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A Little Tied up on New Years

Short story By: Asmodeus69

This is a short, erotic story I wrote a while ago, it is about a couple who are supposed to be going to a party on New Year's Eve but end up getting 'A Little Tied Up'

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I turned off the shower and got out, the cold bit at my wet, naked flesh so I quickly picked up a towel and put it round my waist, and sat on the toilet lid, I was here visiting my girlfriend for the new year and we had the house to ourselves tonight while her mum was out at her boyfriend's house and her brother was at his mate's house.
She, herself was waiting for me in the bedroom as I decided to spend a little longer in the shower after she decided it was time for her to get out.
I looked to my right and saw my bag and decided to root through it for my deodorant, I then took it out and gave myself a quick spray with it and put it back into the bag, then my hand bumped something cold and hard, I looked down into the depths of my bag and spied a set of handcuffs, they were rather plain and made of steel, they looked rather strong and that is why I had bought them, yet I had not yet tried them out.
I picked them out of the bag and held them in my hands, then a grin came across my face and I stood up and picked up my bag, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where she was waiting patiently for me.
I walked in and found her almost dressed, she was wearing a pink bra which was holding her massive bosom, she was also wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms which were white with little bits of light pink on them in a pattern of some description, I walked over to the other side of the bed and put the bag down on the floor, still clutching the cuffs in my other hand and grinning to myself.
"Babe" she suddenly said, "You going to get ready to go out then?"
We were supposed to be going to her friend's party today to celebrate new years, but I was way too frustrated to go through an entire party before I could get my hands on her warm, soft, flesh.
I turned to face her, still holding the cuffs,
"Babe" I began, "I'm not sure we should go to the party"
She looked at me slightly taken aback, "Why not?" she asked,
I smiled, "I'm just not in the party mood to be honest babe" I said as innocently as possible,
"Oh" she said, looking slightly upset by this, "But I told them we would be there tonight babe"
"Can't you just call them and tell them you're ill or something?" I asked, "I want to spend the night with just you"
"Not really, I don't want to lie to them" she said, "They're my friends after all and they wanted us to all be together through to the new year"
"But babe" I pleaded, "I want to spend it with only you"
I grinned and looked at her, eyes aflame with desire, I then walked around the bed to where she was standing and kissed her softly on the lips, she looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and then grinned deviously and pinned her quickly on the bed, she gasped as I did this and grinned at me, I grinned back and moved her slowly up the bed until she was at the top with her hands by the headboard,
"Babe" she said, "We need to get going to the party"
"Please can we not go?" I sighed, "I really don't like some of the people there and I just don't feel like drinking tonight"
She smiled at me and said "Ok babe, but as I said a second ago we need an excuse not to go and I'm not lying to them"
I grinned at this and brought forth the handcuffs from beside her, "Tell them you're a little tied up at the moment"
She grinned deviously at this and bit her lip, staring into my eyes with desire, I then slowly pulled her hands to a pole on the headboard and cuffed her to it, she grinned at this and I sat back on the bed and picked up her phone, "You want to call them then?" I asked, still grinning at her.
"Ok then" she said, "Call the number and bring it to my ear then babe"
I rung the number and put the phone by her ear and lay next to her, my head resting on my hand.
"Hey" she said to her friend on the phone, "I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight..." she began, then without warning I moved my head down, resting the phone on the bed next to her head so she could still use it and I began to run my finger tip up and down her stomach softly, she let out a slight gasp noise as I did this and bit her lip, "...Sorry" she said down the phone, "I really can't make it, I'm pretty tied up right now"
I grinned widely as she said this and traced my fingertip down a little further to the brim of her jeans and traced it along the top of them.
She bit her lip again, "I'm really sorry I can't be there" she said, biting her lip again, "I can't really get free right now so I really can't get there"
I traced my finger back over to the front of her jeans, just under the brim but not inside her underwear, and moved my hand onto her jeans button and undid it, unzipping the flies and then I pulled the jeans off and threw them on the floor.
"Ok" she said, still on the phone, "I'll speak to you later then... ok,bye"
I moved up the bed and took the phone, hanging it up, I then stood up and went over to the TV, turned it on and put the phone on top of it and walked back over to the bed and crawled over to her side, she bit her lip as I approached, "Now you have me" she said deviously, "What are you going to do?"
I grinned silently and straddled her and leant over her looking at her in the eyes, "You'll have to wait and see won't you?" I said and kissed her deeply, then leant down more and bit her neck and sucked it gently.
She let out a moan and bit her lip again, trying to quiet herself, I sucked a little harder, nibbling on her neck every now and then and slowly sliding my hands down her sides.
