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In the Depths of the Night

Short story By: AnimaDeVulpes

A heated encounter between passionate lesbian lovers, with a hint of vampirism to go along. Good slave.

A short story I wrote for my love over the summer. It turned from my first real shot at writing such a piece into one of the most romantic and well written pieces of literature I've ever done.

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From The Depths of Night
I crept into the room where it looked as though my beautiful was sleeping. She had fallen asleep probably only a few seconds ago so I didn't think it would be difficult to wake her. The moonlight came in bright through one of the large windows near the bed and illuminated her entire form. I took a moment to gaze over how gorgeous she was. Her face was so relaxed in her slumber. It seemed she was hot even though the room temperature had to be less than 70 degrees; she was wearing black silky boxers with a thin black tank top and still she had thrown the covers off of her. I smirked, how convenient.
I quietly stepped to the end of the bed where her feet were and placed my hands softly on both sides of her legs to hold my weight. I pulled myself onto the bed above her sleeping form. As I hovered above her I could feel her breathing under me and wondered whether I really should wake her up or just take her tightly into my arms and hold her through the night as I always did. "Nah," I thought, "She'll miss out on all my fun I have in store for her. I don't think she'd mind if I woke her." Having thought that, I continued to inch up her body from above her. I got to where my face was right over hers and leaned down to lightly kiss her forehead. After lowering my whole body to lay on top of her I moved my lips to her ear and whispered to her, "I love you. Come have fun with your master my slave." To add affect I caressed her neck below her ear with my hot breath and bit her ear softly. Just for good measure one hand was lightly brushing across her upper thigh.
Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled her beautiful smile at me. I used my fingertips to trace her cheek and her jaw before leaning down and kissing her deeply. It felt so good to feel her lips press just as eagerly to mine as mine did to hers. She tasted amazing and every kiss gave me butterflies. There was nothing more perfect in a world filed with imperfection than these moments, us together, her and I in general. We made everything right; things fell into place when we were together. This is where I was happy to stay the rest of my life and more. I leaned up to see that beautiful and sexy smile of hers and ran my hand through her hair before kissing her again. In between kisses she replied to what I said earlier, "I love you too."
I already felt the desire to just pull my hands through her hair and tease her, but I knew I had to prolong my evil intentions and make them more evil through anticipation. While I kissed her I licked her lips lightly and tauntingly. She bit my lip and I sighed pleasure into my next kiss. I moved my kisses slowly down by moving to her jaw line and then her neck next. Her hands wrapped tightly around my hips and pulled me closer to her. I grinned, "Well if that's what you want." I bit her neck as I pressed one of my hip bones into her abdomen making her arch back and gasp. I rotated my hip against the spot, catching her breath and making her grip on my loose shirt even tighter. I released her from the torture and again kissed her, in which this time she bit my lip hard enough to draw blood. "Oh, whatever will you do now?" I asked as I pulled teasingly away from her. She glared playfully at me and grabbed a handful of my hair with both hands before pulling me down into a deep kiss in which she ran her tongue along my bleeding lip. "Do you like my love?" I asked between my breaths growing heavier and catching. "Very much so," she replied.
My body shivered at her words spoken so smoothly and seductively. Her voice had gained the sultry tone to it that I loved so much. It was the reason I called her my Wicked One (among other reasons). I ran my fingertips on both hands up and down her sides under her shirt as she played with my lip. I could feel that familiar feeling of suffocation as she took all my breath away, but it was worth it in exchange for the pleasure she gave me. We shared in our suffocation as could be heard in our short breaths, if we breathed at all. Her licking my lip turned to nibbling softly and sucking gently at it and my whole body tensed more in excitement. I could feel her excitement as well when I felt her skin growing hotter under my touch. Soon it would feel as though we were both on fire, like we were spirits of the flames themselves. My hands moved to her face and I again took her face in my hands to kiss her deeply.
