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I would like to dedicate this to a good friend who got me started .... thank you x

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Work as usual had got in the way of all my relationships - yes I still had sex with my wife,and occasionally with Jess, and much more frequently with Zoe - but I wanted more.

And that weekendI was to havet he sex of my life - Zoe had organised it with my wife for her (the wife) to have a spa weekend - to do this Zoe had seduced my wife repeatedly with her hot sexy body - until she had managed to persuade my wife that she needed the spa weekend to tone herself up for Zoe (and for me) but also that Zoe would look after me.

So my wife had duly packed her bag and set off -accompanied by a couple of girls from work. I dutifully waved farewell and then sat, waiting expectantly, for Zoe to arrive.

I heard a car pull onto the drive followed seconds later by a knock at the door. I opened it to find my dark haired beauty standing there, an overnight bag in her hand and an eager smile on her face "Fuck I've missed you" she said, walking into the lounge, whilst planting a big kiss on my lips "Since we last fucked here I've wanted so much to return the compliment."

She looked at me, taking in the hard pole that was tenting my trousers, smiled "Come on then" she said, "We've got a whole weekend to fill" and taking my hand lead me upstairs.Once we were in the bedroom shedropped her bag to the floor, unzipped it and removed some short lengths of twine, she looked at me and instructed me to strip. Obediently I did so, after all she had promised to do this to me after I had tied her to the bed with scarves and fucked her hard- looked like now it was my turn.

Standing there naked in front of Zoe I waited for her next instruction, instead of which she slowly walked behind me, stroking my shoulders and my back. Zoe then started kissing my neck, first gently blowing on my skin, then replacing her breath with her lips, I shivered, enjoying the sensation which was teasing my skin.Zoe continued this down my spine until she reached my buttocks, placing her hands on my hips, her lips began to place kisses across both of my cheeks,her fingers pulling and kneading my flesh. her lips moved to the centre and her tongue slowly circled the rim of my hole,sending sensations through my body I'd never felt before,her tongue begins to probe and finally slides into my ass.

Her hands gripped my thighs as my legs shook, fuck this was something different. Zoe's mouth moved on, blowing , then kissing my thighs, but she wasn't finished with my ass, she put a finger in her mouth and lubricated it, before slowly and carefully pushing it into my tight back passage.

This was too much for me and I groaned, begging Zoe to allow me to fuck her. She looked round my thighs and smiled when she saw the erect condition of my cock. "Soon" she said "Soon you will have me, but first, ... this" Her lips were now kissing the back of my knees and my calves, her finger still probing.

Her finger left my hole causing my knees to weaken at the sensation of her withdrawal. "Get on the bed, face up" she said. I lay there and watched as Zoe tied my hands and feet to the bed. She then stood and began to strip herself. first her blouse, revealing a black bra, her tits thrusting - her nipples hard against the material. Her jeans followed, revealing her black thong, barely covering her ripe pussy. Once I was secured to her satisfaction, Zoe sat astride me.Staring down she smiled and reached behind her, unclasping her bra and slowly removing- tantalisingly keeping her tits covered as she did so.She slid down my body until my hard cock was poking her ass, then she leant forwards and began to kiss my lips.the hot points which were her nipples brushing against my chest. Her tongue pushed between my lips, tasting me, her lips hungrily joined mine and her hands were holding my head still - as she passionately welcomed me to this sex session.

Moving to my neck Zoe began to repeat her blow and kiss technique, Istruggled against the ropes holding me -f uck I wanted her so much. Her lips criss-crossed my chest until theyf ound my nipples - then she began to suck them, her teeth lightly nipping them, pulling them into her eager, wet mouth. i bucked against my restraints to no avail, Zoe had me exactly where she wanted me, and I was totally in her power. Zoe lifted herself and slid her thong covered pussy down my cock -t witching it pushed against her wanting to find its way into her warm flesh but ... no it wasn't to be - not yet at least. Zoe's mouth travelled across my stomach, her tongue lingering on my navel - leaving a pool of saliva as she moved on.

Her lips kissed into my groin - avoiding my cock she began to kiss my balls,her tongue flicking out and tasting - then her lips opened and she took each ball individually into her mouth, sucking at each in turn before she took both of them in and sucked at them... hard. Then as her hands replaced her mouth, she began to give some attention to my erect member. Her lips kissed their way up my shaft, placing a light kiss on my tip - her lips collecting a light coating of pre cum as they went - then kissed the other side back down to my balls.

I was fighting against my ties now, my hips bucking and trying to force my cock into any of Zoe's open and wonderful orifices, I wanted her now.

Zoe moved on to my thighs, her hands leaving my balls and beginning to stroke the back of my thighs, I was lost in all of the sensations Zoe was submitting me to.Then she climbed off the bed and went to her bag, she pulled out a silk scarf which she tied around my head, blindfolding me."Lay still,you're going to enjoy this" she whispered in my ear.I heard a rustle of material and then Zoe climbed backonto the bed her knees between mine - then followed by a light buzzing sound.She placed something on my chest, close to my nipples. The buzzing became more intense as she placed her vibrator against my nipple- watching as it hardened to a peak at its touch.I groaned,the sensation causing my cock to quiver "Not yet my love" Zoe said "Not yet". From my nipples the vibrator moved across my stomach until it was resting against my cock - Zoe ran it along my length -letting it agitate my balls and then moving it back up to the tip - rubbing it against my sensitive spot, coating the vibrator in my slick pre cum.

Zoe slid the vibrator down across the sensitive skin between my balls and my ass- before easing it gently into my ass, Zoe chuckled at my discomfort - not one of pain but of pure physical sexual arousal.Her lips once more surrounded my tool this time taking it deep into her mouth and beginning to deep throat me, the ultimate pleasure - a beautiful woman's mouth sucking my cock and a vibrator up my ass - I wanted to cum - Zoe realised how close I was to shooting my load and removed the vibrator, then released my cock from her mouth- she shifted on the bed before sliding onto me - my cock easing into her hot dripping pussy.She leant forwards,placed her hands on the top of the bed and began to ride me - fucking me long and hard.

We continued like this, Zoe riding my cock -her muscles gripping and releasing until we were both bucking and shouting out each others name - unable to hold back I came inside her - my cum shooting into Zoe - feeling this she ground her cunt hard against me, rocking as her cunt was filled with hot sticky cum.Seconds later she screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body -she drenched my cock with her juices -her muscles gripping me until I feared she would tear my cock from my body.

Sweat ran from every pore -our mixed juices pooled in my groin before sliding thickly to mark the sheets. Drained I could fight no more.

"Welcome to the weekend" said Zoe........


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