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Love Thy Neighbor Part 1

Short story By: augusta884

"Matt hears his neighbor's headboard hit his wall each night and wonders what the woman on the other side of the wall looks like and most important how he can get in on the action.."

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Every single night it seemed like Matt listened to the headboard in his neighbors apartment hit the wall behind his bedroom wall. It always lasted twenty to thirty minutes each session and he could hear the woman next door really getting into it each time. He wondered what she looked like…and most importantly if he could satisfy her the same way…

In the coming weeks he looked around in the parking lot to try to see who lived in the apartment next to him..finally he spotted an amazing and beautiful woman with short brown hair with redish highlights, large tits, amazing hips and a nice ass walking into the apartment. He knew he needed to think of a way to talk to her. The next day he saw her car pull in and he ran downstairs, "Hey! I don't think we've met..I live in 2-C" he said happily. "Hi, we haven't met, I'm Trish, I know most of my neighbors are you new here?" she asked. "Not really, been here about two almost three months" he replied. "Oh! I'm sorry we haven't been introduced sooner" she smiled. "Same here" he smiled back. "I'll see you around? Let me know if you ever need anything ok?" he said. "sounds good, thanks!" she smiled. Over the next couple of weeks Matt tried to "come home" or "leave" around the same time as Trish did in attempt to make conversation. During which he learned that her husband traveled a few times a year and when he did he was gone around two weeks each time overseas. Matt liked this… he also learned that she was a big fan of horror movies and listened to rock music mostly. He also learned that she hated to be alone when he traveled as she feared being alone at night…Matt also liked this!

Very soon Trish's husband headed off to Japan for his business trip for 2 weeks and Trish invited Matt over for dinner in hopes of fulfilling her nights with some company and easing her fears of being in the apartment alone. The first night they had dinner and watched Saw. The second night they kicked back a few drinks and listened to some classic rock and he started to hint to Trish seeing if he could get her to make any moves first. Trish laid her head in his lap and kicked her feet up on the couch end and started telling him about the problems with her marriage and her husband's beliefs about being a wife. Matt knew this could be good for him and played it cool for another day, reassuring her that it was going to be alright and she was perfect the way she was and not all marriages are perfect. The third night over they had dinner once again and he was surprised to see her dressed sexier than he had ever seen her. Her normal jeans and a low cut top had been changed out for a see thru black silk blouse that dipped very low with a short red skirt with red and black heels. Trish opened the door smiling from ear to ear… excited she asked, "how do I look?" he smiled back. "You're gorgeous" he replied. She took his hand and led him inside to the table, she had a candlelit dinner set. Matt grinned knowing this could lead to an amazing night…

