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Morning Surprise

Short story By: Ashfallen

Knowing he's alone, she sneaks in to surprise him, offering herself to him at long last, to do with as he pleases.

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You wake up, stumble out of bed, and trudge toward the bathroom. It's just another regular Friday morning. You're tired, as always, and vaguely looking forward to a hot shower and a cup of coffee or two to jumpstart your brain and get you ready for the day, when all you'd really like to do is fall back into bed and sleep. The house is quiet, and after a minute or two, you remember that everyone but you left yesterday for a trip, but you stayed behind because of work obligations and will be joining them on Saturday. You reach the bathroom, going about your normal routine, but when you flip on the light you find something quite out of the ordinary -- me. I've slipped in to surprise you, and there I am, waiting for you, naked, on my knees, risking rejection, risking embarrassment, risking my heart and my ego to offer myself to you in your rare moment of aloneness. Your heart races, and your mind tries to catch up... you stare down at me, incredulous -- a mixture of nervousness and excitement coursing through you. But your body doesn't wait for you to sort out your thoughts, emotions, fears, worries -- one sight of me, and you are hard as a rock, fully erect, and needy. The sight of you gives me a jolt of my own, and you can't help but notice my nipples, hard and raised, inviting you. You take a step toward me. You look down into my eyes, and I stare back, using up all the courage I have left to reach my hands toward you, pulling you closer. You're directly in front of me now, still staring down without a word. I know it's the moment of truth, and I'm terrified, but I hold my faux-confidence in check and stare back at you without flinching. As my fingers begin to slide up your legs, past your knees, around and in toward your inner thighs, my eyes locked on yours, waiting for any reaction, you reach your hand down and touch my cheek gently, and in an instant that simple gesture lets me know in an that it is ok, that the risk was worth it.

I close my eyes. For just a few seconds the only thing in the world is your caress on my cheek. Then I lean forward. My soft cheek slides along the smoothness of your cock from bottom to top. My hands find your rear, caressing, then half hugging you, half steadying myself as I begin to explore your sexy, manly body with my lips. Soft, gentle kisses start near your belly button, tracing a line slowly down to your balls, where my tongue joins in with the kisses, licking, flicking, kissing in turn. I hear you react, your quick inhales and low, almost growly exhales let me know I am pleasing you. I am fiercely in tune with your sounds and reactions, taking direction from them, giving more of the attention you like most, bringing you to higher and higher levels of arousal and desire. Every kiss, every lick and flick of my tongue, every squeeze and caress of your rear, let you feel and see and know and receive the love I have for you, more clearly and tangibly than words ever possibly could. There is magic flowing between us.

I kiss your cock, kissing it again and again, moving slowly upward each time until I reach the tip. I use one hand to hold your cock, squeezing slightly, then I kiss the very tip, lips parted, my tongue sliding out onto you to tease and swirl. I taste the salty drop of wetness that has escaped you, like a gift and a promise of what's to come. A wave of electricity passes over me, my desire and arousal overwhelming. My pussy tingles. Then my mouth slides down onto your cock, just a little at first, then up, then back down, taking more of your length with every down-stroke until you are fully buried in my mouth and throat. Mmmmmmmm so hot, so sexy are the feel and sight of you, the scent of you, the taste, and especially your sounds, letting me know you feel the magic too. I make love to you with my mouth and hands for the longest time, wanting only to give you everything your heart and body and passion desires, and giving you all of me.

I lose track of time, but after a long while I am jolted out of my trance by you stopping me, and pulling me to my feet. I'm confused, but follow your lead without question as you take me by the hand and lead me to the bed. Standing beside it, your lips are on mine, fast and furious kisses, like we've been starving and have found a banquet. Kissing, our tongues dancing, some bites and nibbles thrown in as we descend upon each other in a frenzy of love and desire. Your hand moves between my legs, no teasing or warning, just fingers sliding deeply into my wetness, probing, exploring, and readying me. I know what you have in mind, and my pussy gushes and pulses as I anticipate what's coming. You push me back, laying me back on the bed, with you still standing beside it, and before I have time to back up onto it all the way, you spread my legs, and plunge your cock DEEP inside of me, taking me, taking what is yours, and taking it HARD. My rear is part way off the bed, but you hold my legs up and open as you fuck me fast, hard and so deep. Need is winning out over gentleness in this moment, and there is nothing better. My softness yields eagerly, needy for your strength and hardness as your cock buries itself inside me over and over and over. I watch you, every movement and expression bringing me to a higher level of both love and arousal. There is truly nothing that compares with the union of love with its physical expression, and I am flying high in ecstasy! Your beautiful, perfect blue eyes tell me you feel it too. I stare right into your soul as we move together. I reach down, finding my clit, attacking it, circling on it, ready and needing to burst. You push my bent legs up, higher toward me, opening me to you better, burying yourself even deeper inside me.

My screams come in an instant. You stop moving in me, and while buried deep inside, you lean down and kiss me as I cum, as my body rides the waves of release, muffling my sounds a bit as my pussy pulses and clenches and squeezes your cock, wave after wave after wave.

You remain still inside me as I open my eyes, still flying high. Kissing deeply, I can't help but wonder if I'm in a perfect dream. Between kisses I gasp out whispers of my overwhelming love for you in broken words. You stand up again, move in and out of me a couple more times slowly, then you pull out! I am thrown off guard by this and whimper, immediately missing the fullness of you inside me.

You smile at my obvious confusion and want, and say "I want you to drink it." You climb into bed, and I move to you, my hand stroking you as I steal another few kisses, then my mouth is on you, picking up where my cumming pussy left off. I am amazed by how unbelievably sexy it is to taste myself on you! My sex mixed with yours is just about the most mind-blowing thing ever. I pump my mouth onto you, following your reactions, focusing on nothing in the world except giving and pleasing the man I love and adore. Making you happy is the best pleasure of all. You watch me move on you, the sight of my head moving up and down, of your cock disappearing in my mouth sending you back into a frenzy of need. Your hand moves to the back of my head, running through my hair, petting me, then guiding me, showing me exactly how you want me to move. Faster and faster, until you erupt like a fountain deep in my throat. I gulp and drink and suck every last drop, sucking you dry, and grateful for the gift.

Eventually I sit up, lick my lips, and move up into the crook of your arm. You hold me close, me on my side facing you, my breasts pressed close. I kiss your cheek, whispering so softly "I love you, I love you, I love you. I love only you, for always, with all that I am.

You call in sick, and we spend all day and all night lost in each other, giving, receiving, enjoying, and loving.


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