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...with a twist

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Tags: Wet, Sex, Doorway

Meeting Zoe form work we go for a meal - then home ... with a twist

Submitted:Aug 31, 2012    Reads: 2,155    Comments: 1    Likes: 4   

I had arranged to meet Zoe after work, having had an easy afternoon myself I was waiting outside her office block early, as the sun was shining I had dressed in a thin cotton shirt, dark trousers and patent leather shoes.

I sat on the bench waiting, watching the world go by. I heard footsteps behind me and, before i could turn around, hands were on my shoulders, pulling my head back against a female chest. Lips pressed against me, kissing my head. And Zoe's voice said "Hello stranger". Moving round to join me on the seat Zoe put one arm around my shoulder, pulled me to her and kissed me full on the lips.

My eyes drank Zoe in, from her dark hair, her silky black blouse, buttoned just far enough to suggest the wonderful breasts beneath, probably a lacy black bra restraining them, her pencil thin black skirt falling just above the knee, revealing a great pair of legs, finishing off with a pair of black shiny 5 inch heels. "Hi" I said "You look absolutely stunning". Smiling Zoe kissed me again, this time her tongue slid between my lips, responding we kissed long and hard for what seemed like an age.

Finally parting, we stood, Zoe smoothing her skirt, taking her hand we began to walk across the town square, the sun warming our faces. After a short walk we arrived at the restaurant, we were shown to our table and we chose our food. The wine arrived, two large glasses of red, and we quietly chatted about our day. The food came and we both ate, conversation was sporadic as we enjoyed it. Halfway through the meal I felt Zoe's foot stroking my leg. She looked me directly in the eye and whispered "I want you. I've felt so horny all day, thinking about seeing you tonight. What's your wife doing?" "She's having a quiet night in, with Jess" i replied; Zoe chuckled "It won't be quiet then".

We continued to chat, both of us looking to the time of love making that we had planned, knowing that Jess was next door, Zoe suggested that we go back to hers, making the most of the 'peace and quiet'. As we walked to the car the sky darkened, and within minutes rain was falling, getting heavier, soaking both of us. Zoe's blouse was so wet that it was sticking to her body, revealing the contours beneath, and the fact that i was wrong in my previous assumption, Zoe was NOT wearing a bra, her breasts and nipples were sheathed beautifully by the wet material.

Looking round I saw a shop doorway that seemed large enough for the two of us. Pulling Zoe in we stood, watching as the rain fell, soaking those unlucky people without protection. Feeling Zoe shivering, I began to rub her wet shoulders with my hands. Zoe snuggled in against me, her bard nipples pushing against my shirt. I lowered my head and we began to kiss. Holding each other close, body heat attempting to warm our damp clothing, out mouth moving frantically against each other. I felt Zoe's hands move from my back, easing their way to the buttons of my shirt, unfastening them - her hands as eager as her mouth. My hands found her wet blouse, unfastening the buttons, I eagerly found her breasts - cupping them feeling the warmth from my hands against her damp flesh, my fingers seeking her nipples. We continued to kiss whilst our hands explored each other.

Zoe's hands went to my trousers, easing my belt lose, then unzipping , before allowing them to drop around my knees. Next her hands were tugging my cock out of my boxers, they themselves falling to meet my trousers. Her hand stroked me, bringing my cock harder. My hands slid down to Zoe's waist, then lower, pulling her skirt above her waist - where it bunched like a thick black belt, my hands cupped her buttocks, feeling where her thong slid between her pert cheeks, I lifted her - instinctively Zoe's legs wrapped themselves around my waist, before I eased Zoe down - my cock sliding effortlessly into her moist pussy.

Pausing to ensure that I was perfectly balanced, Zoe was kissing and nuzzling at my neck, already enjoying the sensation of me penetrating her, i whispered into her ear "I want you Zoe - so much." Zoe's only reply was to groan "Fuck me, fuck me now".

Slowly at first I started to rock, gently easing my cock in and out of Zoe - feeling her muscles grip and release me - building my momentum until Zoe was receiving a fuck to remember. Zoe was whispering into my neck, "Yes, yes, deeper please". Needing no further invitation, I positioned us so that Zoe was leaning against the wall of the doorway, her nipples leaving hot trails across my chest, as her pussy was filled by my erection.

Ignoring the people who were hurrying by in the rain, the occasional person looking into the doorway but scurrying off when witnessing Zoe and myself, I pumped my cock into Zoe, by now she was leaning back, hair falling between her shoulder blades, her tits bouncing in time to my every thrust, nipples standing proud - hard and sensitive - joined at the hip by the penetration of my hard cock. Murmuring "yes,yes please",Zoe rode me , quivering as ripples of pleasure flooded through her body as she came, her juices flooding her wet cavity, lubricating my cock, before escaping to run down her thighs.

Groaning, I felt my balls tighten, my cock harden, as with a final thrust I began to fill Zoe's pussy with my hot cum. Fucking her some more we continued to move together until all our juices had been delivered. Lifting Zoe and easing her to the floor we stood and looked at each other, smiling like guilty teenagers, i eased her skirt back down and fastened her blouse, for her part, Zoe bent down and eased my boxers back up - taking the opportunity to give my cock a quick kiss and a little suck - looking up she said "Later" with a wink. Re-zipping my trousers she fastened the buttons on my shirt, before sharing a long hard kiss.

As we left the doorway, we both stopped, turned and waved.....

at the security camera which had recorded everything.


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