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A Good Start to the Day

Short story By: bemycumwhore

Starting the day with a sex session with Zoe - what a way to start the day

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My wife was working away (again) and I'd been invited round to my neighbours. Having spent a very energetic night in Jess's bed i had showered and dressed ready for work. Jess lay in her bed - naked, sheet covering her lower body, but wrapped tight enough to reveal her long legs and hidden pussy. Her tits were bare, nipples still hard from the final fuck prior to me leaving her bed and showering. I sat on the bed, leant across and kissed her full on her lips. "Same again tonight?" I asked her, she looked at me and replied "Definitely, its been so long since we had time to ourselves". Kissing her once more I walked across the bedroom and left, gently closing the bedroom door behind me.

"At last" a voice whispered in my ear, "I've been listening to you two fucking all night. And all I've had for company was my vibe, and that broke halfway through the night", so saying a hand grasped mine and dragged me across the landing , closing the bedroom door as we entered.

Zoe stepped in front of me, "Do you know what its like listening to your best friend fuck the man I love" she said, God I was so horny I almost came and joined you but I'd agreed to let Jess have the pleasure for once". I smiled and thanked her. "But as I listened I realised how jealous I was, I have had no sleep all night, hearing Jess have her multiple orgasms, you groaning and calling her name as you filled her. I can't take ...I want you ...NOW".

Zoe eased forwards and our lips met, her tongue pushed her way into my mouth. Enjoying this immensely, I responded. My tongue explored Zoe's mouth, running along her perfect white teeth. My hands held her head whilst my lips moved against hers. Zoe had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily, her hands on my waist. Urgently, Zoe's hands pulled my shirt from my trousers, and began to unbutton me - starting from the lowest button and working up until she had my shirt open. Pushing my shirt down my arms, she threw it to the floor. Her hands were on my chest, stroking, then finding my nipples her fingers began to rub. As they hardened, her lips eft mine and moved to them. Taking first one then the other between her lips she sucked and licked. Her hands found my trousers, unfastening the belt she pulled it from the loops.unfastening my button her fingers found, and slowly pulled down, my zip. Easing my trousers over my hips, letting them slide to the floor, Zoe knelt. Tugging my boxers down she revealed my hardening cock. Despite having fucked her best friend 6 or 7 times that night, it was still ready for action, anticipating what Zoe was wanting to do.

Looking down at Zoe, taking in that all she was wearing was a silk gown, belted at the waist. hanging open, revealing her lovely tits, pushing against my thighs. A Zoe saw the pre cum forming on my tip, she sighed, smiled and leant forwards, her lips opening and her tongue emerging to lick, tentatively at first, then with passion, tasting me. My back was against her bedroom wall, buttocks pressed hard against it, as Zoe chuckled deeply, then took my helmet into her mouth. Her tongue easing my pre cum into her throat, sucking hard, swallowing my sticky fluid.Instinctively, Zoe took my full length into her mouth. Her hands caressed my thighs, before her right wrapped itself around my cock matching her strokes with the movement of her mouth, lips and fingers running avidly over the ridged, veined, hard member before her.Her left cupped my balls, stroking them gently massaging them as she sucked.

My hands pressed against the wall behind, fingers spreading as the feelings of pleasure rippled through me, my breathing got heavier, staring across the bedroom as Zoe brought me closer to orgasm. Encouraging Zoe to suck me harder, she responded , head and hand moving in harmony, the suction formed around my cock by her lips adding unbearable pressure, and pleasure, as with a groan, I allowed myself to cum.

Zoe threw her herself fully onto my cock, deep throating me, as she frantically sucked, tasting my cum as it filled her mouth, shooting down her throat. Eagerly she began to swallow, taking my cum deep down. Gagging slightly Zoe continued, sucking me dry, leaving me standing against the wall, breathing fast and heavy, knees bending slightlky, as I came with Zoe how I hadn't really cum all night with Jess.

