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Sex on the Sheets - Chapter-1

Short story By: annasteele

its a collection of real sexual encounters with me and my friend lisa on the internet. hope you like it..!!

Submitted:Jan 20, 2013    Reads: 9,057    Comments: 16    Likes: 11   

Before you read guyz i just wanna tell you that if you read my story and like it then please like, comment and/or fan for it. It would make me very happy also motivate me to write more. I would really appreciate your love and support to help me write more explicit sensual stories for my readers.Thank you so much guyz..love you all..Xx.

just to bribe you guyzz i have two more chapters ready and waiting to be uploaded more hot and sensous than the previous ones so like and comment if you wanna know what happens next with lisa and anna.

lisaf_uk: Hi anna, are u there

annasteele_16: hey lisa

annasteele_16: how are you

lisaf_uk: Cool we meet at last

annasteele_16: yeah same here..

lisaf_uk: Lots of snow shovelling!!

annasteele_16: yes it is..

lisaf_uk: Nice and cosy now, on my settee,

annasteele_16: would want you in my bed to make it nice and cosy for me..

lisaf_uk: Mmmm under a duvet?

annasteele_16: yes..

lisaf_uk: Mmmm, yessss, shrugs off my robe, hops in

annasteele_16: takes you in my arms..both of us naked..

lisaf_uk: Cuddles, tight, breasts to breasts

annasteele_16: and kiss ou on the lips

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm kisses back, passionately

lisaf_uk: Tongues swirling

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmmm

annasteele_16: yeah that feels great...legs tangled too..

annasteele_16: slidiny my tongue against yours

annasteele_16: *sliding

annasteele_16: running across your teeth

lisaf_uk: A knee between your legs, pressing up, grinding

annasteele_16: mmm grinding against you as well..

annasteele_16: teasing you with my tongue on the roof of your mouth..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm loving it, hands roamimg over your naked back amd ass

annasteele_16: honding you tight..

annasteele_16: and sucking your tongue

annasteele_16: your tongue between my lips

annasteele_16: you taste so good so sweet..

lisaf_uk: A hand slips down between us

annasteele_16: mmm..

lisaf_uk: Palm rests on your mound, pressing down

annasteele_16: touching your ass too..

annasteele_16: squeezing it..

lisaf_uk: Fingers curling under

lisaf_uk: Clenching

annasteele_16: massaging your ass..

lisaf_uk: Dragging slowly through your pussy lips

annasteele_16: my wet juices coating your finger..

lisaf_uk: Dragging up, over and over and over again

annasteele_16: kissing your neck..

lisaf_uk: Teasing your vagina entrance

annasteele_16: wet sloppy kisses..

annasteele_16: pressing my pussy against your hand..

lisaf_uk: Probing, pressing, inserting

annasteele_16: biting your neck and then sucking it..

lisaf_uk: Two fingers slide easily in

lisaf_uk: Slips in deep

annasteele_16: trail kisses from your neck to behind your ear and sucking there

lisaf_uk: Twists my wrist, left and right

annasteele_16: takes out your hand and put it above your head..holding yours in one

annasteele_16: and gets above your body

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhh, helpless

annasteele_16: trailing kisses from your neck to your breasts..

lisaf_uk: On my back, hands restrained

annasteele_16: circling your nipple with my nose

annasteele_16: my warm breadth blowing on you

lisaf_uk: So sensitive

annasteele_16: doing the same on your other breast

annasteele_16: trail kisses down your center between the breasts

annasteele_16: then lick you from down to top

lisaf_uk: Ohhhh writhing,

lisaf_uk: Excited, aroused

annasteele_16: pressing my pussy against your and holding you on the bed from my weight

lisaf_uk: My hips raising, trying to grind

annasteele_16: nibbles on the under side of your breast biting kissing and sucking

lisaf_uk: Arching my back, needing more, please please, yesssss

annasteele_16: say my name baby..moan for me

annasteele_16: nuzzles my face in between the breasts

lisaf_uk: Annnnnna, ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm

annasteele_16: takes the offered tight long nipple in my mouth and suck on it..

lisaf_uk: Take me annna, use me, i am yours

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm ohhhhh soooo good, nipples so erect

annasteele_16: im not going to use you..im going tomake love to you..

annasteele_16: you deserve more than that..

lisaf_uk: My pussy gushes mmmmm

annasteele_16: takes you outh of my mouth and blow on your wet nipple

lisaf_uk: Shivers ripple through my naked body

annasteele_16: doing the same on your other nipple

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm tingles, ohhhhhhh yessssss

annasteele_16: first sucking in my mouth then blowing my breadth on it..

lisaf_uk: Teased, omg, yesssss moaning ohhhhhhh

annasteele_16: i bite hard on your breast probably leaving a mark or a bruise

annasteele_16: then suck on it

lisaf_uk: Owwwww love it, omg, yessss

annasteele_16: taking in as much in i can..

annasteele_16: doing the same to another but on the nipple this time..

