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An unscheduled stop yields an unexpected encounter.

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Along my Way

The traffic was fairly slight as I drove south towards Atlanta for an interview with a prospective employer. I had just crossed the Georgia state line when I noticed that I was nearly out of gas. I had been so engrossed in the comedy channel on Sirius that I neglected to monitor the gas gauge. I took the next exit and had to drive almost 3 miles to the nearest gas station, which was actually an out of the way convenience store with gas pumps outside.

The place looked almost abandoned, and the gas pumps were really old; the kind that you pumped the gas and then paid inside. There was no slot for credit cards. I pumped the gas until the tank was full and then went inside. Near the counter I noticed a stack of lottery cards. I jotted down some numbers and took it to the clerk at the counter to pay.

She was tall with long blond hair and dynamite blue eyes, but it was a cinch that she never won any local beauty contests. She had a blue chambray shirt on with the tails out and tied in front. If cleavage could be measured in distance, she couldn't get out of sight. A sensuous set of lips were wasted sucking on a cigarette. But when she stood and turned to put my cash in the cash register behind her, I noted an admirable set of legs and a tight looking ass in her jean shorts.

When she gave me my change, she asked in a slightly southern drawl, "Anythin else, mistah?"

"Yes, ma'am, where can I wash the gas off my hands?" I asked.

"Ovah theah is the men's room," she said, pointing to a door in the corner.

A few minutes later as I stood washing my hands in the sink, the restroom door opened and she came in, walked over and leaned against the sink counter facing me.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Closed the stoah; it's been a slow day anyway." She replied.

She unbuttoned her jean shorts and let them drop to the floor. She was naked underneath the shorts. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my pants and shoved them to my knees, along with my boxers. She pulled a condom out of her shirt pocket, and looked up at me.

"You just wun the lottery; care to collect your prahze?" she asked in a raspy voice. She tore open the package and slipped the condom into her mouth. The sight of it was enough to awaken my cock and she knew what to do with it.

She slipped her mouth over the end of my cock and holding the condom firmly in her lips, she unrolled it down over my full length. By the time my cock was sheathed, it was rock hard. She jumped up on the counter top and slid her butt to the edge.

It wasn't as though I needed sex, but those parted legs and that wet blond patch between them was pretty inviting, considering how long I had been on the road. I stepped closer and she reached down to coax me with her hands. Within seconds she was pressing my erection into her.

She was surprisingly tight and it wasn't long before I knew I was coming. She had been leaning her head against the mirrored wall with her eyes closed as I pumped in and out of her. Just as I feared, I came in a raging spurt, not sure if she even knew it. When I pulled my glistening cock free, she reached down and tugged at the condom until it came free. She tipped it upside down and pinched it with her fingers, letting my sperm drip into her mouth.

She tossed the empty condom in the sink next to us and sneered at me.

"You Yankee boys taste awl right, but you don't last long. Is that the best you can do?"

Not to be insulted for my bruised ego, I pressed my cock back into her wet pussy, grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed into her with all my might. I yanked my hips back and forth stroking her with such force that her head banged against the mirror. She seemed undaunted and put a hand between her legs, rubbing around her clit in circles and moaning "yeah, that's it, that's better…go for it, Yankee boy."

Although incensed I was turned on and in a matter of minutes I knew I would come soon. I pulled my cock free just as it splashed a respectable load of cum on her belly. She had been moaning as her hand rubbed herself with a flurry but I had no idea if she had come yet.

As I pulled my boxers and pants up over my slick and flaccid cock, she scooped up my cum with her fingers. As I left the restroom I looked back and she was licking her fingers, seemingly content and satisfied.

I let myself out and drove away, making a mental note to remember the exit number off the interstate I had taken. You never know when you might need an oil change or a lube job.


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