House of Gods Chapter Two: Nala's Submission

By: Artemis Rose

Page 1, Nala has just been dominated by Miiko, her true love-master-and real-life greek sex god. But will she submit to Theos and Grekos too? Please read the original House of Gods first. :D

Miiko smiled after he had finished fucking Nala. She was wet underneath, and shimmering all over. God, it was good to love her, he thought. And unline all his other coy mistresses, he truly loved Nala. She was beautiful, for her spirit, and her looks. If he could have it his way-he would share her with no one. Unfortunately, he and his brothers had a pact-and a pact that they must keep.

1. All girls were to be shared

2. All girls must be naked at all times

3. Never be on the bottom, always be on top.

This was the godly pact they had adhered to centuries ago-back when they stole mortal women to fuck them-and eat them after 100 years. However, the eating practice had stopped since Nala arrived. I mean, and Miiko chuckled, if she knew that was part of the deal she would've never sucked his godly cock. But, he didn't want to eat Nala-and neither did Grekos and Theos-he hoped.

Their immortality, just like their mistresses, was sustained by eating the women. So, I mean, 19 years didn't hurt. But they were starving to feast upon a maiden. Maiden's were good roasted, and that was just how Miiko liked them. Their juicy breasts and roasted clit. All theirs to feast upon.

He turned back to Nala, whose wet cum shimmered over her beautiful pink pussy. He smiled. "I think Theos and Grekos are expecting you soon," he said. Nala cried, "please Miiko-I don't want-"

"YOU KNOW THE DEAL NALA." Miiko said harshly, he wanted to protect her, and anger was his way of doing it.

Then he took his hand and spanked her wide open pussy.

"OHHHHHHHH!" she cried out

"WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?" he asked,

"No one!" she cried.



"Naughty girl," he teased, "answer me now NALA who owns you?"

She was silent.

Miiko smiled, he loved this game because he knew that Nala enjoyed it. She was wet and glistening more then ever now. He had the feeling that she wanted him to spank her reapeatedly. So he did.


"YOU!" She screamed, "MIIKO I BELONG TO YOU!"

Theos and Grekos had come down from their chamber, where they had been waiting for Nala.

"Well well," Theos smiled, "I thought she ran away, looks like she only has the eyes for Miiko though"

Nala blushed as she was naked in front of Theos and Grekos-but more then that-they were naked too!

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