Trish sat across from him at the table sipping her mixed drink, "would you like another beer, maybe a shot?" she offered. "A beer sounds good, liquor makes me do things I probably shouldn't..atleast with you" he smiled as he told her. She quickly smiled back, "I'll be right back" she returned with a beer and 2 shots. "what's that?" he asked. "Tequila" she replied. "ahhhhh" he nodded. She slid one glass over to him along with his beer. They both downed their shots and she instantly refilled them from the bottle on the table. "Here's to our growing friendship" she cheered. They downed another set of shots. After six shots and a few more beers and drinks they were both feeling good. "It's pretty warm in here" she said with a slight slur. "Agreed" he said. She turned on the A/C and they stepped outside until it cooled down. As they stood on the balcony he couldn't help but realize her skirt barely covered her round ass as she leaned over the balcony. "Are you staring at my ass?" she asked laughing as she turned around. "Yep" he said without even blushing, "It's really nice, I like that skirt by the way" he told her. "Hmmm…Matt are you hitting on me?" she asked as she stepped closer to him. "Maybe…" he said with a grin. "Maybe? Well, guess I'll have to make the first move because maybe's not good enough" she said leaning into kiss him. Matt enjoyed the moment feeling his tongue explore the beautiful woman's mouth, she was an amazing kisser he thought to himself, he couldn't wait to feel that same tongue along his cock he thought as he felt his cock start to get hard. Trish finally leaned back and smiled, "you're a great kisser, what else can you do?" she giggled. "Let me show you" he said as he pulled her back inside and kissed her neck running his tongue up and down her neck in between kisses. Trish threw her head back and moaned softly, wrapping her arm around his neck. "Just a minute" she said. She returned with the shot glass and tequila taking two last shots then grabbed his hand and led him down the hall making a turn into the bedroom. They started to kiss again as they laid down on the bed together, running their hands down each other's bodies. Matt ran his hand down her leg and back up sliding it underneath her short skirt feeling a velvet thong, he pushed it to the side and slid one finger across her opening…up and down then rubbed against her clit with gentle pressure finally sliding his finger inside. Trish was already grabbing the blanket, he could tell she loved to cum and he knew what he had heard was mostly her enjoying herself these past few months. She moaned and he slid another finger in and moving it in and out he made her moan louder, she rocked her hips grinding her pussy against his fingers. "Ohhhh!" she squealed as she started to cum. Matt was surprised he had never had any woman cum so fast simply from fingering her pussy. He felt her cum running down his fingers onto his hand. He got harder. He slid down and removed her thong from under her skirt. He started to lick the outside of her pussy teasing her, licking up and down the slit then sliding one finger in while he licked her clit fast in circles. Trish's hips came off the bed as she moaned and grabbed the comforter tight. "Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh yes! Oh Matt, make me cum!" she screamed in pleasure. Matt circled his tongue along the inside of her pussy up and down continuing to slide one finger in and out as he did. Trish completely lost it cumming in Matt's mouth. "Ohhhh fuck yeah!" she screamed again bucking her hips against his waiting mouth. Matt continued to lick as she kept cumming, feeling her cum run along his tongue and into his mouth. Trish's body finally fell to the bed. Matt leaned up and slid her shirt off revealing a matching bra to her thong he removed before. He unhooked her bra exposing her large tits and big nipples. He caressed both of her tits as he began to lick one nipple circling his tongue around the entire nipple before sucking on it. Trish moaned, "Mmmm your tongue is incredible" as she relaxed and enjoyed his skills. He continued to tease her nipples and slowly pinched the other nipple then gently bit down on the one he had been sucking. "Mmmm…feels so good Matt" she moaned quietly. He squeezed her tits again and moved back to kissing her neck. Trish pushed him off to the side of her, "I must return the favor" she said as she slowly pulled his shorts down and started stroking his cock. "Wow, what a nice cock, it's got to be over nine inches" she told him. "About that" he smiled. "Mmm I love it" she said wrapping her mouth around it taking it into her wet mouth he could feel her throat hit the backside of his cock. She managed to take it all the way in her mouth. "Mmmm feels so good, please keep going" he moaned. She slid his hard cock in and out of her hot mouth feeling it get harder each time. Trish started to play with his balls while she continued to take his cock in and out of her mouth, she ran her tongue up and down his hard cock licking the head down to his balls. Matt moaned a little louder and ran his fingers through her hair. Trish got his cock soaked from her mouth and started stroking it again finally sliding his hard cock in between her tits. He slid easily in between her large tits. She moaned and licked the head each time he came to the top. "Mmmm those tits are amazing" he told her sliding in between them. "You ready for something even more amazing?" she asked. "ohhhh yeah" he said. She slid her skirt off and he took off his shirt. Trish kicked off her heels and straddled Matt sliding down on top of his hard long cock taking it inside inch by inch he felt how warm and wet her pussy felt. "Mmmm" he moaned as she slid it completely inside. "Ohhhh" she moaned back as she started to slide up and down on his hard cock. Trish started to ride his hard cock bouncing up and down on it as her tits bounced with the rhythm. Matt reached up and grabbed her tits and continued to play with her nipples as she pushed on his chest and rode his cock harder, moaning each time it slid inside. "Mmmm, I think I'm about to cum" she moaned. Matt thrust harder with his hips slamming his hard cock into her wanting to feel her cum again. He could hear the headboard behind him hitting the wall in rhythm and couldn't help but remember how many nights he jacked off to hearing her bang her husband and loved the fact that tonight it was him instead. About that time Trish started to cum, Matt continued to thrust hard and fast feeling her cum flood down his cock and onto his balls before finally dripping onto the sheets. "Ohhhhh fuck yes! Ohhhh damn I'm cumming so hard" she moaned. "Ohhhh yeah cum for me baby, cum on my hard cock!" he told her. Trish climbed off and laid back on the bed, Matt rolled between her legs sliding his cock into her wet pussy again. Trish started rubbing her tits playing with her nipples and licking her tits while Matt steadily moved his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Matt rubbed her clit with his thumb as he slid in and out. "Your pussy is so wet, I love the way it feels" he said as he thrust harder. "Mmmm your cock feels so damn good Matt you are making me cum like crazy, I love the way it feels!" she said. Matt took his cock out and teased her clit with the head, rubbing it up and down against her clit. "Mmmm, Mmmm, Ohhhh! Damn!" she said as she wiggled on the bed. He shoved his cock back in hard and moved in and out again, then took it out and teased her clit again. Trish wanted to cum so bad she couldn't handle it! Matt shoved his cock back in a second time and she started to cum. "oooohhhh yeah cum on my cock" he told her as he moved in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh yes!" Trish moaned out of breath. Matt pulled his cock out once she stopped cumming and she licked it again for him sucking it clean. "Mmmm" he moaned. Trish got on all fours and Matt slid in doggy style from behind , he could feel every inch slide in and out of her from this position and was afraid he wouldn't last too long in this position. He moved in and out as Trish pushed back making him fuck her pussy harder. She moaned with every thrust and he ran his hand up and down her back before pulling her hips against his cock hard and steady. Moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy Trish bit the pillow hard. "Ohhh take my cock baby, take that big cock in that tight pussy" he said as he moved in and out listening to Trish moan and the headboard hit the wall harder with every thrust. Matt knew he was about to cum all inside of this beautiful woman and wasn't sure if she really wanted that or not. "Can I cum in you?" he asked half out of breath. "Cum in my hot pussy Matt, cum for me!" she screamed in pleasure! "Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh I'm cumming" he said as he thrust hard into her pussy and Trish could feel every drop of his cum shoot into her wet pussy. "Mmmm I feel that hot cum Matt, feels so good" she said as she pushed back against him to take it all. Matt pumped the last few drops into her and finally pulled his cock out. Both collapsed to the bed out of breath. "You are incredible!" she told him. "You are too" he replied. Trish slid over and cuddled with Matt. "Thank you for keeping me company tonight, will you stay the night with me? Please?" she asked. He looked at those gorgeous eyes, how could he say no?...


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