House of Gods

By: Artemis Rose

Page 1, A young girl, raised by gods, is now grown up-and made to be their mistress! These are no ordinary gods, they are greek sex gods, and while they are the young woman\'s friends, they are also her masters. Can Nala find true love amongst the gods? -Part of a story i\'m writing, tell me if you like it.

"We're your masters Nala," Theos said the day she turned 19, "You belong to us now"

In a sense, she knew they'd been waiting for this. Nala was abadoned at birth, and these gods took her in. Her only life was here at their Royal Palace. They were outcasts of gods, because they were sex gods. They lived in the mortal world instead of mount olympus, seducing woman and making them become their mistresses. One suck of their godly cock, and the women would no longer be satisfied by food. Their food turned into sex, and the gods made them submit. Their reward was that they would live for 100 years as beautiful women, but once that 100 years was up, they wasted away and turned into ash, and floated away in the wind.

Nala had always been a pretty girl. Theos called her, "my darling," Grekos, "my pet," and Mikko, "my angel".

However, Nala was defiant. The day her birthday arrived, and she was summoned to their bed chamber, she refused to go.

Prowling the grounds in a rose pink dress, as pink as her skin underneath, she avoided them. However, she knew Mikko would be down to get her.

There was something more then friendship between Miiko and Nala. Miiko had always treated her with kindness, while Grekos had looked at her hungrily since the age of 16. Theos-despite their rule of 19-tried getting her to submit many times, but each time she refused-running to Miiko who forwned at Theos, while Grekos laughed.

Miiko descended the palace stairs and found her in the garden, weeping.

"Nala," he said tenderly, "you must come."

"NO!" she said, "I don't want to live my life this way-I'm not one of your courtesan girls Miiko, let me go."

Miiko sighed.

"You were a gift to us you know, from a neighboring kingdom."

"Yes," he said smiling, "You were a princess,"

Nala had never heard Miiko talk about her family before. But she dared not say anthing more for fear of upsetting him. Miiko could be forceful when angry, she didn't want that.

Gently he whispered into her ear, "i've been waiting this for a long time Nala," he whispered, her neck tingled, "don't dissapoint me."

Nala blushed.

Miiko smiled, "and I know you want the same thing," he smirked, "don't think I don't see you masturbate down by the river."

Nala's face turned bright red. "I..." she stammered, then she shouted, "THAT'S PRIVATE!"

Miiko smiled, "Not when I'm invovled."

Nala blushed again.

"In fact," Miiko smiled looking around, "we're alone, we could do it right here,"

"Miiko, ....... I don't want to,"

Then he kissed her. A fervent kiss and she swooned, his godly might came over her.

"that's a good girl," he whispered as she dropped to her knees, "I want to be yours, and yours alone," she said gently tugging at his pants, "not Grekos's, not Theos's, but yours." Miiko smiled pleasently, "I know love," he whispered.

His penis slipped out of his pants, a long 9 inches, and she first held it in her hands rubbing his shaft up and down.

She licked the tip and a goldly sensation came through her, she shimmered a bit.

She took the whole thing in her mouth, and sucked it like one would a lollipop.

Miiko grinned at her, his dominance shone.

After she was done, and the shimmering had faded, she looked at the trees of the garden that bore fruit. It was her test, her test to see if she could still live without having to suck his cock daily, though she wouldn't mind doing so.

Miiko smiled, "Hungry?" he teased.

She looked at the fruit, "no" she said, trembling. God-it worked. She was his. She winced.

"You're mine love," he said wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her, then laying her down on the beaded grass to fuck her.


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