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A Taste of Things to ...

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Tags: Oral, Suck, Squirt

Jess has a good time, Zoe gets filled

Submitted:Jul 23, 2012    Reads: 2,708    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Zoe was sat leaning against the bedroom wall, her fingers delving deeply into her pussy - her head rocking from side to side as she got herself to orgasm continuously - having just seen Jess and I getting 'up close and personal'.

I knelt in front of her and stretched my fingers out - slowly touching her nipples, which were already hard - standing dark and proud, tweaking them and gently flicking them. Zoe groaned - a smile appearing on her face - her fingers leaving her pussy and being lifted to her mouth, where Zoe eagerly sucked and licked her love juices.

At the sight of this, my hand slide down to my cock - slowly stroking it as it grew harder, Zoe's eyes looked at my cock and smiled around her fingers. Her fingers left her mouth with a 'pop', placing them on the floor, Zoe pushed herself onto all fours and opened her mouth. "Fill me" she growled, her tits swinging - large and beautiful, "I want to taste you".

I moved backwards a couple of paces - standing with my legs apart, my hands on my hips - Zoe growled again , and padded forwards on hands and knees - her pert ass and her lovely tits swaying as she moved - then she stretched her neck and lowered her mouth over my glistening tip. Zoe sighed as her mouth slid down the length of my shaft. her mouth taking it all - until she was deep throating me. A deep chuckle emanated from her as she began to move her head - her lips gripping and sliding up and down - my tip hitting the back of her throat every time she took me in.

My hands on her head, Zoe raised her hands and gripped my buttocks - pulling me deeper into her - her fingers kneading my flesh.

As Zoe did this, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, Jess had sat up on the bed and was rubbing her tits and moaning as she watched us. Her fingers pulled her nipples, stretching them a good way from her tits - then she rolled them between her fingers - rocking at the sensual feelings running through her body. I looked at her nodded my head towards the opposite wall, Jess caught my nod and looked - then she turned to me and smiled - as a knowing look came across her face. Jess eased herself off the bed and walked softly across the carpet. Reaching the wall she bent down and picked up her strap on.

As Zoe sucked my cock, her tongue flicking and tasting me, her fingers gripping tighter into my flesh, her tits brushing my thighs - I stood and groaned - Jess had finishing putting the strap-on on, she moved behind Zoe and began to rub Zoe's ass with her hands. Occasionly she stopped and gave Zoe's firm flesh a hard spank, leaving a red mark where her hand made contact.

I moved back again and sat on the bed, Zoe was now stood but bent over at the waist, her mouth now joined by her hands on my cock, Jess bent down and kissed Zoe's buttocks, then slid a finger into Zoe's moist pussy, Zoe groaned and sucked me harder - I looked at Jess and said "Do it now". Jess aimed the tip of the strap on at Zoe's pussy lips and slowly pushed into her, Zoe's eyes opened wide as she was spit roasted by her lovers - male and female. Jess fucked her hard, pounding her cunt as Zoe sucked like hell on my cock.

"Fuck babe, I'm going to blow" I shouted as my balls tightened, then my cock stiffened a little more and I began to fill Zoe's mouth with my cum, Zoe responded by sucking my cock to the back of her throat and sucking harder, taking all that i had to give, she swallowed it down and came back for more. Jess was pumping in and out of Zoe's cunt, and with a whimper, Zoe pushed back onto the cock filling her and orgasmed - her fluids squirted from her pussy and ran down Jess's thighs.

Fully satisfied we all collapsed onto the bed - Zoe looked at me and then at Jess and thanked us.

As always it was a pleasure.....


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