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Dancing in Flames- Part 3

Short story By: Awkoersalad

Kylie is the head cheerleader in her Highschool, and with the knockout quarterback as her boyfriend, her life is perfect. That is, until her English Teacher expresses his interest in her.

Submitted:Dec 9, 2012    Reads: 2,845    Comments: 12    Likes: 3   

I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped bit around me. "Damnit this is Danielvs... I guess it will have to do." As I rush downstairs I can feel my boobs spilling out of the small towel, and my dripping hair leaving puddles on each step. "Ky!" "Ollie!!" I say, as my boyfriend sweeps me into a bear hug. "I just wanted to say that I won't be able to come to school tomorrow... Family Drama" "Aww... Im So sorry" I say, but inside I'm dancing with joy. Without Oliver I'll have more time to see Mr. Adams. "Well, I gotta go finish washing my hair... Text me!!" "Kay... Love you! "Yeah!" I respond, but I am only thinking about David. I finish washing my hair, and as I walk into my room, and idea pops into my head. I quickly set up a video camera and get into a Sexy 1/4 bra and silk panties. I turn the camera on and slowly do a 360, making sure to do some serious ass wiggling in the process. Then I step in front of the camera, and start to slip off one of my bra straps. Slowly, I bring it down and reveal my nipple for a split second before covering it back up. I repeat the process a couple times before slowly running my hands down my fit body. I do a slow body roll and swing my ass around before playing with my panties. I slip my perfectly manicured fingers into the front of my panties and move then around before pulling them out again. I do this a few times before starting to play with my clit. I go in again, except this time I stick my middle finger deep inside my pussy, while using my other hand to massage my nipple till it becomes erect and you can see it through my bra. I moan as I slowly pull my finger out, and then I make a show as I lick up all the delicious juices. I keep doing this with my index, ring, and then all 3 fingers together. With a now hard nipple and swollen pussy, I turn around so my ass faces the camera, doggy style, and slap it a few times. By now, my juices have soaked through my whole panty, as it clings to my pussy. Then I use my 3 fingers and push them in, doggy style from the back. As I take my fingers out and suck up every last bit of honey, I use my other hand to rub up and down my pussy, outside the panty, getting it even wetter. Almost done, I turn around and show my round, full breasts to the camera once more, this time sticking my hand inside my bra, and pushing the two warm spheres together. I send the video to David, and after waiting hours for a response, I decide to just go to bed. THE NEXT MORNING... I wake up, on time today, and rush to my computer, checking for a response from David. To my satisfaction, he has sent me a video: of him masturbating. After watching it 3 times, my soaking pussy Is throbbing and my nipples are as hard as rocks. I decide to take another shower, I mean who knows what I must smell like. After a long, soothing shower, I wear matching lingerie- a bright pink lacy thong and push-up bra. On top of that, I wear a thin, nearly see-through white dress, that barely covers up my ass. To avoid getting grilled by my mom, I cover up with a skirt and a cute top. I rush downstairs and eat a parfait before jumping in my car. As soon as I sit down, I take off my covers and sit in the dress as I drive to school. As I walk down the hall I get a few whistles, but I ignore them all, thinking only of David. "Hey" I look around to check for any other kids "... Mr. Adams." "Good morning Kylie... What can I do for you?" "Oh, well I just wanted to drop off my homework assignment. " " Great!" He grinned at my boyishly as I handed him a piece of paper that said "Drop a lot of things today, and as you pick them up, look under my desk." I smiled back and took my seat just as the bell rung. As class started, I slipped my hand into my pussy and started working on it my quickly moving my fingers in and out of it, while using my other hand to rub my clit. I had to wrap my legs around the chair to stop moving and bite my bottom lip so I don't moan. About ten minutes into class, David "accidentally" dropped a stack of paper and as he scurried on all fours to pick them up. As he did so I could feel his gaze on my swollen pussy, and I just smiled. The rest of class seemed to fly by, and as I was heading out the doorway, he whispered "My house, 6:00, wear something nice." END OF PART THREE (sorry it's short)


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