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Do You Like This?

Short story By: benawriter

Here and now depiction of taking my female partner as she has long requested.

Submitted:Mar 11, 2013    Reads: 4,784    Comments: 12    Likes: 11   

Do You Like This?

I'm so glad that you agreed to let me have you here, naked, restrained and ready to participate in my sexual experiment means a lot to me. Nothing equals the feelings I have for you, the joy observing the passion that you exude whenever you release yourself to my control. This will be my best effort yet, to take you to such sensual heights and to make you ride the crest each time until you whimper with need, moan with abandon and scream out your pleasure.

I realize that hanging you like this with your arms up and your wrists tied over your head may be tiring after a while and I will keep that in mind. But see how your breasts ride high and offer themselves to me? Do you like this? You will, I promise.

As I slip this blindfold around your head and cover your eyes, please be patient. Keeping you in darkness will enhance the feel of my hands and mouth as they traverse around your body. Can you tell already how exciting this will be?

The shackles around your ankles will keep your legs separated for me as you dangle there in the air before me. You can touch the floor with your toes if you stretch, but it won't move you away from my touch. Do you like this? I know I do.

Gently my hands sift through your hair as my lips touch your ear. Nibbling around its edges I settle my teeth on the lobe to suck it. Mmm, I can smell the hint of perfume you left behind your ear. My teeth graze your lobe and I see you bite your lower lip. Do you like this?

My face hovers a fraction of an inch from your skin as my lips move towards your mouth. I know you can feel my breath as my lips approach yours and you turn your head to find my kiss in your darkness. My lips brush across yours and quickly descend to that soft sweet spot in the hollow of your neck. Ahhh…another hint of perfume. So….you've left me hints of where you would like my lips, perhaps even my tongue? You naughty thing! Shall I admonish you or shall I reward you?

My mouth sinks into your warm throat, tasting the sweet blend of your perfume and your flesh. The tip of my tongue trails in a slow wet path until I reach your other ear lobe. I suck on it hungrily until I have your undivided attention. Quickly my mouth descends upon yours as my hand seizes the back of your head to press you firmly against my lips. Your mouth opens to accept my darting tongue but I quickly withdraw, leaving your mouth open and wanting, your frown evident of your disappointment.

I stand closer to you and my hands touch your torso just below your breasts. Slowly they glide upwards, separating, my palms flat and aiming for your breasts. Just as my hands reach and fill with your breasts my lips touch yours, trapping your gasp within. I feel the vibrations of soft tiny moans as my lips maul yours in a sensuous kiss. My fingers find and pinch your erect nipples until your breathing increases. When my mouth slips away from yours, you moan softly, "Oh, God…." (Do you like this?)

Watching your face I continue to pinch and twist your nipples in my finger and thumb, pulling on them, stretching your breasts outwards from your body. You bite your lower lip again but do not protest. Do you like this?

My mouth seeks that sweet realm of softness beneath the fold where the breast rests against your skin. After releasing my hold on your nipples I lean in and press my face against the bottom of one breast, running my tongue under the breast, and then licking circles around the flesh until my tongue flicks across the nipple. Your breathing is in long gasping breaths now, your head tilted back. Sweet.

The thing that pleases me most now is having control. You expect me to suck your nipple, or perhaps to attack the other breast similarly. But I am the one in control. Dropping silently on my knees between your legs I press my face to the inside of your upper thigh and run the tip of my tongue towards your inner core. My nose detects another hint of perfume on your thigh. How exciting it is to me that you would want my mouth here.

The change of venue surprises you and you wiggle against your binds as you gasp in anticipation. I shall not disappoint you, but your pleasure will be on my terms. Slowly I ease a finger into your labia, testing your wetness. My, you are sopping wet, my sweet slave. Gentle probing and stroking pleases you as my finger searches for that special spot, deeper and deeper. A second finger joins the first and your mouth drops open. I can sense a tense change in your thighs as my fingers probe and twist, pressing deeper and pulling you apart as they withdraw. Do you like this?

There is no reason to rush, and for many long sweet moments my fingers please and torment you until your face contorts into that special look of satisfied anticipation and you enter the pleasure zone. "I'm coming….!" You softly moan, as your pussy eagerly welcomes my fingers.

Even as you wade through the throes of your first orgasm, my fingers continue their quest for a long time, gently probing and when I remove them I stand and slide them into your open mouth. Instinctively you close your mouth and I feel your tongue washing your juices from them, sucking hungrily. When I replace them with my tongue and kiss your mouth, your tongue searches my mouth. You're on fire. Do you like this?

Returning my lips to that neglected breast, I begin greedily sucking as much flesh as possible into my mouth. My tongue lashes that erect nub inside my warm mouth. The feel of your softness within the confines of my mouth arouses me so.

I am so hard. Soon we will both enjoy the bliss of coitus, our bodies straining against each other in a blinding need for fulfillment. But I have yet other things on my agenda. Kneeling between your legs once more, I use my fingers to peel back your fleshy folds exposing that sweet object of my desire; your aroused clitoris. That shiny wet little pearl pulses and begs for attention.

Your breathing increases yet again as you sense my breath nearing your clit and my mouth captures the soft protective hood. I suck it gently into my mouth and your clit peeks out, seeking my tongue. As my mouth gently sucks your flesh my tongue washes over your clit in tiny circles, teasing, pleasing and coaxing for a very long time. Was that a trembling I just felt in your thighs? Could you have possibly come already, my sweet slave?

