House of Gods 3: Theos and Grekos get their sexy share

By: Artemis Rose

Page 1, Please read the first two chapters of House of Gods first! Anyway, Nala, now confronted with Theos and Grekos, must submit to them-for face a harsh penalty.

Theos was muscular, and his cock was most certainly longer at 10 inches, while Grekos had the best abs, and a simple 8 inch cock. They both were smirking at Miiko as he spanked Nala's pussy.

Theos smiled, delighting in the act, "that girl sure needs her pussy put into place."

Grekos grinned a dirty grin, "I wouldn't mind spanking Nala's pussy." he chuckled.

Miiko glared at Grekos, because he was Nala's biggest threat. If Nala truly did die after 100 years-and there was a possibility she might not-because of the rose tales prohpecy, prophecising that a woman would come who would free all three brothers from their doomed existance on earth-and return them home to Olympus. Miikos hoped Nala was that woman. He couldn't-wouldn't bear the thought of eating her after 100 years. He wouldn't do it, but he knew Grekos would.

Nala tried closing her legs to avoid Theos and Grekos seeing her pussy, but Miikos got angry again, and spread them far apart.

He spanked her very hard there, and she cried out in pleasure, she couldn't help it.

"Nala," he demanded, "who are your masters?"

She glared at Theos and Grekos, "I only have one mast-" SPANK SPANK "OHHHHHHH!"

"This girls a tough one," Theos chortled, "How about we take her back to the naughty girl room?"

Grekos grinned, "yeah," said he, "a bit of domination would do her some good."

Nala stared wildly at Miiko, her eyes pleaded with him not to send her there. But, Miiko knew the rules, if she wasn't shared amongst them, she would be eaten. Since Miiko hadn't told her that yet, and didn't intend to, he grapsed her body and threw her over his broad shoulders.

"NO! PLEASE! MIIKO!" she shouted,

"Hush Nala," he soothed, gentler then usual, "you know the rules; and I still love you."

Nala stared at Miiko, as did Theos and Grekos. Miiko had never really declared his love for her before, it was just unsaid. Like an unspoken rule. Now however, he proclaimed his love-and in front of his brothers. this made Nala smile.

Nala was taken to a drak room with red cushions everywhere, she was blindfolded and restrained upright, legs spread apart, hands tied up to the walls.

Theos walked in first, holding a paddle-which Nala could not see.

Theos smirked, "since you love getting spanked on your pussy so much," she smiled, "how about we do it for real this time?" Nala tried to move but couldn't.

Theos took the beautifully intricate paddle, and spanked her pussy with it.


"OHHHHHH!" Nala cried.

"Now tell me who your masters are?" demanded Theos.

Nala fell silent.



"Poor baby," teased Theos, and he sucked on her clit which made her swoon.

It took a full hour and a half of spanking her pussy, until Nala finally screamed,


Theos smiled, "with pleasure," he said

He continued to spank her until she cried, then he unchained her, and made her suck his cock.

"That's a good girl," he said as she took his long 10 inch shaft into her mouth, "Very good"

After she swallowed his cum, Theos took her on the bed and restrained her once again. Nala moaned.

God, when would it end? she thought. She loved every minute of it-but still, she wanted Miiko again.

He fucked her many ways; first missionary, then doggy style, then a thousand other styles only gods could imagine, until Grekos walked in holding a whip.

"If she likes to be spanked on her pussy," smiled Grekos, "I wonder if she likes being whipped." 


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