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Two vampires exhausted from a hard night's work resolve to release their tension together.

Actually something I wrote a long while back. A bit more reserved than my other piece as far as erotica. It keeps the pants on to say the least.

Also part of a larger story I intended to be a novel. Tell me what you think and I may actually introduce you to the actual plot line ^.^

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Hecate pulled into a hidden driveway, dimming her lights as her tires cut a sharp turn into what happened to be a dead end. The wall seemed like static momentarily and the car slid easily through it. She parked in her underground garage and was out of the car before the engine's hum faded. The garage wasn't the everyday garage, but no one would know that just by looking at it. The same could be said about the sleek black Corvette. With a click of a button, she not only locked the car, but armed it as well, and not in the alarm sense.
The echoes of the heels on her boots reverberated of the cold concrete walls in the large empty garage. A few cars were missing for a few different reasons. It wasn't uncommon. Her heavy sigh that followed the thought sounded as deafening as the ringing taps of her heels. She could even hear her long trench coat rustle as she moved towards the door nearby. Quickly pulling her keys for the house out of an inside pocket, a slight thought flickered in her mind, "Why am I hurrying?"
She shook her head at herself. It was probably the adrenaline from the night still flowing through her blood. A few deep breaths in the silence relaxed her tension a small amount. After her pause her steps became softer, and instead of speed-walking she slowly strolled to the door. It had been a busy night; that was actually a good excuse. She was always in a hurry to relax and lose the persona that she donned during the night.
When she opened the door quietly and stepped inside it appeared as though she was the only one home. No sights, sounds, or smells that said otherwise. She was always the cautious type, just in case. It was necessary; her business wasn't exactly the safest of them all. It also made it harder that she was one of the top ranking bosses in it.
Since all was clear the first thing she would do was take a shower, then maybe read until she could find rest for a restless mind. She headed to her bedroom upstairs. While shrugging her heavy jacket off, she threw her keys and other stuff on the black comforted bed. She unhooked the gun at her belt and pulled the dagger out of the thigh holster. While taking both of those off, she moved around the room and prepared to go into the adjacent room.
It was so tedious she had forgotten she was even doing anything. Before she knew it she was pulling her shirt and bra off and stepping into the steaming water. She let the hot water run over her body and soak her short hair. She craned her neck back and let the water run over her face as she stretched her neck out by doing little circles. The hot water quickly formed a cloud of steam around her body and she breathed deeply to clear her mind. Her hands moved across her body methodically, as smoothly as the water did. She decided to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere for a while.
When she finally stepped out dripping wet she felt the sharp contrast of the cold house to her warm naked body. A fluffy crimson towel hanging to the side was her answer to that problem. She wrapped it around her quickly as she walked back into her bedroom. At her tall dresser she picked out a simple outfit of the usual black, just simple shorts and a tank top so she wouldn't get hot under the velvet comforter. In the mirror was a chance to see how her hair looked and she pulled a comb through it to fix what she saw.
After she got dressed she laid down on top of the covers. Leaning against the heavy bars that served as the bed's headboard, she cracked open a small book that closely resembled a bible, but that was far from it. It was more of a handbook for assassins.
"I see you're reading your favorite book." A sultry voice said from her doorway.
It was Irena still in her uniform leaning against the side of the door with her arms crossed. "When did you get here?" Hecate asked closing the book with a faint snap and setting it on the table next to the bed.
"Just a second ago; to watch you shower of course." She stood up straight and walked to the bed with an evil grin on her face. "Just kidding."
"Aw, I was hoping you were serious. Why'd you get my hopes up like that?" Hecate lost her former tired state and was soon fully awake again. "You know I'm sexy when I'm wet."
"Well, yes. That may be true, but you'll have to prove it." Irena's grin got wider as she said it and she laughed evilly. "And I'm not quite in the mood for a shower."
"Well, darn. You know I can't pass on a challenge." Hecate matched her blow for perverted blow. It was too fun not to. Somehow she thought this wasn't like usual though. She could feel the tension between them and as they got quiet it was like a silence that had many unsaid things creeping through it. It was like a thick fog of intentions.
Irena sat on the bed next to Hecate, tempting her as much as possible She loved being evil. Impatience was creeping through her body though, and she could feel her muscles tensing and restraining herself from action. One more thing, and if no action came of it she was going to break under the tension.
Hecate watched as Irena started playing with her hair with the sexiest thinking face she'd ever seen. She bit her lip and shifted her weight a little. Irena looked at her with those blood red eyes that screamed lust and power as she played with the long violet hair hanging over her shoulders. Hecate couldn't take it anymore and could see the smile on Irena's face before she closed her eyes and kissed her.
They kissed passionately. They'd never done anything like this. The tension always between them seemed to lessen, yet another kind increased. This was the closest they'd ever been and it was like nothing either of them had ever experienced.
Hecate moved her hands under Irena's jacket and to her shoulders to help her take it off. Irena shrugged it off without taking her lips from Hecate's. She couldn't help but sigh with ecstasy between so many kisses and the noises. The noises drove her crazy. It was like Irena was doing it on purpose, yet not, but it wouldn't be surprising if she was kind of. She did love to tease Hecate.
