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Dancing in Flames- Part 1

Short story By: Awkoersalad

Kylie is the head cheerleader in her Highschool, and with the knockout quarterback as her boyfriend, her life is perfect. That is, until her English Teacher expresses his interest in her.

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"Honey!! You're getting Late! Oliver's waiting outside!!"

I yawned as woke up to the sound of my mum yelling from the kitchen. I looked at the clock resting on my bedside table. 7:00.

"SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" I cursed under my breath.

I ran into my closet and pulled out the first thing I saw. A short pencil skirt and a thin white blouse. This should do, I thought to myself, as I jumped in the shower and quickly shaved my long tan legs. Let's just say I had been visually blessed. Within the past few years, I had filled out, with 32CC boobs and a nice round ass, topped with straight long brown hair that reached the small of my back.

I quickly pulled on the skirt and rushed downstairs. "Hi mum… sorry I'm late!!" I grabbed and apple and greedily munched on it as I shoved my bag into my boyfriend's car.

"Hey babe." I smiled and kissed him softly.

"Mm… your lips taste great" He went in for another, and I giggled as I saw his eyes go wide when he realized he was kissing my apple.

"Ky!!" He called me by my nickname "Step on it" I responded "I don't want to be late to Mr. Adam's class again!!"

As we pulled up to the school, I gave Oliver a quick peck on the cheek and rushed to class. I slipped into my seat just seconds before the bell rang.

"Again, Ms. Binett?" I looked down as I reached into my bag and pulled out my notebook." As my crossed legs rubbed together, it felt unusual, until I realized I had forgotten my undergarments in my bathroom.

"I'm sorry, Kylie, but I think the question was what your opinions on Gatsby's house parties were." I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks, as the class laughed.

"Well, Ga-"Thankfully I was cut off by the bell. I stuffed by books inside my bag and turned to head out the door when I heard the husky voice of Mr. Adams.

"Kiley, can we talk for a second?"

"I-I- I have to get to class, sir."

"Ky" There was an awkward pause" "lie… Kylie don't call me that. Please, call me David."

"Um okay… David." I said, unsure of where this was heading."

"As I was saying, I would like to know what you were thinking about when I asked you the question in class."

"Um, I would rather not share."

"Kylie, if something is distracting you, I need to know about it." Flustered by his persistence, I dropped my pencil. As I bent down to pick it up, a small grin appeared on Mr. Adam's face, as by bare ass came into his line of eyesight.

"Kylie" he repeated

I looked down and slowly whispered "I just realized that I was in such a rush this morning, I forgot to wear any lingerie." A slight bulge appeared underneath his waistline.

"I can see that" He smiled as the bulge grew, pressing up against the zipper of his pants. I looked up at his face and realized for the first time just how handsome he was. He had a smooth face with a very prominent jawline, and stunning blue eyes that contrasted with his dark hair. Every nerve in my body urged me to rest my hands on his chiseled face, but I resisted. Thankfully, he didn't. Suddenly, I felt his hot breath tickle my neck, as his erection pressed into my belly-button, and my round breasts felt the bottom of his ribcage. He slipped a note into my hand, and suddenly, I could feel my nipples hardening and my vagina throbbing, starting to get wet. Then, as quickly as it started, he released me, and calmly strode over to his desk, as if nothing had happened.

"You are free to leave, Mrs. Binett; I will send an email to your second period teacher." As I walked through the doorway, I could fee; the note weighing down in my hand, so I opened it up and read it.

"Meet me here, and don't tell anyone where you are going" An address was listed underneath it.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, and as the bell rung indicating that school was over, I told Oliver to go home without me, because I had volleyball practice. As soon as he left, I typed in the address in my phone and followed the directions. It led me to a small town house, and I was worried I had come to the wrong place, but as soon as I rang the doorbell, I knew there was no mistake.

The door suddenly swung open, and I stood there, reeling my jaw back in. In front of me stood 22 years of pure gorgeous, in nothing but basketball shorts.

"H-High Mr. Adams… Er…. Um David." I managed to muster. He grinned.

"Come on in Ky… Mind if I call you that?"

"Uh sure… David." It would take me a while to get used to calling him that. His house smelled like vanilla and… pizza?

"Have a seat Ky" I quickly sit down in the love seat and awkwardly cross my legs. David sat down next to me, and put his hand on my bare thigh. I smiled as my pussy began to get wet. As soon as I realized that I might damage the chair, I spring up and say

"I think I would prefer to stand."

He responds with a simple "Okay" and puts on a boyish grin that I instantly fall for.

"Uh, so… not to sound arrogant or anything but why am I hear again?" I said, trying to discontinue the awkward silence.

"Ky, I've liked you ever since you first walked into my class, with those booty shorts convering your tight but round, a loose, thin throwover outlining your bra-less ches, and black heels that made your legs look like heaven."

"You remember what I wore last year??"

"Of course I do Ky, your lush boobs were bouncing around like there was no tomorrow. It turned me on instantaneously, but as soon as you fell for Oliver, my heart was crushed. By the quick glances we shared in class, I thought you felt the same way about me."

I suddenly leaned in and kissed in square on the mouth; first softly and then hungrily asking for more. He slowly slid his tongue in my mouth, and explored all the crevices in it. I wrapped my hands around him, up his chiseled hipbones and around his toned abs. We stood there, and kissed for what felt like hours, our bodies intertwined. But it wasn't enough. I wanted more, and I could tell he did, too, by his massive erection. My hands slowly crept in the back of his shorts, massaging his firm ass. I felt the warmth of his hands move down from my face to the hem of my blouse, as he slowly pulled it over my head. As I dropped his shorts, he slowly slid my skirt off, as he gaped at me in awe. Suddenly, I was self-conscious, and I looked down at my body in shame. He broke the silence as he said.

"Don't be ashamed. I knew you would be pretty but I didn't realize you were this beautiful." I smiled as my eyes scanned his body, and I saw the blush creeping on his face as they stopped at his thick, 10-inch penis.

"Mr… Adams?" I was awestruck- as if I had completely forgotten how to speak. This time, it was his turn to smile. Our lips locked again, and we made our way to his room. I flopped on his bed and straddled my legs, hoping he would take control. He used the tip of his 10 inches to flick my clit, and tease me, without ever actually entering. His mouth found my boobs, and he used his tongue to trace the outline of my areola. Slowly, he wrapped his mouth around my erect nipple, massaging it with his teeth, and biting and sucking on it till it was sore. He did the same with the other one.

"Hey, are you okay… I don't wanna hurt you"

"I was okay...until I stopped feeling your mouth around my boob." He chuckled, and slowly moved his mouth down my stomach, when we heard a door unlock…


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