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Morning Steam

Short story By: Ashfallen

Accidentally alone at last, she offers herself to him in a steamy bathroom; he hungrily accepts.

Submitted:Aug 6, 2014    Reads: 1,675    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

I wake, and walk into the bathroom, not realizing you are already in there. You are just exiting the shower as I walk in, and I freeze, staring at your wet, naked body. The room is full of the steam from your long, hot shower. The warmth on my skin, and into my lungs is invigorating. For a second or two I consider doing the right thing and backing out of the room, pretending this never happened, but then our eyes meet, and that option is gone. We've flirted, teased, wanted and loved each other for too long to pretend this isn't exactly the moment and opportunity we've been waiting for for years. I move toward you, falling to my knees in front of you on the bath mat, eager to do your bidding, to give, to please, to serve. I kneel there, devouring you with my eyes, inspecting you from so close that you can feel my breath on your skin. My hands reach for you, touching you, beginning at the backs of your knees, fingertips lightly dancing across the surface of your skin, slowly stimulating your nerves with my touch, as I stare up at you, into your perfect, intoxicating blue eyes, all of my desire and love pouring straight from my heart into yours, using our eyes for the transfer. All of my longing for you, all of my need for you and warmth freely shown. My fingers move higher, slowly, teasing, running a trail up your body, lingering here and there with light and sensual touches, full of expression. My mouth is watering for a taste of you, but I force my fingers to remain slow and focused; I want to make every nerve in you alive, on fire and in need of me before I take you into my mouth. It is all I can do to wait.

You begin to harden as my fingertips move higher, higher, higher on your legs, then your thighs, then your hips, then your inner thighs with even more attention. I slide my fingers along your inner thighs, on both sides, to within an inch of your most intimate area, so close that your mind and cock are begging for me to keep moving upward, and yet I stop -- teasing. running my fingers along the super sensitive areas between your legs, then along the front of you,up from your thighs toward your lower belly, caressing, arousing, using your own sexy, intimate hairs as a conduit for pleasure directly into every nerve of you. You spread your legs ever so slightly to invite me closer. Your cock lifting and rising, rising, rising, growing harder and harder, inches from my face, harder with every passing moment, harder, and begging for me to give it the touch that it needs so desperately.

You feel your cock begin to throb with the need of my touch, my mouth, my anything. The throbbing is strong, relentless, a physical demand, a need too powerful to remain pleasurable for long. My fingers, my soft touches, my expressive eyes, my face and lips so close, have all worked you into a unique state of need, desire and longing from which there is only one possible escape, and that is to have me. You can remain passive no longer, you must have me. Waiting is no longer an option. In an instant, the dynamic changes. You take control from me, you take the reigns, and you decide to take what you know is and always has been yours to take, as surely as you know the sun rises in the east. You move your cock to my wet lips, just resting against them, as they part to receive you. You pause a moment to enjoy the incredible visual of your cock in its largest, hardest state, poised at my willing, wanting, eager lips, and then, with one strong hand on the back of my head, you guide me forward, pushing my mouth onto the full length of your pulsing, needing cock. You don't slide yourself into me, you slide me onto you, and I instantly feel my wetness surge and gush in response, my loins burning for you. You hold us both still, your cock buried so deep within my mouth and throat, enjoying my intense warm wetness, enjoying the caress of my tongue lapping and circling and exploring you, welcoming you, wanting you, needing you.

After a few seconds of savoring the stillness, the intimacy of the moment, and the warm wet tightness of my mouth, the circling of my tongue, you want more -- much more. You use your hand, still on the back of my head to guide me, you start moving me slowly up and down on your cock. I look into your eyes and read your mind, feel your desire, and take my direction from you without a sound or hint necessary. I lick the length of your shaft as you move me, so very slowly. I spend a few delicious minutes giving to you with my mouth, my tongue, my lips, kissing, licking, sucking, enjoying it for my sake as much as for the pleasure I know I am giving to you. My tongue doesn't miss a single spot of your hardness, then gives sensual, focused attention to your balls, and your so sensitive perineum. Then I pull back, focusing my lips and licks on the ridge around your swollen head, and the tip that is so aroused it is already starting to ooze delicious juices, just for me.