Irena was trying to maintain herself. She was being mean with her noises; she could tell and didn't make any attempt to stop. Her whole body was filled with so many emotions and so many feelings. She had moved to sitting over Hecate, with one knee at each hip. She was running her nails through Hecate's short silver hair and pulling it softly, which caused the occasional moan to escape her partner's lips. She moved her kisses from Hecate's lips to her neck and nibbled softly on the smooth skin, careful of her sharp teeth and strong tensed desire for all of her.
Hecate couldn't help herself; she tried to hold in the noises. She was just so lost in all of it. Irena was never this bold, and she was never expecting this kind of thing from her. Of course, she'd imagined, but never thought it would come true. Her breaths were coming in short, sharp gasps by now and Irena drove her crazy by doing the same thing. She hoped noises had just as powerful effect on her, because Irena was being crueler than ever with hers. Her nails were finding no grip on the slick jeans Irena was wearing and she moved her hands under her shirt at her hips. She trailed her fingers across the smooth skin, across her stomach, around her hips, and then to her back. It elicited quite a nice response from Irena and she continued gaining some more control. She ran her nails up and down her back, as well as across the back of her neck.
They were both losing control and inhibitions, and they could feel it.
They liked it.
Irena gasped and stopped what she was doing until she could clear her thoughts enough to continue, with the occasional interruption by feelings of pure enjoyment. She wanted control back. She moved her hands under Hecate's shirt in response. While still biting and kissing her neck, she prompted Hecate to sit up a little. She had the tank top off in a flash and her hands traced across the smooth skin of Hecate's stomach and hips. She used her fingernails to softly tease her skin.
Hecate gasped more noticeably then and found her nails clenching at Irena's back as her head jerked back in pleasure. She pulled Irena's shirt off as well when she could. She found also a way to sit up to where she could sit up with Irena in her lap. She kissed and nibbled at her collar bone and lower, as well as higher at her neck. Her hands were at her back, then in hair in no time as she received the same treatment from Irena. Then her hands grasped for the clasp at her back. In seconds she had Irena's bra in her hands and threw it across the room. She looked up at her with her shining blue eyes, feeling the power of the vampire seep through her more than momentarily.
Irena didn't care; she could feel the want, the need. She was pulling Hecate's hair again, but she moved one hand to take Hecate's bra off as well. She caressed Hecate's whole body. Her fingers wanted to trace every square inch of the smooth skin. She took her face in her hands and they kissed deeply and passionately again and again.
Hecate moved first. She distracted Irena with her fingernails trailing up her upper thigh, and she moved lower on her chest. She kissed her breasts softly and felt her grip tighten as Irena moaned and she herself had to restrain from doing the same thing. She paused as tremors of ecstasy ran through her and she breathed over the soft skin before kissing it again. She kissed over and over until biting softly. She was more evil when she used her tongue to trace around Irena's nipple. She almost laughed at how evil she was, and looked at how breathless Irena was.
They kissed again and smiled at each other. Now with Irena's crimson eyes shining just as bright as Hecate's.
"No longer just teasing huh?" Irena said breathlessly. She moved her nails under Hecate's waist line and played with the smooth skin of her lower stomach. Between moans over what Hecate was doing, she elicited some from Hecate as well by playing with her hips and using her other hand to play with her breasts.
They kissed often. Stopping whatever mean action they were doing to just kiss, and then going on with being evil to each other. They wondered if there was a way to enjoy this too much. If there was a limit to what they would do.
Irena pushed Hecate down and moved into her first position, with her knees at her hips, sitting above her. She pinned her wrists down and kissed all over her half-naked body. She understood then just what noises could do to someone. She had felt it earlier, but now every moan pulsed through her body, and the pulse was similar to that which she was noticeably causing to go through Hecate. She liked to know that she was the one doing this.
"You're not close enough to me." Hecate said in a hoarse and breathless whisper. She moved her hand to her thigh and caressed the upper thigh as she pressed into her abdomen.
Irena let her weight fall and their warm skin touched. It was a new feeling, as though they were going to fuse together as one person, if they hadn't already.
Hecate had her revenge as she quickly turned the tables by flipping and pinning Irena in the same position she herself had been in only seconds ago. Something popped into her head though and she stopped. She let her hands fall to her sides and looked down, puzzled, at Irena. "How exactly did we get to this?"
Irena crooked her neck to the side baffled. "I'm not sure actually. I didn't intend for this to happen, and looking at it now, I can't believe I'm even in this situation. I see it in my head, but I've never thought it would be a serious fantasy."
Hecate lowered herself to lay down at Irena's side, "I wonder if I had anything to do with it." It was more of a muse than a question. She lay down on her stomach and placed her head on the soft pillow to ponder.
"You are extremely seductive and tempting. I couldn't help but fall in love with you from our very first assignment. So I suppose it may have been a tad bit your fault."
There was another silence that seemed to be common between the two. Neither could decide whether it was uncomfortable or comfortable and amazed. It could've been either of the two in their opinions.
"Maybe I shouldn't think too much about it." Irena said, breaking the awkward silence. She looked over at Hecate who looked back into her eyes. She leaned to kiss her; "I thank you for teaching me. I thank you for letting me let loose that tension I've felt for so long now. I thank you for letting me love you." With a smile she positioned herself to lie on Hecate's chest and she listened to her soothing heartbeat. Hecate ran her hand lightly through her hair until they both soon fell asleep.
When she woke Hecate was nowhere to be seen.


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