My hands slip up under you to hold your buttocks and I begin to rock you to and fro. As your body tries to pull away I suck harder, and as I press you back into my face, my mouth consumes you, and my tongue flashes quickly across your clit.

Digging my face into your warmth I feel your juices on my chin and I yearn to back away, to bury my tongue inside you and drink your very essence from you. But I can feel your body begin to shudder, your thighs straining to hold my face in place, your buttocks tightening as you close in on another orgasm. Do you like this?

Do you like being in my power, feeling me taking my pleasure by giving you pleasure, by controlling your orgasms? My cock throbs with need. The smell of your heated sex, the taste of you, the feel of your body responding sends my arousal into overdrive.

Again I stand, cupping your face in my hands as my mouth finds yours. You feed on my lips hungrily, your tongue licking my lips, delving into my mouth, your lips sucking my tongue as you moan with abandon. My hands grasp your heaving breasts again, squeezing and kneading them roughly as my mouth consumes yours, chewing on your lips, biting your tongue. I am so hard; can you feel my erection tapping against you?

Dropping to my knees one more time I press my nose into your sopping wet folds and slide it up across your clit as my mouth follows. My tongue dips into your pussy for a brief taste of you; nothing tastes as sweet as an aroused woman. As my mouth captures your clit again my fingers reenter your wetness. I hear a soft moan, "Oh, God…please…."

This time the tip of my tongue flicks across your engorged clit, teasing, taunting as my fingers pound up into your body. My other hand rises between your legs and presses between your buttocks. A finger invades your sphincter and pushes until you feel my fist at your entrance. As my fingers rush into your pussy, I withdraw the finger from your ass. Then as I plunge the finger back through your tiny rim, I withdraw the fingers from your womb. My fingers work alternatively probing your orifices as my tongue swirls around your clit, ever faster until your voice rings out…"I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!"

Music to my ears. Do you like this?

Suddenly my lips and fingers abandon you and I stand before you. Moving into your frame I touch the tip of my cock to your folds and you gasp…waiting….wanting…..ready. Can you feel how hard my cock is as I press the tip in and just run it up and down your labia? Can you feel my precum coating your clit?

The lust on your face arouses me. The sight of your hard nipples and heaving breasts is awe inspiring. The smell of your sex still on my face enrages my cock and it pulses with need as never before. Easily the tip slips into you and your lips part as you sigh with relief; at last. Yes, at last my sweetness, you will feel the full length and girth of this massive erection you have helped to create.

Slowly, teasingly my hardness invades you, pushing, stretching, and fulfilling you. Your mouth hangs open as a silent moan forms on your desperate lips. Lifting up sends me deep inside your wetness. Your walls react and seemingly welcome my thrust. Bracing myself on my feet, I reach behind you to grab the tight tensing cheeks of your ass. Leaning close I press my lips to your ear to whisper my intent.

"I'm going to fuck you now. Hard. Very hard. I'm going to take your cunt and make it mine. It might hurt, or it might feel wonderful, but either way you'll love it."

My hands slap against your ass cheeks smartly, hard enough to sting and leave a hand print. Your cunt clenches on my cock. Ah…do you LIKE this? I grab your ass and jerk my hips back and forth, sending my shaft ripping into your body. You moan….painfully or blissfully? "Oh God, Oh God!" I pump my cock up into your quivering cunt as fast as I can until I see tears roll from under the blindfold as you cry out, "Yes……don't stop….YES……fuck me, OH FUCK ME!"

I stop abruptly and cover your gasping mouth with mine. I can feel myself pulsing inside you, the urgency rising faster than I had planned. I must come soon. I lean back and watch your face as again my hands slap both cheeks of your ass and your body jolts. You bite your bottom lip. Taking your hips in my hands I ride the waves of need and thrust into you again and again at the risk of losing control myself. Soon I am rewarded for my efforts when you come, hard. Your quivering body shakes against the binds, your thighs tense against me as I lunge into you over and over again, taking you past that crest of pleasure and down the other side. Do you like this?

I know what you need; what you crave. Gently I withdraw and leave you shuddering and dripping. Quietly I unlock the shackles on your ankles and remove them. I loosen the winch and lower your body to the floor. You settle onto your knees, your head down although your arms are still fastened over your head.

"Lift your head," is all I have to say and you instinctively tilt your head up and knowingly open your lips. Slowly I feed my slippery shaft between your lips and you lean forward, consuming as much as you can. I feel the tip touch the back of your throat, just as you like it. Running my fingers through your hair, I grab fistfuls and already I can feel my sperm boiling inside me, ready for release.

Holding your head still with my fists I begin fucking your mouth. The heat of your mouth, the softness of your lips and the feel of your tongue under my shaft is delightful. You have asked for this so often; I should have acquiesced a long time ago. Your cunt is so tight and giving but your mouth is even hotter as you suck with all your might.

My eyes are closed as I feel that inevitable surge, the few short seconds when I know I will come and cannot avoid it; that powerful, excruciating feeling that is like no other. And just as it erupts like lava from a volcano I pull free from your sucking lips and my sperm sprays across your mouth and chin. You lick it from your lips and suck it into your mouth as the next wave splashes onto your chin and cascades down onto your breasts, covering a nipple.

You smile as I reach up to unlock and release your wrists and gently take you into my arms. Your arms slide around my neck as I pick you up and your face turns to mine. Gently I brush my lips across yours in a tender kiss. As it ends you smile again and whisper to me, "Let's go shower, and then it's my turn."


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