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Getting to know the neighbourhood

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Sex, the wide open countryside and more ....

Submitted:Jun 7, 2012    Reads: 3,325    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It had been a few days since my wife had returned home to find me fucking Jess and Zoe .... and since I'd found that she too enjoyed a little lesbian fun, first being entertained by Zoe , then having a good session with Jess. Every day in this new house was a pleasant, if tiring, time.

Almost by silent agreement things between our little group had quietened down, I had returned to work and finding little time for any real social life. At the moment, the nearest contact I had with my sexy neighbours was a wave as I either left for, or returned from work. But I must admit that my sex life with my life had taken on a new level.

the weekend came and my wife suggested that we drive into the countryside and explore the locale, I agreed because since moving in we hadn't really had chance to look round. So on Saturday morning we were in the car driving a few miles down the road towards a local beauty spot which consisted of a lake and some woods. We started walking around the lake - looking at the wildlife and enjoying the peace and quiet. About half way round my wife stopped , looked round and suggested that we could dip our toes in the water, so sitting on a rock we slipped out shoes off and tentatively stood ankle deep in the water. I was surprised that it wasn't freezing and actually began to enjoy the sensation of the water lapping about my feet. Like a pair of kids we started splashing each other, our feet sending plumes of water over each of us, soaking us through.

My wife looked around and slowly began to remove her sodden clothes - the look on my face must have been one of huge surprise as she revealed her naked body to the elements, her nipples standing hard against her creamy tits. Hurriedly I too stripped, the cool air flowing over my body. I stepped towards my wife, my cock slowly hardening at the sight of her nakedness. She looked at me and smiled "Oh no - you're not having me today - this is my treat", so saying she turned and looked into the trees which ran along the shoreline, then she shouted "OK girls he's all yours". She turned and walked from the water as Zoe and Jess appeared from behind the nearby trees. They both wore vest tops - and very obviously neither wore a bra, Jess had a white top her tit pushing against the material, nipples clearly outlined and figure hugging cut off denim shorts revealing tanned legs and a hint that, perhaps, she wore nothing underneath. Zoe was sporting a sky blue top which was definitely way to small for her, it hardly constrained her tits - revealing more than it covered and I was sure that i could see her pussy lips escaping from her shorts. Upon seeing my surprise they all laughed, my wife exclaiming "I told you he'd be surprised. just make sure he gets home in one piece" she said as she walked into the trees to dress.

Jess reached me first and dived into the water, closely followed by Zoe - they both stood before their tits showing clearly through the wet material and their shorts gripping their pert asses - and yes i was right - there was Zoe's pussy - right in front of me.The girls looked at each other and then began to remove each others clothing - the clinging vest tops were peeled from their bodies and thrown onto the stony shore. i was given a perfect view of two pairs of beautiful full tits, with nipples standing proud - Jess's surrounded by a dark pink aureole, Zoe's a darker shade of brown. They shared a long, passionate kiss, fingers sliding into each others waistband, fingers pulling the wet denim from slick skin, then sliding down and seeking, finding and probing each others wet pussies. this was getting too much for me and my hand closed around my hard cock - watching Jess and Zoe making out in front of me had my hand pumping. The girls stopped and watched as I ejaculated hot cum over their thighs, then Zoe pushed her finger into the cum resting on her flesh and stirred it, lifting it to Jess's lips, who eagerly sucked Zoe's finger into her mouth, her tongue swirling as she swallowed by salty donation to the occasion.

Zoe released herself from Jess's hold and stepped towards me "Let me warm you up" she said taking my hand and leading me across the shore into the trees. The girls had obviously planned this with my wife because laid out on the ground was a blanket. Zoe lowered herself onto it, spreading her legs and saying "Fuck me now". I knet on the blanket and told Zoe to roll over onto all fours. She did so, giving me a view of her beautiful ass and her swollen pussy, begging to be fucked.I slowly began to rub her pussy, my fingers sliding over her lips to her clit - giving it a rub I the slowly pushed 2 fingers into her wet cunt. Zoe groaned and pushed back towards me. I held my cock and began to rub it against her pussy, my fingers slowly lubricating her tight ass hole with her own juices. Zoe's hand was between her legs stroking my cock from balls to tip "Push it in me" she groaned. "Not yet" I said slowly taking it and rubbing it between her cheeks, rubbing precum around her hole, two fingers slowly probing, pulling it wider to take me deep - then with a grunt I pushed my cock into Zoe's ass - my balls slapping against her cunt. Zoe's muscles resisted at first then welcomed me in. Holding her thighs I slowly began to fuck her.

the third member of our party came and stood on the blanket in front of Zoe, we both watched as Jess pushed three fingers deep into her pussy and began pleasuring herself in time to my fucking. Zoe told Jess to lay in front of her and as I fucked her ass she lowered her face to Jess's wet cunt, her tongue probing. Jess groaned and squirmed beneath Zoe's face as Zoe began to eat her pussy, Jess's hands grabbed Zoe's head - pulling it tight against her. together we pleasured each other until I couldn't hold back any longer "Zoe I'm going to cum" I shouted - in response Zoe's muscles gripped my cock tight as I began to fill her cavity with my cum. At this point Jess cried out as she was gripped by multiple orgasms - her juices squirting over Zoe's face, her mouth eagerly accepting them and swallowing Jess's juices.

Exhausted we lay on the blanket - Zoe curled against my right side, Jess my left. I kissed each of them in turn.

To be continued .....


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