As she drained me, Zoe looked up at me, her lips breaking into a smile around my cock "That's better" she gasped, then standing her lips met mine once more. I could taste my salty cum on her lips, on her tongue and on her teeth. "It's my turn now" I whispered. My hands reached for the belt on Zoe's gown, tugging it lose it fell open, revealing both the state of Zoe's nakedness but also her level of desire.

Easing it from her shoulders, I let it join my shirt. I kissed down her throat until my lips met the first slope of her tits. My hands rested on her hips, stroking her skin, whilst my lips placed a kiss on each of her hard nipples, before tracing a path down across her navel. Kneeling I placed my hands on her buttocks, pulling her pussy to my face. Kissing her clit, my tongue protruding slightly to give her a lick, before fully emerging to flick at her hardening clit, lifting it and sucking it into my mouth, drawing gasps of pleasure from Zoe, before seeking her pussy, tongue tracing them, softly pushing its way between them - entering her wet cunt. Zoe opened her legs wider, giving me easier access to her wet cunt, her hands moved to my the back of my head, pulling my mouth tighter to her flesh, wanting me to pleasure her.

My hands grasping her buttocks, I began to eat Zoe's pussy - my mouth working energetically to give her the release she desired. Parting her buttocks my fingers ran up and down her, rubbing her tight hole, groaning Zoe implored me to "DO it". Easing a finger into her passage, feeling the initial resistance until her muscles accepted and let my finger fully enter, I began to finger fuck Zoe's ass, her response was to grind her pussy against me. My tongue was deep inside her, finding the zones which would give her the ultimate excitement.

Sensing Zoe tensing I knew that she was ready to fulfill her release, licking faster I heard her groan, then sigh as her cunt was flooded with her juices. Lapping eagerly like a cat with milk, I tasted her sweetness. Letting her juices run down my tongue into my mouth, where I swallowed all that she could give me. Zoe sagged against the wall "Fuck that was soo good" she sighed, "Wanted that all night, the vibe just doesn't fulfill me nowadays. Not since I met you". Standing, we kissed once more, Zoe tasting herself on my moustache, my beard, my lips and my tongue. Her nipples hot against my chest, her large tits squashed against me, her pussy rubbing my cock her wet thighs sticky against mine.

Taking her hand I led Zoe to her en-suite, reaching in and turning on the shower, I lifted her, Zoe wrapping her legs around my waist. So joined I stepped into the shower, feeling the warm water cascade over us. Easing Zoe off so that we stood, naked, facing each other I reached for the gel, then applying a generous amount to my palm I began to soap Zoe's tits. The soft bubbles forming peaks on her nipples, before running down her flat stomach and between her legs. Zoe soaped my chest then reached down with sud filled hands and washed my cock. Stroking its length, soaping my balls until I could take no more. Turning her around, i bent Zoe forwards and slowly teased her pussy with my cock, as she began to push back against me I entered her. My cock sliding easily into her pussy until she had taken in my full 8 inches. Pausing to look down her back, I reached forwards and took Zoe by her hair, pulling her head up i began to fuck her, taking her as the water caressed our skin.

Her tits swinging Zoe reached back and slowly stroked my cock as it pushed deep into her. Her fingers reaching around it, she began to masturbate me as I fucked her. Pumping hard into her, I felt a mounting but pleasureable sensation. My balls began to tighten, fucking Zoe harder I knew that was not far from cumming. Pulling out of her, I turned Zoe once again, lifted her and as her legs wrapped themselves around my waist once more, I lowered her pussy onto my waiting cock. Filling her we began to fuck hard, Zoe riding me, her tits rubbing against my chest, before she leant back, letting me see her tits in there full, wet majesty. Then both of us felt the other tense, as our bodies rippled with pleasure as we simultaneously came, Zoe's pussy flooding again, accepting mer cum as my cock exploded, sending my hot fluid deep into her.

Holding each other close, Zoe's muscles emptied me, until we both were drained.

Later as we toweled each other dry, we kissed and hoped that we both had a good day at work.


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