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The four of us get together for a time of reflection

Submitted:Aug 22, 2012    Reads: 4,271    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

It had been a couple of months since that very energetic and cum filled weekend. Work had taken up all of my time, my wife had come back from her pampering weekend even more hornier than normal, and Jess and Zoe were working too. Life was becoming quite humdrum .. it needed livening up.

The summer came and the temperatures rose - life became one long stream of parties, barbeques and nights out. My wife and I decided to have a quiet weekend - locking the doors I opened a bottle of wine - white for her, red for me, and settling down we started watching a dvd.

As the wine began to take effect my wife moved against me, her breasts rubbing across my shirt. I held her close and slowly caressed her through the material of her blouse. She groaned but was obviously enjoying my touch, her nipples growing hard under my touch. Her hand was resting in my lap, slowly rubbing at my slowly hardening cock. At last some time alone I thought .. and some good fucking as well.

My wife looked up at me and said "I'm finding this dvd boring, I want to liven it up. Where's that porn of yours?" Although not entirely agreeing with me having some hardcore dvds, my wife did, at times, appreciate their content - livens it up she would say. "I'm not sure" , I said thinking of how to move her away from this - I knew exactly where they were - next door - Jess and I had had a great fuck session as we watched one particularly hot film, "We don't really need them anyway, do we?". Thinking I'd got away with it, I began to unbutton my wife's blouse. "Perhaps you ought to go next door and ask Jess if you can have it back" my wife muttered, her hands buttoning her blouseand sitting up. "Or shall I go ? After all you spend a lot more time at our neighbours than you seem to here" she shouted. She stood up and stormed out of the house.

I sat there stunned - she had always been happy about our 'open' marriage - I was not the only one to have played away, she had admitted to having some wonderful sex with a masseur at the spa centre. I will never understand women....

After about 5 minutes I heard the door open, from the whiff of perfume I knew she was back, "I'm sorry" she said, "look can we start tonight again please. Its been a very long week and I need to relax". She paused and then went and sat on the other sofa, looking at me she said "I want to make it up to you" Saying this she looked over my shoulder and nodded.

Jess stepped into the room, wearing only her bikini, a sheer pink number that practically covered nothing, her large tits jutting forwards, a minimal piece of cloth being held in place by her rock hard nipples, and an even smaller piece covering her pussy - the edges of her lips just protruding at the side, her pert ass glistening with a faint sheen of moisture. Jess looked at me, at my hardening cock straining against my shorts, smiled and went and sat next to my wife. Immediately they began kissing. Jess urgently undoing the buttons on my wife's blouse, sliding it off her shoulders, revealing her bra free tits, nipples hardening in anticipation. Jess knelt between my wife's knees, hands unfastening the zip on her skirt, and sliding it to the floor, revealing my wife's thong - already moist. This soon joined the skirt and Jess lowered her head and began to lick at my wife's clit and pussy. Hands holding Jess's head my wife opened her legs and let Jess get a better angle, my wife moved her hands to her tits and began to paly with tem, squeezing them, fingers pinching her own nipples, wincing as they grew more sensitive to her touch.

Jess slides her hands under my wife's buttocks, pulling her tighter to her exploring tongue, my wife was lost in pure ecstasy, moaning and telling Jess to keep doing it. i sat there hard, watching as my wife enjoyed a younger woman's tongue in her pussy. My hands had already undone my shirt and were now moving down to my shorts, wanting to release my raging hard on.

A pair of hands grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me back into the sofa, "I think I'll take care of that for you" whispered Zoe. her hands removing my shirt, her lips kissing my shoulders and my neck. Her hands replaced her lips and she began to massage my shoulders, "hey, they're really tight" she said, "let me ease them for you".

Her hands began to press and caress my shoulders, her lips kissed my neck and then as she moved nearer, I felt her nipples and her lovely large tits rubbing against my back. I groaned, as my cock twitched and I watched as a small stain appeared on my shorts, my pre cum seeping slowly through the material. Zoe looked down at my groin and sighed "Someone looks like they're ready to pop" she chuckled in my ear. Zoe moved to stand before me. standing naked, hands on her hips, tits standing beautifully proud, her pussy lips wet with her desire for me. She took my hands and pulled me to my feet. Her hands stroked my stomach and opened the button on my shorts, fingers finding my zip, sliding it down and easing my shorts to the floor. Zoe knelt before me and released my hard member from my boxers. She smiled as she viewed my shaft. Her hands sliding up and down my veined cock, dipping her fingernail in the pre cum pooling itself at my tip, she began to wank me. Her fingers gripping my cock as she slowly, gently, began to bring me to orgasm.

As Zoe pleasured me, I stood and watched as Jess, who was now naked, and my wife kissing, exploring each others bodies. My wife pushed Jess to the floor, and sat astride her, their pussies grinding against each other - they rubbed and rocked as they both cried out as their orgasms hit, long and hard.

Zoe looked up at me, smiling, then turned and watched my wife and Jess. "Sorry" she said, "this is too good to miss", releasing her hold on me, she crawled across the floor to join them. She straddled Jess, easing her wet pussy down onto Jess's waiting mouth. My wife cupped Zoe's tits, taking them and rubbing them as she moved forwards and began to kiss Zoe, her pussy rubbing frantically against Jess.

I watched , pre cum dripping from my cock, pooling on the floor, enjoying the image before me - three women forming the perfect triangle - each and everyone of them giving in as massive orgasms ripped through them, hands frantically holding, releasing, mouths eating each other, finally they collapsed in a shuddering heap of hot, female flesh.

I stood above them, cock in hand. Zoe and Jess looked up at me, then nudging my wife to follow suit, they all three knelt before me, like chicks in a nest, mouths open, throats straining as i began to stroke my cock. Faster and faster I stroked, until I could hold back no longer, groaning loudly, I began to cum. Pumping hot salty cum across their faces, their mouths eagerly accepting my juice - swallowing any that fell in their mouths, I fed my happy flock.

They took it in turns to lick and suck my cock, each wanting to taste and receive the last drops of cum.

Finally I sat on the floor with them and kissed them hard, thanking them for the floor show - wanting it to continue......

as I knew it would.....


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