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"Kyle's a great guy..."

Short story By: augusta884

Kyle and Lila had been best friends for a long time and always had some sexual attraction to one another but never acted on it...until Kyle's girlfriend started being distant and both were in need for something more than a friendship...

Submitted:Jan 8, 2011    Reads: 1,764    Comments: 0    Likes: 3   

Lila and Kyle were close friends and enjoyed being around each other but since Kyle had a girlfriend their time was limited to hang out and they both agreed they did better as friends. One night Kyle broke down and confessed to Lila that he and his girlfriend weren't doing so well, his girlfriend had started having an attitude towards him and never wanted anything to do with him when he was around. He wasn't sure what was up. Lila tried to talk him through it reassuring him that he was a great guy. Kyle made a remark about Lila being the only one who cared about him and Lila just smiled and said "of course I do" then Kyle leaned in and kissed Lila. At first Lila was a bit surprised and pulled back from the kiss…then Kyle put his hand on her soft face and kissed her again and she kissed back. She was feeling something more than friendship at that moment and decided it was worth acting on. She paused for a moment, "will this affect us?" Kyle silenced her and kissed her again. Lila started kissing Kyle's neck softly and Kyle ran his fingers through Lila's long dark hair. Kyle started kissing Lila again and kissed her neck softly in return…Lila threw her head back and moaned softly. Kyle slowly worked his tongue over her neck and nibbled at her ear. Lila ran her hands over Kyle's arms and chest, stopping to unbutton his shirt. Kyle continued to kiss Lila's neck and moving down to her chest. Lila's shirt was very low cut and revealed her large tits. Kyle started licking her tits and squeezing them. Lila quickly took her top off and revealed a lacy blue bra and her DD tits. Kyle slowly unhooked her bra and started sucking and licking at her large nipples. Lila started rubbing her clit through her jeans and pushed Kyle's mouth onto her tits even more. Kyle was in heaven with her large tits, he had always checked them out when they were around each other. Lila slowly unbuttoned Kyle's jeans and slid them down and rubbed his hard dick through his boxers. Kyle was super hard already and knew he couldn't wait to feel Lila's tight pussy. Lila slid down between his legs and pulled out his hard throbbing dick and slowly licked the head tasting his precum starting to flow. Lila took his hard dick deep into her waiting mouth and ran her tongue up and down with him fully in her mouth. Kyle moaned and threw his head back running his fingers through her hair watching her beautiful mouth go up and down on his hard dick. Lila moved up and down taking his entire big dick all the way in with each thrust. She took her hand and moved it up and down his dick each time she went up and down with her mouth and her other hand played with herself. She squeezed her nipples while she licked his balls down to his asshole. Kyle's body jumped he had never had anyone do that to him before..but he loved it. She did it again making Kyle jump. Then slid him back into her hot waiting mouth. Finally she stood up and slid her remaining clothes off and started teasing him by laying down in front of him and playing with her wet pussy. She slid one finger in and then out slowly tasting her own juices. Kyle's dick throbbed harder, he was so turned on. Lila slid her finger back in and slowly squeezed her nipple harder and harder…Kyle knew that Lila was a bit on the goth side at heart and knew she liked things rough and she loved to visit that fine line between pleasure and pain. Lila squeezed her clit hard making herself scream. Then took her own tit into her mouth and bit down on the nipple showing Kyle what she wanted. Kyle slid over next to her and bit down on her other nipple gently at first…"Harder!" Lila insisted. Kyle bit down harder feeling his dick get even harder. Lila slid two of Kyle's fingers into her wet pussy moaning with each inch. Finally she slid in the third Kyle forced it in and Lila moaned loud! Kyle started stroking his hard dick unable to take the feeling. Lila thrust against his hand forcefully bringing herself to climax, she squealed loudly and came all over his hand. Kyle was surprised how soaked his hand was. Then Lila climbed on top of him slowly sliding onto his hard dick and with every inch both of them moaned together. Lila bit his nipple and she slid down completely onto his hard dick. Kyle loved it! Lila squeezed her tits together and started licking them while she started to ride Kyle's large dick. Kyle thrust his dick deep into Lila's pussy feeling her get wetter with each stroke. "You like when I ride your hard dick?" Lila asked. Kyle nodded and started pulling her hips down getting as deep into her as he could. "You want me to cum all over your hard dick?" Lila asked. "yes, baby please cum for me, all over my dick" Kyle answered. Lila rocked her hips hard and rubbed her clit fast, her breathing got fast and her moaning got louder, "OH! Kyle! I am going to cum! Make my pussy cum for you!" Kyle fucked Lila as hard and fast as he could ramming his long dick deep into her. Lila bounced up and down hard making her tits bounce in the air, finally cumming all over his hard dick. Kyle could feel her juices soak his dick and feel them run down his dick onto his balls. He had never been with a woman that came so hard. Lila slowly rocked on his dick, "fuck me from behind, I want it hard as you can…fuck me!" Kyle rolled her over and slid her to the edge of the bed…standing next to the bed he slowly entered her tight soaked pussy. Lila started thrusting against him instantly, wanting more. Kyle started to move in and out as hard and fast as he could. "Pull my hair!" Kyle started pulling Lila's hair and fucking her hard from behind. Lila screamed loudly cumming all over his dick again! Kyle slowly pulled out of her and worked his way into her even tighter ass. Lila had no objection. Kyle started ramming her ass hard and Lila fingered her pussy while he fucked her. Lila started screaming at Kyle, "fuck me harder! I need that hard dick of yours, I've needed it so long!" Kyle fucked Lila harder with every thrust. "I'm going to make you addicted to my dick bitch!" Kyle found himself screaming before he realized it. Lila got even more excited cumming all over her hand. "That's right whore cum all over your hand while I fuck you, you love when I fuck you don't you?" Lila squealed in excitement and pleasure, "YES! Fuck me hard" Kyle replied, "I'm fucking you hard whore you want me to cum in your ass?" Lila shook her head, "No cum in my face I want to taste your fucking cum!" Kyle pulled out quickly and rolled Lila over cumming harder than he ever had before all over her beautiful face. Lila sucked his dick clean and rubbed the cum over her mouth and tits. "You're a great fuck Kyle" Kyle replied out of breath, "you are too, beautiful".


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