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The Maiden of the Skies

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Returning from holiday alone I find a new body to fuck

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I gently eased my cum drained cock from Suzette's tight ass.

As I left the muscles tried to contract and bring her cock widened ass back into shape, her hole making a slight popping sound as air rushed into it. Slowly a trail of my cum ran from her, before dripping onto her lower legs, as she knelt on her bed.

She groaned and shuddered as she fell forwards, her head resting on the pillows, her freshly fucked ass and dripping pussy pointing to the ceiling, her breasts flattened on the bed, "Fuck that was good" she said, "will I see you again?"

I sat beside her, pillows supporting me, "That's up to you babe. If you want more of what you've just had then I'll be pleased to give it you", she turned to look at me and smiled, her face red from the exertions of the last few hours, "God yes" she said "I want thart again .... and more".

How do I do it I wondered. Only a year ago i had moved house and met blonde stunner Jess, then I had met her dark haired friend, and my fuck buddy, Zoe, now here I was with a complete stranger - I had only discovered her name as we had frantically piled into the cab from the airport - having met on a flight from Brussels.

I had been away on business for 3 weeks, the contract signed and sealed in my briefcase - it had been the longest period of abstinence from sex I'd had for a year. Zoe had stayed in England, unable to come with me due to work commitments, Jess was still screwing my wife in their lesbian lovenest. i'd had a text from Zoe saying that she wouldn't be able to come and meet me at the airport as she was flying to Edinburgh with work for 3 days. So the abstinence was going to continue, on the flight back I'd even considered going into the toilets and masturbating myself off at 20,000 feet.

That is until I saw the cabin crew ... the team of 2 (they didn't need any more on the 45 seater jet) were stunning. Claire was a red head and from Ireland, and she filled out her uniform well, and she knew it. To the passengers, consisting mainly of tired business men, she was enough to make even the sleepiest member stand tall and proud and take interest.

But it was Suzette who caught my eye, she was short - only 5ft 2 inches tall, wirth an hourglass body that accentuated her figure rather than making her look too short. She had short brown hair, bright blue eyes, full lips and a dimpled chin, when she smiled her face light up. Her breasts filled out her uniform blouse, pushing against the light blue material, before drawing into a slim waist, before widening for a skirt that was filled by a lovely pair of hips, leading down to tanned slender legs. The other guys were all flirting with Claire, ignoring Suzette... or perhaps realiising my interest in her, they were leaving her all to me.

We ahd chatted as she had first served newspapers, then the snacks. My eyes making no secret of how I felt about her, and if she had looked at my crotch, she would have found that my cock had hardened at just the sound of her voice. Whenever Zoe phoned me ... which wasn't often - especially after she had phoned and I missed her calls ...so she hadn't heard my voice, but then when we spoke she knew how her voice was turning me on. With Suzette, one word from her delicate mouth and my cock had twitched - then every word thereafter had served only to intensify the hardening need in my trousers.

As the flight went on Claire and Suzette had sat in their seats at the front of the plane, chatting to each other. Occasionly one or the other of them, or both at the same time, had turned and looked in my direction, Suzette's eyes sparkling as she did so. Thinking that this 'in-flight' entertainment would end when we landed, I resigned myself to the fact that yes, I could still pull women, but this was one time where it would go no further. As Suzette came down the aircraft collecting any rubbish she leant forwards, her lips gently brushiong my chhek as she lightly kissed me, and her fingers slid a f opiece of paper into the breastpocket of my shirt. Stunned I sat and watched her pert bottom move back to its seat. My fingers slightly shaking reached up and pulled the paper from my pocket. reading it i smiled, my cock standing to attention and a feeling of warm happiness spreading through my body. Written on the paper were the words.....'Entrance hall, 50 mins'. I felt eyes upon me, looking up I saw Suzette watching me, I smiled and nodded. Then prepared to gather my papers and disembark.

Having finally got through customers and collected my holdall, I made my way to the airport entrance, finding an empty seat i sat and waited... hoping I wasn't making a fool of myself. No I wasn't, i watched as Claire, Suzette and the pilot and co-pilot walked through the hall. Suzette was wearing a knee length fawn coat, belted at the waist and buttoned practically to the neck. upon seeing me, she siad farewell to her colleagues and came towards me. I stood and she linked her arm in mine and said "Right where are you taking me?" "I thought the airport hotel would be best" I replied "My car is in their car park anyway". We hailed a cab and were there in 10 minutes, Suzette keeping her coat buttoned up all the time, clinging to my arm and smiling at me. As soon as we entered my room she turned and locked then door. "I don't want any interrupions whilst we get to know each other" she said, and ordered me to strip and lie on the bed. Eagerly i responded to her instructions, laying there with my cock standing proud .. waiting expectantly. She moved to ther bed and kicked off her shoes before climbing on with me, and standing above me - staring deeply into my eyes. Her hands slowly undid the belt then began to seductively unfasten the buttons, holding her coat tight around her she winked... and shook the coat from her shoulders ... revealing her naked body underneath.

I stared at her body, from her tits, tipped by hard dark nipples across her flat stomach to her flared hips, divided by her shaven pussy. Smiling once more she lowered herself down until her pussy lips were just brushing the pre cum soaked tip of my cock, balancing herself , she began to rock - her pussy slding across my tip before she lowered herself onto my hardness. Her wet pussy taking me deep inside her. Then settling she began to fuck me. Riding me she rose up and down, her hands cupping ehr tits, her fingers playing with her nipples,my hands held her hips as i bucked in time to her movements. We fucked like this until she groaned, looked me straight in the face and started to moan ... her groans growin in intesity and volume as she pleasured herself on my cock, until she finaly could take it no more and screamed as she came to her orgasm, her juices flooding her pussy and running down my cock.

Collapsing forwards, she said "Right, that's taken the edge off it ... let's fuck .... oh by the way, my name's Suzett.Now let's fuck".

I rolled her onto her back and we kissed, my hands exploring her body, finding that her nipples were as hard as bullets, her stomach was muscled and toned, and her pussy was tight, and when she reqached orgasm she nearly broke my fingers such was the pressure her well muscled cunt could inflict.

"I want your cock in me " she demanded, "take me, fuck me" she said. And lifting my hips and sliding my cock into her, that's just what I did. Her cunt gripped my cock as it fucked her, bringing me to ejaculation quicker than normal, but when i did cum, i came harder than i had ever cum in my life. My hot sperm filling her cunt, easing the tightness with my own lubrication, I fucked her a while longer before pulling my flaccid member from her. "Have a rest" she said, "we're going to fuck each other so hard".

Her lips closed around my cock, and as she encouraged it back to life her fingers tickled my balls , before she was suckign me for all she was worth, her mouth as tight as her cunt, bringing me off quickly, swallowing everything I had to give.

Until finally we reached the point where this story started, and I was fucking her ass. For a short girl she sure could fuck - and i knew that I was going to be seeing more of this fuck machine..................


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