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Getting to know the neighbourhood pt2

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Tags: Sex, Wide, Open, Spaces

This time is Jess who shares my pleasure, but Zoe still enjoys it

Submitted:Jun 12, 2012    Reads: 496    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I lay on the blanket, Zoe to my right, Jess to my left. The cool breeze blew across our sun drenched bodies, I had fucked Zoe whilst she ate Jess and now I was wanting to give Jessa little gift - she hadn't had my cock inside her fora while. I slide my hand down from where it rested on her slender neck and began to play with her breasts - stroking them then flicking her nipples, feeling her get aroused at my touch. Each nipple began to harden and Jess kissed my chest before seeking out my nipples with her mouth. Her tongue flicked my left nipple then as she felt it harden at her touch she began to suck it, her teeth gently nipping it. Her left hand stroked my stomach before sliding down to find my gradually hardening cock.Jess chuckled as she felt my cock grow at her touch, then she began to tease it with her long finger nail - sliding it around my tip, easing my skin from my helmet and running it across the slit. I groaned and Zoe looked across to see what was making me squirm.

Smiling Zoe mirrored Jess's actions - taking my nipple in her mouth and her right hand stroking my cock. Here I was laying naked in local woods with two stunningly beautiful women sucking and fondling me. Jess's lips slide across my chest and slowly met Zoe's - they started kissing, their tits rubbing against my chest - I was in heaven. They continued kissing, their mouths urgently exploring each other, whilst their hands toyed with my manhood. Their lips parted and Jess said to Zoe "This time he's mine" Zoe nodded and eased back - leaving me entirely in Jess's hands.

Jess slid down my body until she was kneeling between my legs - both hands were now around my cock. Jess began to stroke me - her hands caressing my cock, easing it to its full erect length, then she lowered her head, her blond hair laying across my groin as she took me into her mouth and began to suck. Zoe leant forwards, her tongue moistening her lips as she played with her tits, her fingers pulling at her nipples, her breathing getting deeper as she watched.

Jess released my cock and squatted over me, I could see her pussy as she lowered herself onto my cock - it stretched her lips as it entered - Jess took it's full length into her before she lowered her knees to the blanket and began to ride me. I watched as she rose and then dropped back onto me my cock penetrating her moist pussy, fuck I wanted her so much. As she rode my cock Jess's hands cupped her tits, her head leant back and she became lost in the moment.

Zoe stood up and moved herself over me, my hands could reach her pert ass so I began to stroke her cheeks as her fingers slide down across her stomach and pushed into her pussy.Jess looked at her and then buried her face in Zoe's pussy, her hands joining mine in holding Zoe's ass.As Jess began to feed on Zoe's cunt I removed my hands and used them to hold Jess's ass, holding it tight as I began to gain some control, and fuck Jess's cunt hard. Iheard Zoe say something to Jess but didn't catch exactly what she said. Jess released Zoe and Zoe turned round- she began to lower herself over me - her wet cunt hovering over my face. I looked up at Zoe as she smiled and lowered herself onto my waiting mouth. My tongue entered her easily and I began to lick her cunt - tasting her juices as Zoe rubbed and rocked her cuntbackwards and forwards across my face.

Jess was fucking me harder and harder- I could hear her groaning as she neared her orgasm. My tongue was probing Zoe - not only tasting her but touching parts which was making her approach her orgasm too. Zoe was grinding her cunt hard against my face as she came - her juices squirting over my face as Ilapped and swallowed like a cat, closely followed by my cock forcing itself deeper into Jess as I began to fill her cunt with my cum. Jess for her part took it and then came herself - her cunt muscles gripping me tight before covering my cock with her juices.

We all collapsed onto the blanket, out bodies covered in sweat and cum.

What a way to spend a sunny summers day........


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