage of his enthusiasm. He seemed in no hurry and she willed herself to hold off as long as possible. She knew that whether or not he made her come, he was going to have the smoothest fuck of his life; she was oozing wetness down his chin.

Brian's ex-wife never liked oral sex, even as foreplay, so he considered this a sexual treat. His cock was loving it as much as his tongue. Reggie's legs bent and her heels began tapping on the back of his shoulders. He decided to see how she liked being sucked. His lips captured her wet little pearl and sucked it gently into his mouth. Her thighs clamped against his cheeks, her eyes clenched shut and she yelled for the world to hear.

"Oh, fuck!...Don't stop, don't stop….oh fucking yessss……oh….oh….easy, don't stop…keep going….oh, yeah, Brian, suck it babe, just like that…..damn, I'm gonna come againnnnnn! Ohhhh!"

Her hands reached up to grab his hair to ensure that he did not move from her pleasure zone until she was finished. When her body slumped in his hands, he eased her down on her back and climbed over her on his hands and knees.

He kissed her passionately and she wrapped one arm tightly around his neck, holding his mouth hard against hers. Her other hand snaked down between them and found his erection, the biggest she had ever held in her life.

She broke their kiss and he began kissing her neck.

"God, Brian, that was freakin awesome; I really needed that. I know you need something too, but I've never…um…"accommodated" someone of your size before. I can suck you off or top ride, whichever you would prefer; would that be okay?"

"I've had some women try to…"accommodate" me and for a couple who were too enthusiastic it was painful. Friction is friction, and I'm so aroused I won't last very long anyway so my dick will be delighted with anything."

Reggie rolled him over on his back and knelt between his legs.

"Then lay back and let me return the favor. But I want to warn you that before this trip is over, or maybe later, I would really like to ride this bad boy."

Reggie wrapped one hand around the base of his massive cock, and the other hand on top the first. The engorged head peeked out from her fist on top. His entire shaft was wet from precum he had leaked while eating her. She pumped her hands slowly up and down, just touching the crown. True to his word, Brian's breathing indicated he was very close to orgasm and she would either allow or deny it.

She teasingly pumped her hands slowly until Brian moaned. Then she stroked it faster, pounding her lower fist into his groin on the down stroke and squeezing the shaft on the upstroke.

"Look at me, Brian. Look at me when you come."

She put her mouth to the huge crown and could feel it throbbing against her tongue as she swirled it around and around the tip. It didn't take long.

"I'm gonna come, Reggie….Oh…..OHHHH….I'm GONNA COME!"

Reggie closed her lips over the head of his cock, sealing it with her mouth as his sperm jettisoned into her mouth in huge hot spurts. She never blinked; she just stared at him. When she was certain he was finished, she slipped her mouth off him, swallowed his load, licked her lips and winked at his shocked eyes.

"Damn, woman, you're incredible!" he gasped.

She crawled up to his side and kissed him as he had kissed her.

"You haven't seen the best of me yet, babe; wait until later. Why don't you go check your fishing gear? I don't know if YOU caught anything, but I think I've caught a big one!"


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