Then suddenly I sat upright and looked at her deviously, smiling at her,
She looked up at me and smiled back, biting her lip still and struggling a little in the handcuffs, "I want you, right here, right now" she whispered to me,
I grinned at her and leant down closer to her face, "Not yet babe" I said softly and grinned, then began kissing down her neck and onto her chest then down to her bra line and stopped.
"What's this doing here?" I asked softly and playfully, "We can't have this here"
I then reached around her back and unclipped her bra and pulled it off her breasts and put it above her head.
For a second I was mesmerised by her amazing bosom, this happened every time I saw her like this, her body was magnificent and it made me excited just to see it.
I felt my penis harden up under my towel, I bit my lip slightly and then looked down at her, she was grinning at me, "How long can you keep this up for then?" she asked playfully,
"Long enough to make you beg for it" I said, grinning at her,
"You wouldn't be that cruel would you?" she asked innocently, I just grinned at this and began kissing down her chest again, reaching her breasts and kissing onto the one on her right and licking around the nipple softly and slowly, making sure to let my tongue touch it very lightly every now and then, she struggled in the cuffs more now and bit her lip harder, letting out a little moan again and I smiled.
Then I moved my mouth over her nipple and started swirling my tongue around it, touching it more this time, I felt it harden up slightly in my mouth, I then repeated this on the other breast until both of her nipples were hard, then I moved down, so I was kneeling over her knees now and as I did so I kissed down her body, onto her stomach and then stopped just above her underwear and kissed here softly, then I bit it gently and sucked on her flesh.
She let out a moan at this and bit her lip to try and silence herself again, it worked a little but not much, she pulled harder on the cuffs, "Babe I want you right here, right now" she whispered to me,
"I don't hear begging" I said softly and grinned,
"I won't beg" she said playfully and bit her lip again as another moan emerged from her mouth.
"Then you won't get what you want" I replied and began to bite again, a little harder and sucked again, this left a love bite on her, I stopped then and moved my head down further and was met by her underwear, I took hold of the top of them in my teeth and pulled them off her slowly and threw them on the floor from my mouth.
Then I moved my head back up again and began to kiss slowly and softly up her thigh, she let out another slight moan as I did this.
Then I got close to her pussy, I stopped with my nose just next to it, I could smell the sweet aroma of her juices, she was wet for me, my cock got even harder as I looked upon the beauty in front of my eyes and after a slight pause I kissed up further.
My mouth was watering by the time I had kissed around the edge of her pussy and onto the area just above it, so I decided to satisfy my craving for a while instead of using the methods of teasing I had already utilised so I kissed slowly down again.
I kissed onto her clitoris and then stopped, my lips pursed around it, then she looked down on me, eyes aflame with passion and desire, "Please babe" she said, "Fuck me!"
I grinned at this and without warning I sucked on her clitoris.
She lay her head back down on the bed and I began to lick it, up and down at first, she began to moan softly at this and bit her lip again, I then sped up a little and she moaned more, I smiled to myself and decided to change it a little and I began to swirl my tongue on her clitoris, she moaned much louder now, arching her back slightly, pushing closer to me as I continued to suck and lick her clitoris.
I began then to slowly trace two fingers of one hand up her thigh and stopped just under her pussy, "Don't you dare" she said to me, moaning slightly as she did so, I smiled again, speeding up my licking a little and then traced my fingers up to her pussy lips and stuck the tips just inside her, then slowly pushed them fully inside.
She moaned much louder, and I began to move my fingers in a 'come here' sort of motion, she moaned even louder, biting her lip harder to keep quiet and arched her back more getting closer to me still.
I moved my fingers faster, feeling the juices on them and wanting to give into the urge I was feeling.
After a couple of minutes of this I finally gave in and took my fingers out of her and stopped sucking on her, I pulled my head back for a second and looked at her, she looked back at me and I pulled my fingers up to my mouth and licked up them, tasting her juices on my tongue, this sent a shiver down my spine and I then sucked all the juices off my fingers slowly and then looked at her deviously again, she bit her lip hard and looked back into my eyes, sexual frustration building up in her, "Please babe" she pleaded again, "Fuck me!"
I grinned again, "Not yet" I said playfully, "I want to taste you first"
I licked my lips slowly and moved my head back down between her legs and distended my tongue slowly towards her wet, warm pussy lips, getting closer and closer to her, the heat of her thighs caressing my face as I got close to her pussy, then my tongue tip touched her pussy lips and she let out a slight moan at this, I then moved down further, keeping my tongue in the same place but putting my lips onto her pussy lips and breathing on her slowly, then I slowly started licking up and down on her pussy lips, licking the juices on her outside, she moaned at this softly and I got a little faster, she moaned louder again, this time I decided to just go for it so I stuck my tongue inside her and continued to lick, she moaned loudly at this and arched her back once again, pushing her warm, moist pussy against my face, I liked this and took her thighs into my hands and pulled her a little more against my face, lapping up her juiced enthusiastically and swallowing them bit by bit.