She wasn't going to be the only one to use her tongue. I kissed and softly sucked at her bottom lip before parting both lips with my tongue and pressing it into her mouth. She accepted it eagerly, moving her nails up and down my back under my shirt eliciting a moan from me even though it was muffled by the fact that my tongue was still in her mouth, teasing her tongue and the roof of her mouth. My hands shot up and grabbed her hair on both sides and pulled. The kiss lasted long enough to make her nails relax their strength and become a rhythmic motion, and for my hands relax enough to just be resting on top of her hair splayed out on the pillow. After some time I broke the kiss with numerous light kisses to her lips and asked her if I tasted as wonderful as she did. We came to the agreement that we both tasted very amazing. I planted light kisses on her cheeks and below her ear, breathing softly in and out against the sensitive skin as I did so. I caressed the outside of her ear with my tongue and licked slowly along it before whispering in my own seductive and breathless voice, "That's not the only thing about me that tastes amazing." She sighed against me and into my ear, "I know."
We matched each other blow for seductive blow. I loved it. I could bet she loved it too. We had a way of loving the same things, only one of those numerous reasons we were amazing for each other. As I was momentarily distracted by my romantic thinking she reminded me of what I had come in to do, be my evil self. She moved her nails lightly up my stomach underneath my shirt and underneath my bra. She took one of my breasts in her hand and lightly squeezed causing my arms to go weaker and for me to fall into her a little more. I definitely didn't mind and I don't think she did from what I could tell of that Wicked One smile of hers. She used her other hand to lightly caress my inner thigh which really caused my weight to go down. My breathing into her hair was getting heavier and turning into shorter gasps of pleasure. Once I could think of anything but the amazing feel of her hands on my skin, I put my own hands up her shirt and under enough to slowly undo her bra strap. Before I moved to remove her shirt she already had my simple sports bra and shirt coming over my head. My top half was fully exposed and directly in her face when I got her to lean up so I could remove all of hers as well. She took advantage of it and kissed the skin beneath my collar bone softly and tauntingly, very successfully bringing the goose bumps out across my whole body. When I leaned my head back and sighed in pleasure she looked at me with the same evil face that she knew always worked of which I looked down at her right as she did it. I wanted her so bad that second, but I knew I still had prolonging to do. I wanted to make this the most "torturous" I could for her so that it could also be the most pleasurable she'd ever experienced. I pushed her down and pinned her by her wrists, "Your Master is going to have a lot of fun tonight my Slave."
I loved how we finally had our privacy. It allowed me a lot more freedom to do as I wished, and vice versa, but right now I was thinking of only pleasing her and how much pleasure I would receive just from doing so. I held her wrists tightly and pressed them hard into the bed below her before darting my tongue in between her lips once more to savor the taste of her rising excitement and tease her even more with the warm flicking of my tongue with hers. I kissed her passionately before using my tongue to trace a trail of warmth down her neck. My teeth grazed her smooth skin as I moved and in the groove between shoulder and neck I bit her. Like a vampire, my canines sunk into her skin, enough to make indentations but no real lasting mark. Her gasp tensed the muscles throughout her body and I felt the ripple of tension under my lips.
I moved lower and freed her hands as I did so. I used my tongue to sweep across her prominent collar bones and bit the sensitive skin around them in small nibbles. My warm hands moved along her sides along her rib cage before I moved them to cup both of her wonderful breasts in my hands and massage them gently but effectively enough to have her moaning softly at my touch. I shifted my body weight down to better my position my body for her torture and pressed one of my hip bones hard straight into the spot on her abdomen. She gasped loudly and the nails caressing and lightly resting on my biceps tightened so that I felt her nails digging into my flesh. I almost melted under the mixture of pain and pleasure that I enjoyed only when I got worked up by her (which was basically always, so I was always ready for the pain that gave me pleasure). Just as I thought this, I rotated my hip against the spot and she dug her nails sharply into my back. She gasped at my actions and her pleasure was shown through her tension in which she took her nails and drug them biting into my skin from my lower back to my shoulder blades. I moaned deeply against her, but it was muffled seeing as my lips were still pressed against her smooth skin.
I kissed lightly the top of her breasts as I shifted away from the spot on her abdomen. I wonder if she too noticed just how much romance I actually placed in my lust. My love would always be more powerful than lust. Of course I'd always find her extremely sexy and tempting to the point where my body ached to touch her or for her to touch me, but it could always be overpowered by how much I would love just spending the night holding her and not doing anything. We'd discussed this before so I imagined she knew how I thought; we were very similar in those thoughts anyway. I looked up to her and smiled softly, "I love you." "She gave me a warm smile that gave me butterflies and made my heart race, "I love you too."
