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A Stalk in the Park

Short story By: benawriter

Tags: Het, Sex, M/f, Stalking, Tatoo

A shy guy gathers the courage to approach a girl he knows and secretly has desired.

Submitted:Jan 22, 2013    Reads: 2,741    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

A Stalk in the Park

The wind whipped the collar on his jacket and slapped his ears as if to punish him for being there. He stood silently behind a huge oak, waiting patiently, his hands shivering in his jacket pockets. Guilt hung on his mind like a cement cape on his shoulders. What was he doing here? The answer was simple; to see HER.

Every day she walked through the park, a short cut from her work to her apartment. Today he would wait for hours if necessary; he had planned this for too long to postpone it. She was worth it, and he had finally worked up the courage to do it.

Suddenly he saw her in the distance, coming down the path bundled in her long dark blue winter coat, a black scarf wrapped around her face covering her nose and chin. Her shoulders pinched her neck as she struggle to pull her head into her body for additional protection from the wind. The wind caressed her hair, ruffling it like gentle hands.

He slipped out from behind the tree and began walking toward her, slowly closing the distance. He watched her eyes until she looked up from her path to see him staring at her. He smiled hoping to put her at ease, and she immediately recognized him. "Ben? What are you doing out here?" her muffled voice asked.

"Waiting around hoping to see you, of course," he admitted

"But why? It's so cold out here!" she said as she pulled her scarf away from her mouth.

"Because I was hoping that we would get together somewhere warm today and spend some time together," he confessed.

"That's sweet. Then come along home with me; I have something to show you." She said, clasping his hand in hers.

They walked out of the park and a few short blocks to her apartment building. In the elevator she gave him a devilish smile, "I've been dying to show this to someone; I can't wait!"

When they were finally inside her apartment she quickly abandoned her heavy coat and scarf and her warm boots. Ben barely had his jacket off as she continued undressing until she was wearing only her black lacy bra and panties.

"Sit down on the sofa, and let me show you; I want to see what your reaction will be," she exclaimed.

He sat down, recognizing the stirring in his pants that would soon lead to a full erection. She stood between his feet, turned around and bent over slightly, presenting her rounded panty clad behind before his astonished face. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down over her hips until they were below her thighs. On her right buttock was a small tattoo of a little devil, holding a pitchfork and smiling. Even as he stared at the new tattoo, Ben could smell her sex emanating from between her legs. She leaned around to look behind at him and asked, "Do you like it? It's still a little sore there but I wanted a tattoo and this seemed to be "me" - what do you think?"

He smiled at her and put a palm next to the tattoo on her buttock. "I think it's cute, and you really are a little devil." He leaned forward and kissed her buttock next to the tattoo, then again on the other side of it, then under it. She softly whispered, "Mmmm that feels good; I'm glad you like it…."

He kissed all over her buttock and then moved his lips across her dark crevice to the other buttock. She stood perfectly still as he slipped his hand between her thighs and touched her mound with his fingers. She spread her legs and leaned further forward. He slid two fingers easily into her wet slit and she not only allowed it, she pressed against his hand. His fingers played the game that she loved, spreading her wetness up and around her clitoris, touching her just hard enough and long enough to make her want more.

He felt her hands reaching between her legs, spreading herself and he unzipped his pants. She stepped away from him briefly. "Take them off, quickly; I'm ready for it…"

He stood and with one quick move shoved his pants and boxers to his ankles and kicked them away. He pulled her back against him and aimed his erection between her thighs. Her fingers tucked him deftly into her pussy and she pressed back against him. Grabbing her hips he sat down on the sofa, pulling her with him. As they dropped into the seat cushions, she swallowed his shaft and it reached into the very depths of her wetness.

She gasped and leaned back against him. Her fingers played with her clit as they sat linked tightly together. His hands toyed with her breasts and nipples until she came. Her contractions on his cock, deeply embedded in her were wonderful. She leaned forward with her hands on his knees and began working her hips back and forth.

Rather than riding up and down on him she was using her hips to jerk back and forth, and he bounced around inside her wet walls. It touched her g-spot over and over and the grinding of her wet pussy against the base of his cock was overwhelming. Ben tried to relax and fight the feeling as long as he could, but when the final moment came and he knew he was going to come, he warned her…."Can't hold out any longer….it feels too good…."

It was as if she was waiting for his cue for her to come as well….when Ben grunted and his cock sent rockets of his sperm into her clenching pussy, she jerked her hips faster, grinding her body against him even harder…"hold still, I'm almost there…" she cried.

When her orgasm finally rolled through her body, her hands squeezed his legs, digging her fingernails into his skin. He could feel her warmth working his shaft, drawing on it, pulling, and sucking the life from him. He let her body take what she could until she was satisfied. She leaned back against him again, sighing heavily. "Oh God, that felt good!"

He nuzzled the back side of her neck a few minutes until she lifted off him and turned around, straddling his lap on the sofa. Her wet thighs pressed against his soaked penis. She pressed her body tightly against his as his arms reached around her waist. Their lips finally met, warm and still trembling wit desire.

After a few minutes of very passionate kissing Ben looked at her, seriously…"Damn, you're so exciting and you have an awesome body!"

She gave him a quick peck on the lips and still straddling him, stood up on the sofa…"and I've been told it tastes pretty awesome, too……"


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