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anew Home, A new neighbour, and a sexy welcome

Submitted:May 18, 2012    Reads: 3,216    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

I arrived outside our new house, the removal van minutes behind - my wife still at work over 100 miles away.

My job was to get everything sorted out - after a fashion - and start getting settled in, my wife joining me in 2 weeks time. so best get down to work.

2 days later and the house was liveable - still got lots of boxes storeed in a spare bedroom - but the main things were unpacked and in their rightful place.I'd even had a few visitors - neighbours making themselves known and a few friends. The phone was working, the computer hooked up - what more could I need? So there i was at 3 in the afternoon sat reading a book with some music playing in the background when a shadow crossed the window - another visitor - I'd only just got rid of the last one - an elderly neighbour who wanted to tell me about everyone and everything - especially about the girl who lived alone next door. " You better watch her" she'd said - "a new man every night. Lowers the tone of the neighbourhood."

Anyway I got up and went to the door - to be confrinted by a stunning girl, probably about 23 with medium lentgh blonde hair and a figure that made me want to howl at the moon.She smiled as I opened the door and said that her name was Jess and that she lived next door. I invited her in and closed the door - taking the opportunity to give her body a quick once over look - she was wearing a vest top which hugged her hreasts closely - her nipples obvious against the material. and a pair of shorts that finished halfway down the cheeks of her pretty pert ass.

As my eyes followed her body she was looking at me, a smile playing on her lips. "I presume that old biddy from next door has warned you about me" she said, "and yes I do sunbathe naked" I must have smiled at this because she said "Its OK she tells everyone who moves onto the street about me" I asked her if she wanted a drink - wine, beer, soft drink - she asked for a soft drink saying that she liked to keep her wits about when welcoming new neighbours, with a wink. i smiled realising that she knew I'd been eyeing her up. As I went through to the kitchen she sat herself down in a chair, her shorts clinging tightly to her figure. I passed her her drink and sat opposite her on the sofa. "So what's the neighbourhood like?" I asked She smiled and replied that it was nice, quite and had just improved - I looked at her and she smiled - "Its alright" she said "Iknow you're married. The grapevine has got round on that already, even down to you being all alone for 2 weeks until she moves down to be with you" i must have looked surprised because Jess laughed and leant forwards "Don't worry she said - most people know all about you already".

I smiled and said that I had better behave in that case. She looked at me and slowly knelt on the floor "But do you really want to, I've already caught you looking at my 'assets'" she said "like to see more?" as she said this she slowly lifted her vest top over head, revealing her large tits, the hard nipples surrounded by a dark aureole. She looked up at me, then reached out, grasped my hand and slowly put it on her tit "You like?" " I like" I said then began to pinch her hard nipple, pulling it away from her tit and watching as it strete=ched and reddened.

SHe groaned and tilted her head back as she slid her hand into the top of her shorts. She then looked at me "Lean back" she said, "let me really welcome you to our area". Jess then reached out and began to unbutton my jeans sliding them down revealing my boxers covering my rock hard erection, it was only 7 inches but was hard and veined. Lowering her head she kissed my tip, slowly runnin =g her tongue over the top of my glistening cock - her tongue swirling the pre-cum that was beginning to ooze out "Fuck Jess - suck me" I groaned as I pushed my cock towards her mouth, opening wide she begin to suck my erection, her tongue licking as she began to suck me off. My hands were playing with her tits, her nipples rubbing against my palms. Her hand was undoing the zip on her shorts and pushing them down her thighs whilst her mouth was keeping me content. then once she was naked she sreleased her lips and stood up, her shaven pussy shone with her wetness, she pushed me back onto the sofa and slowly straddled me. Her hands on my shoulders as she slowly lwered her pussy onto my cock, it sliding between her lips until she had taken my full 7 inches deep into her cunt. "Welcome" she said as she began to ride my manhood, her puccy sliding up and down my length, her muscles gripping me as she moaned, tossing her head as she fucked me. " Jess" I groaned " Jess I'm cumming" - at this she began to fuck me harder - her tits bouncing in front of my face, her cunt sucking me deeper into her until with a groan I beagn to cum. My hot cum filling her cunt - at this point Jess also came, her juices flowing over my cock. We held each other as our juices mixed. Then smiling she climbed off me, collected her clothes and looked at me " Same again tomorrow?" she said.


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