I sped up again and she moaned louder, then I slowed down and stopped, pulling my head up to look at her again, I then licked my lips slowly and swallowed the last of her juices in my mouth, she bit her lip again, "Master please" she pleaded one again, "I'm begging you, please fuck me!"
I grinned and pulled myself up so my face was level with hers, "There we go" I said and smiled deviously, I then took off my towel and threw it on the floor to reveal my hard cock, she bit her lip as she looked at it with a stare full of desire.
I lowered myself down towards her a bit, my cock getting closer and closer to her warm, wet pussy, I could feel the heat again on my skin from her, I lowered yet further and took my cock in my hand and guided it onto her pussy and slowly stuck the tip inside her and stopped, she moaned as she felt the tip push past the lips of her warm pussy and then she bit her lip, "Please don't be mean master" she begged,
I grinned again and then without warning, pushed all of my cock inside her, she let out a loud gasping moan as she felt all of my cock push deep inside her, she bit her lip again and I started to thrust.
I began to thrust slowly at first, making sure about half of me was inside her at once and she moaned softly as I did this, I went a little faster and she moaned a little bit louder, then I slowed down again and kept shallow and soft.
I then leant my head forwards and bit her neck gently and sucked hard on it, leaving a love bite, I then pulled back slightly to look into her eyes and she looked back lustfully, "Give it to me hard!" she said to me, and I grinned and suddenly rammed all of my cock inside her and began to thrust much harder and faster inside her.
She moaned much louder and pulled harder on her cuffs, trying to get free to grip me, I sped up a little more and pushed a little harder, then moved my hand quickly up to her head and gripped her hair, not so hard as to hurt her and pulled her head backwards to reveal the front of her neck, and I then bit into it hard and sucked on it, pulling on the skin with my teeth and sometimes licking it slightly with my tongue, then I let go of her neck and her hair in one go and grabbed her breast with my now free hand, using the other to hold me up above her, I then gripped and caressed her breast in my hand, getting harder until I heard her moan louder and kept it that hard.
I then began to pull my body upwards so my cock was rubbing against the top of the inside of her pussy, she opened her eyes wide as I did this and moaned loudly, her head falling back against the bed.
I continued like this and pushed a little harder inside her, getting a little deeper, she moaned louder, and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in yet further.
I moaned now, unable to contain it any more, at first I felt embarrassed, my moan had always embarrassed me but for some reason now it felt good to let out the moaning, so I did, I moaned loud and she moaned yet louder, the sounds of her moans were melody to my ears, the touch of her flesh against mine was euphoric and her taste, still on my tongue was amazing, I was in complete ecstasy, and apparently, so was she.
I pushed faster inside and she gripped harder with her legs, moaning louder and moaning my name, I moaned too and she started to try and speak, "I'm... going... to... cum" she whispered through moans, I smiled at this and moaned a little more, she started to moan louder and faster, the moans building up to show her climax.
They got faster and faster and then she let out a loud moan and came, her body shaking from the orgasm, I slowed down slightly, grinned at her and sped up again, she moaned a bit louder again, then I moved in closer to her, so we were face to face, and I kissed her deeply and passionately, pushing faster inside her again, pumping inside her repeatedly and she started moaning louder again, I grinned and felt my orgasm start approaching, I started trying to hold it back, determined to make her cum again before me, she started to climax again, her moans getting faster and faster, my orgasm was becoming impossible to control.
I started pumping faster and faster, pushing deeper inside her, when I heard her moan loudly and felt her tighten up around my cock for a second, then I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me, and I came inside her, pushing as deep as I could with my cock.
She felt the cum enter her and moaned enthusiastically and bit her lip looking at me as I pumped my hot cum inside her, then the TV sounded through the room as the final bell rang to usher forth the new year.
I slowed down but by bit and stopped thrusting completely, then after a couple of seconds I pulled out of her and lay next to her, undid the cuffs round her wrists and she lay next to me, we turned to face each other and I smiled, "I love you" I said to her and this made her smile, "I love you too" she said.
She then tried to lift her arm to hug me but found it was mostly numb from pleasure so I helped her put it around me and then put my arm around her and we hugged up to each other and I pulled the duvet over us, then she nuzzled into my chest and whispered "Be mine forever?"
I smiled and whispered back, "I will babe, I promise"
Then there was a pause for a second and I realised something, "Oh babe" I said,
"Yeah?" she replied,
"Happy New Year" I said, and smiled,
She giggled slightly, "Happy New Year" she replied.


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