annasteele_16: and sucking it hard

lisaf_uk: So aroused, ohh, love my breasts being caressed and sucked

annasteele_16: nibbling on your nipple with my teeth..

annasteele_16: i love that too baby can do it whole night if you want..

lisaf_uk: So hard, firm,

annasteele_16: but i want more than that..

lisaf_uk: Anything anything

lisaf_uk: Do with me as u want

annasteele_16: kisses you one more time on both breasts..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm

annasteele_16: orders you to not move your hand..and release them

lisaf_uk: I grasp the headboard above my head

annasteele_16: trail kisses across your stomach..wet sloppy ones

lisaf_uk: And grip tight

annasteele_16: caress the sides of your body with my hands

lisaf_uk: Trembles with anticipation

annasteele_16: circling my tongue across your navel..

annasteele_16: holds your waist and slightly lifts you up

lisaf_uk: So excited, squirming, wanting, needing more

annasteele_16: bites on your navel hard again

annasteele_16: then sucking on it

annasteele_16: trying to take the sting away..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm please please

annasteele_16: giving you light kisses from your navel to the pubic bone..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg yesss nowww, please

annasteele_16: then kisses you wetly from one hip bone to another..

annasteele_16: biting on the other but lightly this time and sucking

lisaf_uk: Ohhhh the tease, i cannot bear it

annasteele_16: your skin is so smooth and tastes so sweet so right..

lisaf_uk: Hips trying to lift

lisaf_uk: Desperate for more

annasteele_16: bear it baby coz in the end i will fuck you hard..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm so agitated,

annasteele_16: i spread your legs..

annasteele_16: and go down on you..

annasteele_16: my face near your pussy

lisaf_uk: Ohhh, open, exposed

annasteele_16: breathing you in..

lisaf_uk: Humping, trying to make contact

annasteele_16: you smell aroused and sweet n salty..

annasteele_16: soo wet..

lisaf_uk: My smooth skin inviting u in

annasteele_16: i give you one long lick..

lisaf_uk: I am, soooo wet, streamimg

annasteele_16: your juices on my tongue..

lisaf_uk: Aaaaghhhhh yesssssss more more please

annasteele_16: your pink pussy tastes so good..

lisaf_uk: Loving it, desperate for more

annasteele_16: i kiss you on the pussy lips ..

annasteele_16: and lick you again but for longer with short licks

annasteele_16: parting your pussy lips

lisaf_uk: Writhing

lisaf_uk: Squirming

annasteele_16: wanting to suck your clit..

lisaf_uk: Panting

annasteele_16: takes your clit in my mouth..

annasteele_16: and suck on it..

annasteele_16: your clit in between my lips..

lisaf_uk: Perspiration gives my body a sheen

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhh yessss bucking

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm

lisaf_uk: Jerking bucking

annasteele_16: reaches up and squeezes your breast

annasteele_16: and continues sucking on your clit..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg ohhhhhhhh moaning, annnnnna please please make me cum

annasteele_16: my tongue enters your wet pussy..

annasteele_16: i harden my tongue and tease you with it..

annasteele_16: running my tongue on your pussy walls..

lisaf_uk: Lifting my ass,

lisaf_uk: Trying to grind

lisaf_uk: Squirmimg writhing, building, omg omg getting close

annasteele_16: pushing my tongue inside as far as it goes

annasteele_16: trying to eat you out..

annasteele_16: swirling my tongue around..

lisaf_uk: Please please,

annasteele_16: moving it in circles..

lisaf_uk: I am sooo close

lisaf_uk: May i, please please

lisaf_uk: Am i permitted, miss anna

annasteele_16: pressing it on your sweet spot..

annasteele_16: wait baby..

annasteele_16: sucking that too..

lisaf_uk: Fighting to hold off

lisaf_uk: On the edge , ohhhhhh

lisaf_uk: Panting

lisaf_uk: Gasping

annasteele_16: licking you once from yoyr ass to your clit

lisaf_uk: Heavy breathing

annasteele_16: then pushing my tongue inside..

lisaf_uk: Please please

lisaf_uk: Omg omg sooooo fucking close

annasteele_16: swallowing your sweet tasty pussy juices..

annasteele_16: slurping it down..

annasteele_16: kissing and sucking

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhh annna, please please, i am so desperate

annasteele_16: teasing with my tongue..

lisaf_uk: I neeeed to cummmmmmmmm

annasteele_16: okay baby..you may cum now..

lisaf_uk: Aggggggh nowwwwwwwww cummmminggggggggg

lisaf_uk: Omg

annasteele_16: i swallow as much cum i can then strap on a 10' dildo and slam into you as you cum..

lisaf_uk: Shaking

lisaf_uk: Aaaarhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh

lisaf_uk: Jerking bucking

lisaf_uk: Convulsing

annasteele_16: you up for round two baby..?

And we continue making love with each other..


Just give me 5000 reads and 15 likes please (puppy dog eyes and pouty face) and I'll upload the next chapter. That's not too much to ask is it....PLEASE *-*.....Xx



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