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Caught by the .....

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Enjoying a threesome until ......

Submitted:May 29, 2012    Reads: 2,914    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

It had been a couple of days since I'd taken Zoe and I was feeling a little lonely, well more than a little, I was wanting more fun with Zoe , and yes, with Jess - I had enjoyed our first threesome and wondered if the girls were free for another session. I went upstairs and looked out of the window which gave me a view of Jess's garden - a towel lay on the ground - hmmm I thought - lets see if she, or they, are around.

I went into my garden and went to the fence which divided Jess's garden from mine, looking over I saw an empty towel but I could hear voices coming from her kitchen.I walked to the front of my house and down the drive to Jess's door, ringing I bell I waited for her to answer.

The door opened and Jess stood there, wearing just a towel "Hiya" she said, "How are you?" "I'm good," I replied "Wondered if you'd like some company". At this Jess turned and shouted into the house "Zoe...do we want some company?" Zoe poked her head round the door and, upon seeing that it was me, stepped forwards - naked .... my cock hardened immediately. "I wondered if you were both free to come round and help me with something" I said, smiling. Jess smiled and opened her towel, revealing her lovely tits and shaved pussy "We'll be round in 5" she said, looking not into my eyes but at my trousers and the erection that was standing proudly to attention.

I returned home and sat , waiting eagerly - like a teenager waiting for his first fuck - God, i am married I thought - but with Jess and Zoe I didn't care.

A light knock came at the door, Opening it I found a now fully dressed Zoe "Very nice" I said looking at the way she filled the short black dress, wondering if that was all she was wearing. "Jess will be over in a minute" said Zoe running her hand across my chest "I've missed you" she said, "I really enjoyed our last session, Jess was so jealous that she had to leave and didn't watch you fill me so well." "Well we can correct that situation" I replied, stroking her breasts through the tight black material, watching , and feeling, her nipple harden."Hmmmmm.... nice" moaned Zoe, pushing against me. Our mouths sought out each other and we began to kiss."Don't let me interrupt" said Jess, as she walked in and closed the door behind her. Zoe and I parted, allowing me to look at Jess. She looked absolutely stunning, she was wearing a white dress, similar i style to Zoe's, and just as figure hugging. "Come here" I ordered and Jess stepped forwards, my hands caressed her breasts, bringing her nipples hard under my touch. "See" said Zoe to Jess "He's good at this isn't he?". Jess thought for a moment then replied "Zoe, he's the best we've had. But less of that, I want sex now - its been 3 hours since you made me cum and I want some cock to fill me."

I lead the girls into the lounge "Jess, you want cock but first I want to show you what you missed the other day" I said - unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my trousers - leaving me stood in my boxers. Zoe stepped forwards and slid her hand into the waistband and began to stroke my cock, then she eased my boxers to the floor and showed Jess her fingers - playing with the pre cum seeping from the tip of my erection. Zoe collected the fluid and raised her fingers to her mouth and began to eagerly suck them. This was getting too much for me, i turned Zoe around and unzipped her dress revealing her naked body underneath, I took a hold of Zoe's dark hair and pushed her to the arm of the sofa, she leant on it and I pushed my cock into her pussy. Then I began to fuck her hard - my cock pounding into Zoe - not caring if I hurt her or not - I was busy watching the effect this had on Jess ... she had already stepped out of her dress and had 2 fingers pushed deep up her own pussy, fucking herself whilst Zoe was fucked in front of her.

Zoe told Jess to step forward, and when she did Zoe put her hands on her waist and her mouth replaced Jess's fingers on her pussy - Zoe's tongue flicked at Jess's clit and pussy lips, bringing Jess to an small but noisy orgasm. Closely followed by Zoe herself cumming, squirting her juices down my cock. I fucked Zoe harder, until I too came , my cum filling Zoe's wet cunt.

We all sat on the sofa, fondling each others bodies until I turned to Jess and said "Well ,its your turn now" And pushed her flat on the sofa. I lifted her legs putting her ankles over my shoulders, opening her pussy to my cock as I knelt between her legs. Easing my cock into Jess I fondled her tits, my fingers pulling at her nipples, Jess looked at me and told me to fuck her hard. I moved my hands under her ass and lifted her slightly, then began to fuck her wet cunt. Zoe got up and walked to the end of the sofa before straddling Jess's head , kissing me hard, whilst lowering her pussy onto Jess's eager, waiting mouth. we stayed like this for minutes - pleasuring each other on the sofa. I was enjoying it so much that i didn't hear the front door open and footsteps approach the lounge door.

"What the fuck is going on here?2 said a female voice, "What are you doing?" Stunned we all looked at the door - shit ... standing there was my wife - angrily watching her husband kissing a dark haired beauty whilst fucking a blonde - "Er ... I ... was " Jess's hands gripped my waist and she looked at me "Don't stop" she said, urgently "Don't stop fucking me". I looked from Jess to Zoe to my wife. "Leave this to me" said Zoe, easing herself off the sofa. She walked up to my wife and stood in front of her - my cum running down her thighs, "Like what you see?" she said and kissed my wife.

Fuck I'm dead I thought, she'll never go for it. But to my surprise my wife responded to Zoe's kiss, her hands playing with her tits. Zoe began to remove my wife's clothing, my wife responded by exploring Zoe's body with her hands. Jess's muscles reminded me that I was still cock deep in her cunt - urging me to continue fucking her. I fucked Jess hard until we both came, noisily, to a climax. Then we both watched Zoe and my wife who by now were writhing on the floor, fingers in each others cunts, bringing each other to orgasm.

As they came, my wife looked at me, sweat running down her face and gasped "Fuck we're going to have to do this again".

Well here's to next time.........


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