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Love's First Fury

Short story By: Ashfallen

A passionate and voracious first encounter between two people who have been in love for years, but forced to live apart.

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As soon as he wakes, he realizes what day it is, and where he'll be very soon. He wastes no time in getting up to start his morning routine, except today it's much earlier than usual. He pays special attention to his grooming; today is no ordinary day. His mind races with nervous anticipation. He skips breakfast, even fails to partake of his usual morning coffee. He has enough jitter as it is, without adding caffeine to the mix. Besides, he wants to have nice, clean breath for her.

He drives to the agreed-upon location. The fifteen minute drive seems like an eternity. His mind races as he drives. How long had he wanted her, he wondered? And how many times had he desperately and blindly reached out into the silence and distance for her, pulling her close to him, needing her, making sure she was still there, making sure she hadn't given up, or moved on, or forgotten him, or stopped loving him? Why did he still wonder if she'd leave him? Hadn't he always found her there, without fail, waiting patiently to pick up where he had left her the last time, no matter how he had left her or hurt her? And how many times had he fallen in love with her, only to enjoy it briefly, then bury it, ignore it, or kill it, just long enough to set the stage for doing it again? And again. And again. He wondered if she knew how much he needed her, always had, and always would. He wondered why he never told her, trusting her to understand that his need for her, and the strength of it, was all he had to offer, and that it still didn't mean he had the power to transform his life into one that would offer her what she most needed and deserved. The answer was simple: words had always failed him, but when he opened his heart, he knew that she felt it all and more, because she knew him and loved him from the inside out.

It's early, not yet 5a.m., the sky is dark, and the pre-dawn morning is a wee bit chilly -- chilly enough that he can see his breath as he walks the short path up to the door of the cabin. He pulls out his key, a key she left for him to find, quietly slips it into the lock, turns the knob and enters.

He thought she might be sleeping, relying on his arrival to wake her, but no, today she wasn't able to sleep, her excitement far too much to tame. He enters the cabin to find her waiting for him, completely naked, except for a ribbon of deep red yarn tied around her waist. She may be as nervous as he is, but she is not showing it--she is bold, and she is clearly ready, willing and able to fulfill his every desire. He marvels at the truth she's repeatedly told him--that she yearns, literally aches, to be used as the instrument of his pleasure.

She waits for him by a crackling fireplace. The cabin is chilly, except near the fire, which is toasty warm. The sounds and smells of the fire, the glow of its light, set the backdrop as he first sees her. She is simply standing there, staring back at him. She is backlit, so he can't see her expression, but he can see the outline of her curves, and he is instantly hard and ravenous for her. He hesitates, but then he looks at her again and his body does the thinking for him.

He closes the gap between them, not taking his eyes off of her. She pounces on him half way, her hands reaching for his shirt, pulling it over his head, tossing it to the ground, then unbuttoning and unzipping pants, reaching inside, stroking his throbbing cock as he bends to lower his pants and underwear. In his rush, he doesn't even think to kick them off, he just lets them stay around his ankles as she squeezes and strokes him. His hands are on her, one on her left breast, roughly pinching and squeezing it to life, the other on her rear, pulling her body close against him. He groans, loving the way his cock feels pressed hard against her nakedness, and then pulls her even harder against him. She has told him over and over that she is his for the taking--and it's finally time for the taking.
He reaches down and unties the red ribbon, accepting the gift of her.

She follows his every move, accepts his every unspoken demand, fulfills his every wish. He looks into her eyes, finally able to see them now that he's closer, and knows that they are in sync. Lips find each other as hands continue to explore. The truth is there is too much built up tension, too much anticipation, too much raw need to go slow. They need each other with a desperation in this moment; there will be time for tenderness later.

He kisses her hard, biting her lower lip, then he finds the nearest object, which happens to be a large armchair, and he guides her to it, half stumbling as he turns her around and bends her over the arm of it. Her back and rear and thighs are lit by the fire from this angle; he growls with desire.

He parts her legs, two fingers briefly finding her entrance, her welcoming wetness, before he positions himself behind her and slides his hardness inside her. He takes his time at first, and moves into her with quick, short thrusts, first his head, then deeper, and deeper still, until he is finally fully inside her at last. That is when he lets loose and pounds into her as fast and hard as he is able. The need is simply too strong, the desire of too many years pouring out all at once, the built up tension of too much teasing, of far too much waiting and yearning and hoping and needing each other. He is here to make her his, to finally take her body the way he took her heart long before, to show her the passion that she has begged for and waited for long enough.

He changes pace a bit, pounding hard and fast into her, then pulling back out almost all the way, very slowly, then watching his cock disappear into her hard and fast again. She is making wonderful sounds, her moans and gasps and whimpers of pleasure make it very difficult for him to control himself and make the sex last. And then he realizes he doesn't need to make it last. He has called in sick, and has all the live-long day to pleasure her and take her and hold her and tease her and caress her and kiss her and love her and make her cum and cum and cum. This one is for breaking the tension and all the built-up nervousness and fear, to show her she is absolutely wanted, accepted and needed (how can she wonder?) There will be plenty more where this came from.

He pulls out of her and backs up a step, guiding her by her waist off of the armchair. He then guides her down onto her knees on the rug in front of the fireplace. She knows exactly what he wants, and is dizzy with desire and eagerness. She looks up at him and opens her mouth as his cock slides deep inside. Oh myyyyy he tastes good already, coated in her own juices mixed with his. One of her hands assists her mouth, keeping the moisture spread, giving his cock a nice twist with each downstroke she makes to take him deep into her throat. Her other hand caresses and teases his balls as she moves on him. Soon she is moving almost as fast as he was pounding into her moments ago. She finds a rhythm that seems to please him most, and sticks to it, her tongue swirling, teasing, her lips sucking, rotating, and begging for his cum. She wants her reward, and she is working hard to earn it.

He doesn't hold back, and when he is ready to explode, he puts his hand on the back of her head, holding himself deep inside her mouth and throat, pumping cum directly into her so she doesn't miss a single drop. She feels and tastes his juices shoot into her, and drinks them down eagerly, savoring them like the delicacy that they are to her. She sucks on his shrinking cock very very gently, making sure to get every drop he has to give her, gently, slowly bringing him back down. She loves the feel of him inside her mouth, the feel of the way he changes after cumming.

When he takes his hand off the back of her head, he pulls out of her mouth soooo slowly, as reluctant to go as she is sad to see him go. The good news is, there will be plenty more visits.

Just as the light of sunrise first begins to glow, the two of them move to the bed, crawl in under the covers, and fall into one another's arms. The tension broken, the nervousness gone, they hold each other, kiss deeply, and start over, able to explore and learn each other as new lovers because they let out the fury first.


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