By: Artemis Rose

Page 1, A beautiful curvy woman is submissive to a man who demands her breasts be sucked constantly, as well as his penis. Submission at it\'s very best. Suck Suck Suck.

Kelsy had never known the beautiful world of sucking until she met Jeremy. His cock, a full throttle 9 inches, dominated her in their first time together. Now, Jeremy had a few conditions of their relationship. First, was that her breasts must be available to him at all times. Second, was that his cock must be sucked allways. At first she refused, but after he made her kneel and suck his cock in pure submission, she heartily agreed. She loved it-she didn't know why-but she loved being dominated. She loved being submissive to his power, his cock. Oh! It was enough to make a woman scream for penetration.


Now, it was dinnertime. Jeremy had invited her and a couple guy friends to a private restaurnt. Oh-hoh but this was no regular place of eatery. The minute they got there, Kelsy was patted firmly on her lady bits by Jeremy as he murmured sexily, "undress dear, it's meal time." Thats when Kelsy realised-the meal was her! The look on her face made all the men laugh. Once naked, they placed her on a table, hands and legs bound, legs spread wide apart.

First came the cock sucking. She sucked each man's cock until they came insider her. And while she suckled, like an infant, upon the male phalluses, another man was sucking her pussy, and two more men her breasts. Pretty soon she began to lactate, and this made the meal more exciting. After each man's cock was sucked thrice, and she was practically dying on the table. Jeremy came, and thrust himself inside her, back and forth, back and forth, the men kept sucking and sucking her pretty voluptous breasts, she moaned, "OHHHHHHH PLEASSSEEE EAT ME!"


The next morning when she awoke, Jeremy was next to her. Still tied to the table, she asked him what had happened last night. Milk was dripping down her breasts, and the men now awake-looked like they wanted a second course.

"My dear," he chuckled softly, "You're my meal. and I may eat you as I wish."

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