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Tags: Sex, Sofa, Mirror, Anal

Zoe and I continue the next day

Submitted:May 26, 2012    Reads: 2,693    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Zoe, Jess and I sat on my sofa and finished our drinks. We had just finished our first threesome and I had already told them that I would quite happily do it again, even though, deep down, the one I really wanted was Zoe. Suddenly Jess's mobile rang - she grimaced and looked at the screen "Shit, its work". She stood up and walked into the kitchen, talking urgently into the phone. Zoe looked at me and winked, saying "They always do this - whenever she has a day off her boss wants her in - probably wants to bend her over his desk again." I must have looked surprised because Zoe laughed "Jess likes to share herself with all, but her boss thinks that she is his, and only his". "Well does that mean you'll be going as well?" I asked, running my hand down Zoe's arm, feeling her soft skin under my fingers. Zoe looked at me and shook her head - "I hope Jess has to go" she said "I want to have you all to myself".Her hand stroked my thigh, her thumb just touching the bulge in my shorts.

Jess emerged from the kitchen "Sorry, I've got to go. He wants me in like yesterday" Catch you both again soon." She leant forwards and kissed my lips hard, then did the same to Zoe "Don't you two get up to anything I wouldn't" she chuckled as she let herself out. Zoe looked at me and smiled "Thank God she's gone - now I can really get to know you." So saying she began to unzip my shorts. "Hmmm, someone's excited" she said, slowly teasing my hard cock with her fingertips. "Let me help you" I replied and slowly undid her bikini top - I was getting to be an expert with it - then easing my hands to her tits, cupping and stroking them, feeling her nipple harden again against my palms.

Zoe had released my cock and had begun to stroke it, from tip to base, her tongue wetting her lips, as she slowly slid her fingernail along the slit in my head , making my cock twitch with pleasure and expectation. I pinched her nipples, watching as they reddened under my touch, Zoe was biting her lip, trying to keep herself from showing how much she was enjoying this. I slid Zoe's bikini bottoms from her and pushed her back onto the sofa, our lips met and we kissed, our hands exploring each others bodies. Zoe opened her legs and then groaned as the tip of my cock touched her pussy. "Fuck me" she said "Fuck me so hard". I slowly pushed myself into Zoe's welcoming pussy, feeling her muscles grip, and then, release me as I entered her.

I slid my hands under Zoe and knelt between her legs, my cock still deep in her wet cunt. She lay there with a look of deep pleasure on her face "Oh yes, now fuck me " she whispered. Not needing a second invitation, I began to slide in and out of her, my balls slapping against her ass. I began to take her harder, timing my fucking to her gentle, but insistent sighs. Zoe raised 2 fingers to her mouth and began to suck them, her fingering entering her as my cock pushed deeper into her, the she rubbed her wet fingers against her nipples - teasing them to harder peaks.

I began to rub her clit with my thumb, watching her as she began to writhe against me' taking my cock deeper. Thrusting harder into Zoe I leaned forwards, my hands resting either side of her head "I'm going to fill your cunt with my cum" I said. Zoe turned her head and placed a kiss on each of my arms before telling me to cum. "I want you" she said "So much". At this, my cock shot its load of hot cum into Zoe's welcoming cunt, as I came so did she - her orgasm ripping through her.

We lay on the sofa in each others arms, our bodies temporarily drained. My cock shrinking in Zoe's pussy, drowning in our juices. "That was good" said Zoe "I want more" - a smile forming on her lips as she watched me. "Let's go upstairs" she said. Easing off the sofa we stood - she looked at me again then kissed me, her hand sought my cock. Taking it in her firm grip she lead me upstairs. "You're getting hard again" she noted as we reached the bedroom - "so what shall we do now?" she asked. "This time" I said "This time I'm in charge". "Oooh masterful" Zoe replied standing before me with her hands on her hips, her tits standing proud and her pussy glistening with the juices that were slowly running down her thighs.

I pulled out a chair from by the wardrobe and placed it in front of the full length mirror, Zoe looked at me and I told her to lean on the back of the chair. She obeyed - her arms resting along the back, her legs spread, her glorious tits swinging gently as she breathed deeply, expectantly. I stood behind her and slowly stroked her pussy - then pushed 2 fingers into her wet cunt beginning to finger fuck her, my fingers seeking her sensitive spots, giving her pleasure as she stood before me. Opening her legs wider to give me more access Zoe began to moan with pleasure. My fingers increased their speed, Zoe's juices running freely now as she bucked against my hand "Oh God, please fuck me , fucking take me. Let me be your cumwhore" she groaned as her legs began to quiver - "Ram your cock into me, pleeeeease"

I eased my fingers out and replaced them with my cock - pushing into her cunt. My fingers moved to her ass and I began to moisten her rim with her own juices. "Hmmm yes" she whispered "That's so good". As my cock fucked her cunt, my fingers slide into her ass - slowly widening her tight hole. then I pulled from her cunt and eased my cock into her ass , my hands gripping her hips as I began to fuck her. In the mirror I could see her tits swinging. her face tightened as I fucked her anally. My cock thrust hard into her, my balls hitting her thighs, my fingers pushing deep into the flesh on her thighs. "Fuck Zoe, I'm cumming" I shouted as my balls tightened and my cum erupted into Zoe' ass.

We both collapsed onto the bed - holding each other close - our sweat merging, like our juices. Finally I had got Zoe all to myself ... and I didn't want it to end.


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