By: annasteele


johnny_badboy1182: you here?

10:23:43 AM  

annasteele_16: yes

10:24:12 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: sweet!! so what are you up to tonight naughty girl?

10:24:44 AM  

annasteele_16: just wanna hav some fun

10:25:16 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm well Im verrry curious as to just how hot and naughty you might be! I can be a verrry Badboy

10:26:48 AM  

annasteele_16: i like badboys..coz i can be naughty too sometimes

10:27:28 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmm oh really? Im glad to hear that hopefully I can bring out your verrry naughty side!! especially as I got one thick throbbing cock for you to wrap your lips around!

10:28:13 AM  

annasteele_16: yess i want that hard throbbing cock inside me

10:28:50 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm so are you home alone...legs pinned wide apart and got a verrry wet juicy pink pussy for me to dip my huge hard cock into?

10:29:32 AM  

annasteele_16: soo wet now

10:30:36 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm my big fat cock is sooo hard right now...I need you here on your knees...your mouth wrapped around my cock...swirling your tongue around the tip of my huge hard cock..lapping up my sticky juices mmmm

10:32:22 AM  

annasteele_16: i want your cock in my mouth so babdly right now

10:32:28 AM  

annasteele_16: i wanna suck you

10:33:10 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm I love a girl with a verrry naughty mouth on her that can make me melt I love to be teased...lie back and moan as you suck me hard

10:35:51 AM  

annasteele_16: i take you full in my mouth and suck you hard

10:36:36 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: taking every inch deep down your throat mmmm squeeze my balls and feel the hot cum pumping around inside of them as you lick and suck hard on my throbbing hard cock mmmm

10:37:58 AM  

annasteele_16: i suck you harder with my wet hotmouth and grab your cum loaded balls soon to be empty inside me

10:41:43 AM  

annasteele_16: i squeeze your balls and swirl my tongue around you

10:44:16 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmm fuck that cock baby girl..make it yours Im a verrry heavy cummer and I want you to drain me of every last drop! You know I want to taste that pussy too..I would tongue fuck you hard..teasing and sucking on your juicy clit...really make you squeel!!

10:45:53 AM  

annasteele_16: ohh...that cock is mine and i want every drop of cum in my mouth..

10:46:41 AM  

annasteele_16: and i want your tongue to suck me as i cream for you and fuck you with my mouth

10:49:11 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmm oh yess..I want you to sit on my face and ride it...grinding your juicy pink slit hard into my mouth until you explode...mmm I want to fill that tight pussy full of hot spunk and watch it drip out of you...I would bend you over and bang you hard...pull your hair back tightly and tell you just how naughty a little slut you are and how Im going to punish that pussy

10:50:01 AM  

annasteele_16: i moan as i suck you harder and scrape my teeth on you and also squeeze your balls all at the same time

10:50:20 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm fuck know how I like it!!

10:51:16 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: my balls are aching at the very thought of it!! slurping all over my cock..spit on it and yank on my big dick as you look up at me...telling me just how naughty a little cum slut you are!

10:51:19 AM  

annasteele_16: yess...and im gonna make you cum so hard baby..

10:53:33 AM  

annasteele_16: squeeze your cock and pump it hard for me think that its me doing you

10:53:40 AM  

annasteele_16: and cum for me

10:54:38 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm I always cum soooo fucking hard ...especially when I have got a naughty little cum slut to drink all of my cum...I am wankiing sooo hard right now...are you fucking your pussy senseless? mmm

10:55:31 AM  

annasteele_16: yess..i want you to empty your balls im my mouth..cum in my mouth..

10:55:48 AM  

annasteele_16: i wanna taste that cum and swallow it all

10:56:16 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmm fuck yeah baby...suck my huge hard cock and drink me dry..I would fill your mouth full and spurt hot cum all over your tits as you beg for it

10:57:32 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm I think Im going to get verrry noisy when my huge hard cock erupts!! Grrrr

10:58:31 AM  

annasteele_16: wish i could watch you cum..and lick it off your chest

10:59:30 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm you are a naughty little slut arnt you!! I want you to have every last drop of hot spunk tonight I hope you are going to frigg your juicy pussy hard and scream the house down when you cum

11:00:23 AM  

annasteele_16: ahh i wanna suck you so bad..

11:00:33 AM  

annasteele_16: i want you inside me too

11:01:06 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmm I want your pussy clamped around my huge hard cock as it pounds into you and makes you explode...I want your sweet juices all over my cock and balls mmm

11:02:05 AM  

annasteele_16: im so wet squrming and moaning aching for you..

11:04:31 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmm I want to cum soo hard for you...

11:10:07 AM  

annasteele_16: ohh i want you to fuck me soo hard now..ahh

11:13:47 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmmmm fuck Im guna cummmmmmm Grrrrrrrr you little slut take it

11:14:13 AM  

annasteele_16: cum for me baby...

11:14:22 AM  

annasteele_16: i sooo want you

11:14:30 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: fuck baby..Im soo close.Im guna pop

11:14:47 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmmmmmmm fuck yessssssss mmmmmmmmm!!!!

11:15:13 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: my cock is spurting cummmmmm

11:15:26 AM  

annasteele_16: yess..

11:15:44 AM  

annasteele_16: ohh...i wanna see you so bad

11:16:07 AM  

johnny_badboy1182: mmmmmmmmmmm oh my god fuck...I want your pussy

11:16:37 AM  

annasteele_16: yess...i want your cock too..

11:17:51 AM  

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