"Good because what would I be doing if you didn't?" I stole one of her common phrases and continued what I was doing. I moved now to burning trials of kisses down the middle of her chest and over her breasts. I used my tongue to draw circles in her skin and could feel her skin tighten under the action. I grinned mischievously and drew precariously close to her nipple with my tongue, but every time I did I would stop and move my kisses back to her upper chest or around somewhere else. After a few times of this her body arched under me when I finally took it in my mouth gently and flicked my tongue across it. I sucked softly and she moaned lightly in response. My hands were teasing her hips, but not enough to draw the attention away from what I was doing. I was using the whole flat of my hand to rub the prominent bones. As I distracted her with what I was doing to her breast, I let my hand slip down to her thigh. It felt like I generated electricity when I caressed her inner thigh with my fingertips. She moaned then too and I smiled. She was holding out well, I would make sure to reward her well.
She seemed to want to reward me first when she caressed my stomach and below my pants line. I predicted her movement and when she pressed hard into my abdomen from below me I gasped and fell but I had put my hand beneath me to fall on top of her with my fist curled against her abdomen. Her breath caught and I laughed a little. I moved up to her ear again and after softly caressing it with my tongue said, "You shouldn't do that to your Master my Slave, it's very mean." I bit her neck behind her ear and pulled her hair to bring her closer against me, "I think you want to be punished, don't you?" She moaned into my ear, "Please. Please Master. Punish me please." As I said, she knew how to get me back equal for my seductive actions and words. The goose bumps on my skin were still there and only got worse when her words tickled my ear. I could feel the pressure of want aching at my whole body and could imagine how she felt. She was driving me crazy and it was supposed to be me that was driving her crazy, but driving her crazy drove me crazy. There was only so long I could resist her and pleasing her to the fullest of my extent.
We understood those unspoken desires, the unspoken needs. We both grabbed each others lower half of clothing and had it ripped off in no time in between heavy and passionate kisses. Already I was lying slightly on the side of her because of when I moved off torturing her abdomen with my hip and I used that to my advantage. I was being cruel by not allowing her to touch as much as me as she would've liked to, but I told her she had to be punished, and she pleaded for it so I would deliver. I never told her how many parts of punishment there were. "Ooops." I giggled to myself. I would start the first part soon, but I decided to tease her a little more, my fingertips across her thigh and precariously close to where she wanted me to be. I teased where hip met pelvic bone, the indentation it made. She was running her hands up and down my sides and occasionally I would let her kiss me, but I was playing her mean game of no kissing. She pulled me up from resting where I was on her chest by my hair and kissed me deeply. I gave in to her wonderful taste and she bit me and brought back the blood she had drawn earlier. I gasped and moaned as she kept the grip on my lip. She pulled back and a thin stream of crimson ran over my lip. She looked at me apologetically, but I nodded and she understood that it was quite alright with me. She licked it of my lip and sucked gently at it, making my whole body tense even more and quiver in passion. My vampire mentality had already come somewhat because of my Master persona, but now it was worse. I couldn't get worse unless she mystically pulled that song out of nowhere. She seemed to read my thoughts after I moved and bit hard into the muscle in her neck and she turned on the stereo with a remote lying nearby after she had recovered from the pleasure of my bite. She managed to turn it to the song and turn the stereo on repeat in no time and pulled me from looking at her evilly close to her again to resume what she had been doing.
All this action was mixing dangerously with lust and passion inside of me. Master, vampire, and lover personas and everything. It was getting too much for me to handle. It was then I decided to go ahead with the rest of my plan. I pulled away from her and sat on top of her. "Alright Slave. Time for your punishment." I looked at her with a sinister smile spreading across my face and pulled out the infamous bandana. "First of all." She let me blindfold her and I was so tempted to just take her then. Her naked body hot beneath me and blindfolded…but no, not yet. I still had more to do. Especially now that she couldn't see me. Although what she could do was hear when I pulled out the two long chains.
Just as she had let me blindfold her, she let me chain her to the posts on the bed. I didn't do it awfully tight in case she really wanted to get out and get her revenge. It would require some work, but for now it made her torture a little more excruciating, but in a good way. The metal clinked as I wrapped the cool metal around her wrists. I kissed her wrists lightly and continued the kisses down her arm as I let it fall. Her senses of touch were already sensitive but having her sight and touch from her hands cut off made my touch much stronger. I trailed my fingertips around her neck and down her chest, lightly pressing her hips with my palms before moving my fingertips to her inner thigh. I started right above her knee and trailed so lightly and so slowly that my touch was like a whisper across her smooth skin. I could feel her jerk because of the mix of pleasure and how much it tickled. When the muscles tightened it only made the pleasure more powerful though.
