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Dancing in Flames- Part 2

Short story By: Awkoersalad

Kylie is the head cheerleader in her Highschool, and with the knockout quarterback as her boyfriend, her life is perfect. That is, until her English Teacher expresses his interest in her.

Submitted:Dec 8, 2012    Reads: 3,282    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

"Damnit!!" I cursed as a struggled to button up my blouse.

"Here, let me help" As he buttoned it up, his hand brushed over my breast and I could feel my nipples getting erect. I pulled my silky hair over them. A small grin appeared on his face, as we rushed out of the bedroom and to the table. As soon as we sat down, the door swung open

"And uh… that's why some people think of Gatsby as a Chri-"

"Hey David!! Whassup?? And Oooh who's this??" He grinned at me as I took a sudden interest in my skirt."

"Oh, uh... hey Ben… you're … uh… home early…"

"We were going to hit the club today… right??"

"Oh um yeah… but I got caught up with… one of my… students, Ky."

"Lie…Kylie." My cheeks felt like they were on fire

"Ooohh, she's a good one" His eyes scanned my body. I didn't think I could get any warmer, but apparently, I was wrong. Wait, does David bring his students home often?? Anger bubbled up inside of me.

"BEN!!" David snapped "Did I not make it clear?? SHE'S ONE OF MY STUDENTS!! She came over to talk to me about the homework 'cause she missed school!!"

"Sorry, Sorry… Yeesh" Ben sat down on the couch and turned on the Tellie.

"Ahem" David Cleared his throat "Could you crash at Reagan's today??" Ben rolled his eyes

"Fine… But what happened to bros before hoes??"

"She's a student Ben." I could see his jaw clenching, and my anger was completely forgotten as I could feel my pussy juices starting to flow. Ben angrily stalked out of the room and we heard the door slam shut behind him.

"Now, where were we?" I attempted to say seductively. He just laughed

"Just come here" He picked me up and I straddled his waist, feeling his photoshopped abs rubbing against my soaking pussy. A cheeky grin appeared on his face.

"Wow, you get turned on easily" He smiled, and I just blushed. Suddenly he started kissing me, our tongues intertwined, our bodies one. Somewhere in the heat of it all, our clothes had been shed. As he started to work his way down my body, He stopped at my boobs, taking them in and molesting each centimeter of them. I could feel my juices flowing, but not only out of my vagina. He moaned

"Mmmm, your milk is like warm womanly honey." I giggled as he said so, but I scooted up and gripped the headboard.

"If you think that's good, wait till you taste the syrup from my pussy."

"I can smell it, and I feel like I'm in heaven"

"Shhhh… enough talking." I pushed him down towards my freshly waxed, but swollen mound, and as I straddled my legs into the perfect splits, years of cheerleading finally paid off. He started at my thighs, slowly teasing me as he kissed each inch up to my vagina. Ever so softly, he said

"I'm dying to get inside you," His hot breath tickling me and warming me to my core. This was it; this was what I had been waiting for. I smiled as I shut my eyes, expecting his long, hard cock inside me, but it never came. Instead his tongue made rounds in my slit, licking the insides of my pussy lips. My vagina was throbbing, asking for more. I could feel his teeth grazing me, while he nibbled my clit it ached and throbbed as I yearned for more. I moaned slowly, and a smile of satisfaction appeared on his face,but still, he was not entering me. I cried out

"I need you inside me David!!"

"You don't know how bad I want that- but I guess we're both going to have to wait" He grinned, knowing how much control he had over me. I just groaned.

"Slowly, his mouth made an "o" shape as he wrapped it around my clit, and started sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. My heart was racing, and tears streamed down my face as I waited for more. Then suddenly, it stopped and as I felt something slimy enter me, the tears stopped. That's it, were almost there. His hands massaged my round, firm boobs as his tongue slowly went about an inch in. He felt around my pussy walls, and then slowly pulled out.

"That's it?? No more?? I've been waiting for so long and that's all you give me??" I started rambling on an on as he shut me up with a passionate kiss. I could taste my juices on his tongue, and I licked them up. He pulled away, and got off the bed, and slowly started putting his clothes on.

"That's it for today Ky" He grinned, but by the bulge in his pants I knew he wanted more as bad as I did.

"Wait… why did we stop?? Damnit David!!"

"Its 6:00- Volleyball just ended"

"But I could just say I'm sleeping at Kaitlin's!!"

"I want to learn how to control myself, and I can't fuck you on the first day… I have too many feelings for you" Too many feelings?? Is he Serious?? I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

"I-I I guess I understand," I said as tears ran down my face. He pulled me into a hug and nuzzled his face into my neck.

"I'm going to drive you home, kay? But I'll see you tomorrow. He kissed me slowly, but deeply, and I knew he wanted more.

"Okay." I nodded my head in understanding, and as much as I wanted more, deep down I thanked him for taking it slow. I knew it wasn't just a one-night stand, and that unlike other boys I met, he didn't want me so he could fuck me hard; he wanted me for me. As if he was reading my mind, Dacid slowly whispered in my ear

"I just want you to know that I fuck slowly. Whenever it happens, I'm not going to thrust inside of you hard, or bounce you around like a pogo stick. Ben showed me what happens to girls when that happens, and it's obvious they're in pain. I've always thought that making love to someone should be slow and soft, and I know you'll agree." I smiled

"Thank You" I whispered back. We got into his car, and he dropped me a block away from my house. I sprinted home and as I opened the front door, my mum called out

"Hey Honey, how was Volleyball? You look exhausted… and you don't smell too great either." As soon as she said that, my 13 year old brother, Daniel dropped my thong from the top of the stairs.

"You girls are so gross… I mean seriously?? Why would you shove your underwear up your ass??" I grinned as I said

"You'll never get it Daniel" My mum just laughed

"Go take a shower Kile"

"Yes, sir" She glared at me playfully as I went up the stairs.

I took a long, warm shower and smiled. My heart was racing, and all I could think about was David's body, and how I couldn't wait till first period tomorrow. Sadly, my fantasies were interrupted by the doorbell and the sound of my mum's voice yelling

"Kile… Oliver's at the door!"




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