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Jess brings a gift

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Tags: Jess, Zoe, Deep, Throat, Anal

Jess joins Zoe and I for more fun

Submitted:Jul 4, 2012    Reads: 1,811    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Zoe and I staggered up the stairs to the bedroom - following our latest romp we both needed a few minutes to recover. Zoe asked for a drink so I happily obliged - when I returned to the bedroom she was just finishing a text on her mobile - I asked who she was texting - she replied a friend - and i would meet them soon!!

We lay propped on the pillows - sipping our drinks, my arm around Zoe's shoulder - her head resting on mine. Zoe's hand was lying in ,y lap - gently stroking my cock - running her finger tips across my helmet - teasing at the flesh beneath her fingers. I put my glass down and slowly cupped her naked breast, kneading at the soft flesh - lightly pinching Zoe's nipple - then rubbing it - lubricating my fingers by putting them to her mouth, where she would lick them, before I returned them to caress and rub.

Sliding my other hand down until it was cupping Zoe's other breast, i began to play with her - massaging her breasts - pulling them apart and then pushing them together - revealing the deep valley between them and then the closeness of them together - Zoe murmured gently with pleasure - her hands stroking my cock more firmly as she enjoyed my attention. My grip slowly tightened on Zoe - my hands massaging her breasts harder and harder until my fingers were leaving marks on her flesh, our breathe getting deeper as we rubbed each other.

Gradually, my cock began to stiffen, swelling at Zoe's touch, hardening and growing - Zoe smiled as it rose to its full length - glistening slightly in the sunlight - rocking firmly against her hand. Zoe was sat looking at my cock, watching avidly as it rose - "Fuck I love your cock" she said "I want to taste it - especially as it's freshly risen - let me suck that cum out of you". Zoe eased herself away from me so that I could lie on the bed. then she straddle me - her shins pinning my upper arms to the bed, her tits brushing, hotly, against my stomach - her mouth eagerly seeking my manhood. I was able to stroke her ass with my hands and, as Zoe slowly placed her lips around my tip, I pulled her hot pussy down onto my face, my tongue seeking her hard clit.

Zoe began to pleasure me as only she could - her mouth taking me deep inside - because of the angle she was leaning Zoe was able to deep throat me - my cock being sucked deeper and deeper into her. My tongue began to explore Zoe's pussy - licking and flicking at her clit before sliding down her slit - tasting the wetness that was my lovers cunt. My hands gripping her ass pulling her harder onto my face. I felt Zoe stop sucking me "Fuck I want it now - push it into me - please". Easing open her lips with my fingers I pushed my tongue into her pussy and began to lap at her.

Suddenly I felt another pair of hands on Zoe's ass - easing mine away- lifting her pussy from my mouth. I lay trapped, pinned to the bed by Zoe, as the fingers of the mystery right hand began to rub at Zoe's pussy - easing into the place where my tongue had been moments before - Pushing deeply into ZOe's cunt - almost fisting her as she resumed sucking my cock, groaning in ecstasy.

The fingers withdrew to be replaced by the hard tip of another cock!! So was this the friend I would meet soon - fuck I wasn't happy about sharing Zoe's body with another man - I knew she had other friends but hoped I was special - the mystery cock began to tease Zoe's pussy rubbing firmly at her lips before sliding into her. At this point I realised that there appeared to be something unreal about the cock which was fucking Zoe, twisting my head to look I saw who it belonged to.

Behind me - blonde hair shaping her gorgeous face, tits standing proud, stood Jess - wearing the biggest strap on I had ever seen - pushing backwards and forwards she fucked Zoe - I watched as Zoe's lips gripped and rolled along the cock - being forced wider by its generous width - forcing its way deeper and deeper into Zoe's wet cunt. Zoe was sucking my cock harder and harder, her fingers massaging my balls - gently squeezing them - taking my cock back down her throat. The pressure building until I could hold back no longer - and I began to pump my hot cum into Zoe's throat. Swallowing greedily she accepted my gift, only slightly gagging as she took my length and milked it, Jess hearing me groan as i came, fucked Zoe harder until Zoe was overtaken by her orgasm - her fluid ran down the cock - dripping onto my face - L held her, lifting my head so that I could lick at the hard, wet cock fucking my lover. Jess pulled out of Zoe - letting Zoe's juices flood out - squirting over my face - I clamped my mouth to her and took as much as I could in my mouth. My tongue flicking inside her - pulling her fluids into my mouth. Jess groaned - obviously sharing our orgasms - then she moved slightly - and pushed her cock into Zoe's ass. My eyes widened as I saw Zoe's hole stretch as the cock entered it - its puckered rim accepting the intruder - Zoe's cheeks parting to take it in. Hands gripping her waist, Jess began to fuck Zoe while I watched - tasting Zoe's fluids as she came again and again.

Finally with a scream Zoe had a final orgasm - her legs buckling under the pressure, as Jess eased out of her, leaving her hole wide and wet, she rolled off me and lay gasping on the bed, her juices flowing, soaking soaking into the sheet, her eyes wide and a smile on her face.

"The weekend really starts here" she said.

And how......


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