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A Little Tied Up...

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Me, Zoe and a few silk scarves

Submitted:Jun 14, 2012    Reads: 3,162    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

I had the house to myself and had sent a text to Zoe inviting her round for some fun - her reply basically was 'YES' but actually had been several words longer - and more detailed - but this time I wanted to surprise her.

I let her in and lead her directly upstairs to the bedroom - the king size bed was there with its metal bed frame - Zoe looked at me and smiled - I was going to fuck her in the bed I shared with my wife. Zoe stood there wearing a white blouse and a short, pencil slim black skirt - she had come direct from work - actually she'd told her boss that she had a meeting with a customer just to come and be fucked. I told to stand by the bed and let me do the rest, obediently she moved and stood - her tongue licking her lips with anticipation.

My fingers slowly opened the buttons on her blouse, revealing the curve of her breasts held in place by her pure white bra. Carefully hanging her blouse on the wardrobe I unhooked her bra and released her large, beautiful firm tits, her nipples standing proud. Then my hands moved to her skirt, easing the zip down, I inserted my fingers into the waistband and let the skirt slide to the floor. Zoe stepped out of it and let me hang that on the wardrobe as well.Zoe stood before me naked except for her white thong, which she was soon leaving on the carpet. I told Zoe to lay on the bed, whereupon I opened a drawer and pulled out 4 silk scarves - and began to softly tie them to Zoe's wrists and ankles, then tying them to the bed frame. Leaving Zoe tied, spread eagled, on the bed I began to remove my clothing. First my shirt, then my trousers- followed by my boxers - all the time Zoe was laying watching me, her nipples hardening and her pussy moistening as I revealed my hard erection.

I moved to the bed and checked that Zoe had only minimal movement - I didn't want to hurt her - then I knelt on the bed and began to kiss her. Starting with her forehead, then down along her nose until our lips met and we kissed passionately. Zoe's tongue slid between my lips and began to explore my mouth. Reluctantly, I parted our mouths and moved to her right wrist, kissing Zoe's soft skin down to her elbow then to her shoulder, smelling the gentle aroma of Zoe's deodorant before moving to her left wrist and repeating. Zoe was moaning with pleasure, insisting that just "Get on and fuck her". I looked at her and replied "All in good time".

My lips sought out Zoe's neck then moved down to her tits - kissing and licking her firm flesh watching her nipples harden further, in anticipation of my lips seeking them out. I briefly brushed my lips across first one then the other nipple, Zoe moaned again, only louder. My lips moved across her stomach - not missing an inch of her skin, until suddenly stopped - looked at Zoe - smiled and moved to the bottom of the bed. There I began to kiss her feet, each toe getting an individual kiss and a little lick from my moist tongue. then across her feet to her ankles, then up her legs to her knees.

By now Zoe was groaning as she was hit by her first orgasm of the session, her body quivered as the orgasm ripped through her, a small pool of fluid escaped from her pussy and ran onto the sheet.

I knelt between her knees and slowly began to kiss her thighs - never making contact with her wet pussy or her clit - just teasing Zoe with every touch of my mouth. Then I dipped my head and licked at the pool of Zoe's cum tasting her before taking her. Before I began to slowly take Zoe, I moved to her mouth and kissed her - allowing Zoe to taste her cum on my tongue, then I slowly rubbed the tip of my cock along her lips, her tongue tentatively licked at my precum. Not wanting to cum too soon for Zoe I moved back between her knees and slowly rubbed her pussy and clit with my cock. then as another orgasm hit Zoe I eased my cock into her pussy, feeling her muscles grip and release me. Sliding my hands under Zoe I gently lifted her and began to fuck her. My cock sliding in and out of her already sopping cunt.

Watching as her tits swung in time with my thrusts, I fucked Zoe harder and harder, grunting as my cock penetrated deep inside her, sensing her building to another orgasm I felt my balls tightening, ready to send both of us into ecstasy.

My cum erupted into Zoe's hot cunt filling her more and more, Zoe was orgasming wildly now her juices soaking the length of my cock, our cum mixing in =side of her and also pooling on the bed. Zoe was screaming with the emotions flooding through her, i too was groaning and shouting as we finished each off.

I released Zoe and we hugged each other. "Next time we are going to do that to you" she said.

'We' - I thought .......... here's to next time


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