My hand and mouth work together, focusing on one goal -- coating your hard, wanting cock with as much wetness as possible, preparing it for where it really wants to be -- where it very soon will be. When it is nice and wet and well-lubricated, I stand up. I turn and look forward, into the steam-fogged mirror right in front of my face, and watch as you move close behind me. You look through the mirror into my eyes, as your hands slide around my waist, moving along my skin, setting me on fire. I tremble more than slightly as I watch you and feel you wrap yourself around me, your strong arms pulling me close against your body, your warmth enveloping me, your mouth devouring my neck, my shoulder, my ear -- your lips, your teeth, your tongue expressing, leaving no doubt as to your feelings or desire. A growly moan escapes me. I let go, I ride the emotions and the passion and let them become the only thing there is in the world for this moment, for this time we have together. I can't take my eyes off of watching you love me, watching you want me, watching you prepare to take me.

My heart is racing, pounding like crazy, as you slowly trace your hands up my body to my aching, needy breasts. Your head resting on my shoulder, I can feel your breath on my skin as you watch your own hands in the mirror, fondling, playing, teasing, pleasing my sooo sensitive nipples. I can tell you like what you're seeing, because your breathing comes faster, because you alternate between watching your fingers work their magic, to watching the pleasure on my face, and mostly because I can feel your hardness pulsing, growing, wanting, pressed close against my rear. After a few minutes, you leave my nipples, now hard as rocks, for better things. Your hands are on my shoulders now, massaging, then pushing me gently forward. I bend slightly in response, putting one hand on the left side of the sink, and the other hand on the right side, positioning and bracing myself for what I know is coming, what my body is begging to receive from you as well as what my heart and soul are dying to give to you, all wrapped up in one perfect moment. You move one hand down, down, sliding it down along my back, along my rear, down between my legs, where you spread my legs open exactly how you want them. Then you find my over-wet pussy and start to give it some attention.

I know you're watching me in the mirror, but I can't seem to keep my eyes open when your fingers slide slowly into me, so slowly I whimper, wanting to beg for them deeper, faster. But this isn't about fingers, they're only there to make sure I'm ready. They probe me just two or three times, finding more wetness than you can believe, spreading it all along the outside of my opening, all along my slit and lips, and then your fingers are gone. I watch you take your cock in one hand and position it to take over for the fingers. I feel drunk, or drugged, my knees weak, my body shaking. I watch you in the mirror, now. I watch your eyes, focused on my pussy, as you slide your cock up and down my opening, sliding it along the wetness, teasing me. I yearn to see what you're seeing right now, but watching the desire on your face is as good, if not better. My pussy is throbbing now, my need and emotion now enough to make tears start to form in my eyes as another whimper escapes me. I see you smile, knowing exactly what my whimper means. As you continue to run the tip of your cock just barely up and down along my opening, I push back against you, wanting more. I start to wonder if you are going to make me beg; I start to fear you will only tease me and not take me! Your eyes look up and lock onto mine, and I quickly put those fears to rest.

You allow the tip of your cock to enter me, beginning to spread me, pushing into my warm wetness only enough to let me know that more is definitely coming and that it won't be long. I take a few deep breaths. My desperation calms, giving way to focusing on the pleasure and the connection, to savoring the experience, to letting every touch and sound and movement have its moment and letting myself fully experience and appreciate each and every second. No rushing through, no missing the journey to get to the destination. Time stands still as somewhere, deep in my brain, I realize I have never made love before, not in my entire life, and that it is entirely different than being fucked. I smile, staring at you, locking onto your eyes, loving you like never before, more than I ever knew possible. And that's when you slide slowly and deeply and fully into me, taking me at long last. I can't help but close my eyes, my head tossed back, as I block out everything but the feel of you entering me. I am so tight around you, my walls grasping you from the inside, gripping you, pulling you in.