I smiled at her even though she couldn't see me do so and I leaned down to her face. I was breathing on her lips lightly, hovering over her face by mere centimeters. I leaned down and gave her a slow and soft kiss before continuing. My lips burned a trail down her already hot body and I could taste the fire of her passion sweet and warm on my lips. I moved farther down, kissing the same trail from her knee up her thigh that my hands had followed. I kissed just as lightly as I had touched, but added in little bites when I felt she wasn't expecting it. She was tensing under me, whimpering softly. I went up and down her thigh for a while until I felt that I should reward her.
Now I brought my hands to rest on her thighs and used my tongue to tease her most sensitive area. I got the reaction I wanted when she moaned and arched against me. She hadn't been expecting it since I had distracted from it so long, not to mention I had come down so fast that there was no warning for it, exactly my plan. I flicked my tongue and felt her taste rush into me. If the want wasn't bad enough, now I was like a vampire that had been given just a drop of precious blood and was now blood thirsty. She tasted so good and I let her know by continuing my motions in between her legs. Still, I was only teasing her; I was letting my hot breath blow against her and occasionally pulling away to tease her thighs again with my tongue. I used one of my fingers to tease her as I moved up to kiss her deeply. "Do you taste good?" I licked her lips as I increased the speed of my finger motion, "I think you do." She moaned softly and bit her lip.
I moved back down kissing her skin lightly as I did so. I didn't stop my finger movement when I moved my tongue back in between her legs. I was working both then and I could feel the pleasure pulse through her as I did. I moved my finger in light circular movements against her as I moved from teasing her on the outside with my tongue to tasting and teasing her inside as well. I moved slowly at first, gradually growing faster; her moans increasing in volume as time passed. She couldn't do anything about it either as her hands were chained. That inner pulse of pleasure, maddening yet so pleasurable. Normally she would bite her hand to keep back her sounds but her hand was out of reach. I increased the speed of my tongue moving in and out of her and she arched heavily. She was biting her lip and when I looked up at her a thin trickle of blood was running down from her lip. I grinned and moved to lick the blood from her lip. I ran my tongue across her lips and sucked softly. Mixing her taste with blood and I was so far gone in this pleasure that I thought I might be dreaming.
I knew it was reality, but I'd never felt anything so powerful and so wonderful in anything but dreams. My love for her was like nothing else. I loved her more than anything, in each and every way, and to me, she was perfection. To taste perfection was to taste that which angels breathed and moments like this reminded me that obviously she had been an angel put here on this cruel Earth to show me that more than misery existed and that I could have happiness. I had that happiness now, when I had her. She gave all of herself to me, just as I did for her, and we were more than two people together, we were two people that existed as one. I wanted to show her how much I loved her in every way I could. Currently, yes, it was in the physical way, and I don't think she minded.
I moved my finger lower and kept teasing her until she begged for it. Her words came to me like release, I had held on for as long as she had and it was driving me just as crazy. I thrust my fingers into her and she gasped loudly. She moaned as I pulsed inside of her. Her body tensed against me and I could feel her tighten around me. The chains rattled as her arms tensed and tried to move like she was going to rip the bed apart trying to get at me. I kissed up and down her neck as I went slowly in and out of her, curling my fingers against her insides. She moaned louder and moved with me. Finally she got her hands free of the chains right as I decided to go faster and faster in her. Her nails wrapped around me and pulled me as close as possible. Our hot skin felt like it was melting into each other. She felt so good. Our moans grew louder together and when I felt her spasm I stopped. We both breathed heavily and held each other tightly.
"I love you," she said breathlessly.
"I love you too gorgeous." I ran my hands softly through her hair and took the chains off of her wrists considering she had pulled only the part against the bed off of it. I nestled into her neck and kissed softly while running my hands lightly over her face. I lightly did that until she fell back into sleep. I watched her sleep, her face back to the soft and relaxed position that I had first seen in the depths of this wonderful night.


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