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All in a nights work

Short story By: bemycumwhore

jess gets some attention whilst Zoe looks on

Submitted:Jul 16, 2012    Reads: 1,701    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

I lay on the bed having just watched Zoe being taken anally by a strap on worn by Jess - Zoe's ass was still wide open from the fucking it had received - the small amount of my cum which Zoe hadn't swallowed was drying on her lips - my cock was still hard as I remembered how Jess had looked with her 'cock' taking Zoe - fuck these girls were good.

I watched as Jess removed the strap on - giving it to Zoe who eagerly began to lick its length - tasting her own juices on it. Zoe's mouth licked and sucked the residue of her cum and pushed two fingers into her pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit, as she did so.

Jess stood and watched her, her hand slowly rubbing her clit and pussy in time to Zoe's frantic movements, Jess started to moan "Yes babe oh yes".

My hand had a firm grip on my cock as we all masturbated together, I eased myself off the bed and stood in front of Zoe, my hand pulling at my cock, Jess stood next to me - her fingers now pushed deep into her cunt, her eyes glazed as she neared her orgasm. Zoe sat propped against the wall, having replaced her fingers with the strap on - forcing it deeper into her pussy - fucking herself.

Groaning loudly, all three of us came together - Zoe flooding the strap on with her hot juices, Jess's fingers dripping as her juices ran from her pussy and down her thighs, my cock spraying my cum over Zoe's face and tits.

Exhausted we all lay on the bed - me in the middle, Zoe to my right, Jess to my left. Sleep took us and fully sated , we slept.

I awoke to the sound of the shower in the en-suite running and the touch of fingers on my cock - unable to resist, i began to harden. I looked down to see a head covered in blonde hair slowly working its way towards my stiffening manhood. "Oh yes Jess" I said "it's been so long". Jess released her fingers from my cock and looked up at me "Let's change that then shall we. You've groan used to Zoe, let me remind you what I can do". Jess rolled between my legs - her tits caressing my thighs - as her tongue poked out and she ran the tip across the head of my cock. "Fuck I've missed you" I said as Jess's lips surrounded my cock - the suction she created drawing me deeper into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my staff. Jess then went to work on me - her head moving up and down, her blonde hair stroking against my flesh with each move, her tits swinging, hard nipples rubbing against my thighs.

Jess's fingers dug into my ass as she sucked harder and harder - her tongue tentatively flicking my balls as she took me deeper - I could see Jess's ass quivering as she gave me a blow job to remember.

The shower had stopped, and I looked as Zoe walked into the bedroom, wearing just a towel, which covered her tits and came to just below her pussy -, she stopped and watched Jess in action "You deserve this" she said "Jess has been complaining that I've been hogging you all to myself. Enjoy her".

My hands were stroking Jess's blonde hair, I eased her head from my cock - a light 'pop' as Jess released the suction, "fuck me Jess - I want to fill your holes" Jess smiled and slid her body up mine, my cock firmly rubbing the valley between her breasts as they moved upwards, the her nipples moving across my stomach, before Jess lifted herself and sat astride me, the lips of her pussy sliding around my cock. She raised herself up and then lowered her hot, wet pussy onto my cock - taking me deep into her, until her ass was sat on me - my cock filling her pussy.

Jess began to ride me - raising herself until my cock was almost coming out of her before plunging herself back down, her tits bounced in front of me - standing proud, nipples pointing away from the flesh, hard with lust, fanned by the tips of blonde hair. I took them i my hands and began to squeeze, Jess groaned "Hmmmmm that's goods babe" and she began to ride me harder.

My hands slide from Jess's tits to her waist and, lifting my hips, I begin to fuck her. As she rides me - her cunt pushing down I push my cock up - we meet midway - bringing gasps of pleasure from both of us. Jess' cries out as my cock pumps deeper into her "Oh yes fuck me " she cries "fuck me hard. I want you so much".

I roll Jess onto her back and push her legs wide, looking down at her wet pussy I slowly slide my cock into her , lean forwards and begin to pump her wet cunt - drawing moans of pleasure from her. Fucking her for all its worth I lift her ass from the bed and hold her steady - then I really give Jess the fucking she wants - my cock pounding into her cunt - her muscles gripping me in return.

Jess's hands are now squeezing her tits - pulling at her nipples as I bring her closer and closer to the orgasm she desires.

Her head rolling from side to side, sweat pouring from every pore, Jess suddenly stiffened - gripping my cock like a vice, before screaming "Oh yes , yes oh thats sooo....." and submitting to her inner self and letting orgasm after orgasm rip through her beautiful body - it was too much for me. groaning loudly, my cock pushed deep inside her and filled her with my cum.

Jess lay on the bed, a glow suffusing her face, as she smiled at me, whispering "Welcome back stranger, I've missed you so much"

I leant forwards and we kissed - her face hot from our exertions "Let's not wait too long before we do that again" she said.

And we didn't......


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