We begin to move together in a slow rhythm, your cock stroking me from the inside, giving pleasure I had only ever imagined. Your hands on my hips, guiding us into each other, controlling the pace, pulling me deep onto you as you thrust forward into me. My pussy massages you, my spasms and pulses keep it interesting and different from one moment to the next. You bury yourself into me quickly, and sooo deeply with each stroke, holding inside a second before pulling out super slowly, sending me into waves of ecstasy. I never imagined it was even possible to feel this close to a person. My mind and emotions are overwhelmed as we move together, as we speed up. Electric currents flowing through my body--I am part of you, you are part of me, and I lose myself in the moment--in you. And then I realize I'm whispering, and I wonder how long I've been doing so. Whispering so softly you may not hear, but I don't mind if you do, because all I speak is truth and love and warmth and happiness and gratitude and closeness, and it's nothing you don't know already.

I watch your face as I whisper, and I see that you are, indeed, listening, that my words reach you, and better than that, they move you. I feel them bring you closer, and see that you like hearing my words of love and adoration, despite your discomfort with saying such things yourself. That's when I really and truly let go. I let my heart pour open into my words as you pound into me harder, faster, with more intensity. I can hardly talk, but between the poundings, the deep breaths, and the moans and cries that I can't manage to hold in, I find a way to to talk in small bursts: "ohhhhhhhhh how I love you. I am yours completely -- I always have been and I always will be. There is no one or nothing I want more than I want you, nothing that makes me happier than making you happy, nothing I enjoy more than pleasing you, giving to you, bringing you joy in any way, every way. And there is nothing in the world that could compare to being here, now, in this moment, finally making love to the man I love. Being close to you is one of the biggest gifts of my life. You are wonderful, the best man I've ever known, and the sexiest man I've ever known. I don't know how I got lucky enough to have you, but I am the luckiest woman in the world. You are the only touch I ever want to feel, ever. Ever! The only lips, the only fingers, the only cock, the only breath. You are the only one who could ever come close to my heart, the only one who ever has, who ever will. I'm yours forever if you'll have me, in whatever way you will have me. I love you... love you, love you, I love you so much, so much."

And as we move together and I slowly whisper out the contents of my heart and soul, I hear you start to make sounds of your own. Soft, low moans, a groan, a sharp inhale of pleasure. You slow our pace, making it last, and as I watch your perfect face so lost in ecstasy, and feel your cock moving inside me, probing so deeply, giving me everything, I slip past the edge and start to cum so hard I can hardly stay on my feet. My cries of pleasure echo in the tiny bathroom, louder with each scream. Oh ohh ohhh! OHhhhh oHHHH OHH! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! as I cum, as my body gives way fully to the orgasm you've given it, as you grab hold of me to keep me from falling, to keep your over-hard cock inside of me as I pulse and the waves hit me and pass through me uncontrollably.

As I hit the most out of control moment of my climax, I feel my pussy clench and tighten on your cock so hard I wonder and hope I'm not hurting you. And that's when I hear your moans, previously very soft, start to become louder and more expressive. I try to silence myself a bit to enjoy hearing you, but I can't really hold back, and manage to hear our sounds, mixed together in the height of passion and closeness and pleasure as you give one last super-deep thrust into me, holding deep inside, arms wrapped around me, as you cum incredibly hard, so loud, letting go of everything with me, holding nothing back, giving me all of yourself, accepting all of me. Your hot cum pulses and spurts deep into me, so plentiful, a fountain of your love filling me deeply as my hungry pussy eats it up, begging for more, thanking your cock for the gift with pulses and strokes and spasms of pleasure from my own climax.

You collapse forward onto my back a bit, spent, exhausted, amazed, holding me close. You leave your cock inside me for the longest time, letting it slowly shrink back to normal size while held warm inside me. I turn my head far to the side, toward you, seeking and finding your lips, kissing you lovingly, adoringly, as we tremble together, slowly coming back down from the euphoria. When you pull out of me, I turn to face you, arms around you, simply holding you close to me, feeling you heartbeat. Your arms wrap around me so tightly, holding us together, like you never want to let go--and I never want you to. When you look down into my eyes, I smile back at you, and ask if you would like me to help you take another shower. You smile back, still getting hold of your emotions, then kiss me deeply, taking my breath away. You tell me that you definitely do want that shower...and more, but first you're going to call in sick. We've only just begun our exploration and enjoyment of each other--ohhhh what a day is ahead of us!


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