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My wife's present to me

Short story By: bemycumwhore

My wife gives her ass as a present

Submitted:Jan 6, 2014    Reads: 1,053    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

My wife, Jess and Zoe had scattered around the house, I had showered following my wake up call and, whilst looking forward to a restful day, was still feeling horny. I dropped my towel to the floor and entered the spare bedroom …. my hard erect cock standing proud before me.

My wife was laying face down on the bed, her large breasts flattened against the sheets, her legs slightly opened, the tight puckered hole no longer tight, clearly showing where less than an hour before, she had been penetrated by a large dildo, her virgin ass having been spread by Jess's toy.

I stood and looked at her, laying there, her ass gaping, and I knew that I wanted to take that ass for my own. In all our years of marriage, she had refused to try anal sex, claiming that it was 'dirty' then as soon as she finds a woman to love she gives her ass to a 12inch black dildo, expertly applied by one of my lovers.

I walked to the end of the bed and admired the view, despite her age she still had good legs and a fuckable body. Kneeling on the bed, I placed my hands on her buttocks. Slowly I began to massage them. My wife stirred, then groaning with pleasure at my touch she opened her legs wider. "Mmmm, that's nice Jess", she murmured, "Do it some more". I smiled - she thought I was Jess - time to give her a surprise. I moved forwards and positioned my cock at the rim of her hole, then, with a gentle push I eased my hard cock into her. "Surprise" I laughed as her gaping ass accepted my length easily, my wife stiffened, which only succeeded in sending pleasurable ripples through me as her ass muscles gripped me, "I'm claiming my birthday present from you" I said as my hands held her hips and I began to fuck her. "You bastard" was all that she replied, but I noticed that she didn't try to fight her reactions to being ass fucked - to the contrary, she began to move her body in time to my thrusts.
Lifting her body slightly, she allowed me to get a better fuck angle, and with her alternately gripping and releasing, we began to go for it. My balls slapping against her as I plumbed her hole, my cock filled it but not as well as the dildo previously, however she wasn't complaining, and was responding well to being fucked anally by the real thing.

Groaning she had moved a hand underneath her writhing body, and I guessed she was rubbing her clit as I fucked her. As if to confirm this, the sheet below her suddenly darkened as my wife orgasmed against her hand, sending floods of juices squirting from her pussy. "Fuck me, please" she whispered, "Cum in my ass".
Teasing her, I pulled out of her, and just as she was going to give vent to here disappointment, I rolled her onto her back. Her pussy was still leaking juices, theny ran down and lubed her hole, I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders and lifted her off the bed. Then I entered her wide ass again, my cock rubbing against her passage, then I started to fuck her again. Once more she pushed 3 fingers into her cunt seekingher special spot whilst her thumb found her clit. Then as her fingers swirled inside her and her thumb rubbed her hard button - I fucked her welcoming ass. Looking down at her as her fingers made wet sounds inside her, her juices leaking out - coating my groin with her pleasure.

Pulling her harder onto my cock I begin to build to a climax - "You're going to get your ass filled with cum" I told her "And then I suspect you'll want Jess to fuck you again …or to lick your ass clean, won't you" My wife was too far gone to argue …she was building to her second orgasm in 10 minutes, all she wanted was to feel my semen filling her hole.
Her muscles gripped me as her breathing quickened, her face reddened as she tried to fight what she knew was going to happen, that finally I was going to cum in her ass - against all of her wishes - and she knew that she wanted it to happen. She began to rock simultaneously with my cock pumping her ass - suddenly her muscles tightened one last time, her pussy exploded again as her fingers brought her to another orgasm and she willing impaled herself on my burgeoning cock.
Unable to hold back any longer, my groin soaked by her repeated squirting, I rammed my cock into her, feeling her pain as I did so, and began to fill her with jets of hot cum.

I eased out of her and stood up, leaving her laying there on the bed, sheets sodden, fingers still feebly playing with her cunt, her ass gaping wider than ever, with my cum slowly dribbling out of her.
I smiled as I looked down at her.

"I'll send Jess in to finish you off" I said.

"But not until I've also fucked her. After all it is my birthday!!!".


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